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Simple and affordable space missions

Launching a satellite into space is highly complex, expensive and time-consuming. To make matters more complicated, satellite industry providers are generally divided between a subsystem manufacturer, a satellite... more

United Kingdom

Highly specialised medical system for examination of the neuro-regulating changes in human body on Earth and in space conditions

The research unit is the leading institute in the country in the R&D field of aerospace technologies, solar-terrestrial and space physics (solar wind, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, high and middle atmospheric... more


Modular system for combined drug release control over time and space.

obtained by joining the concave bases of two modules makes it possible to construct a floating system able to stay in the stomach for long time where to release the drug. This configuration creates an empty space... more


Austrian SME is looking for a water micropump with high flow rate at low storage space

rate at lowest available space. The Austrian company is seeking companies that have already developed such a device (already in the market) or at least have a fully-working prototype, to integrate the micropump... more


Snapshot multi-magnetometer testing device looking for companies or organizations in need of measurements of objects to travel in space

A Greek SME working in the field of Space presents an innovative multi-magnetometer to be used for testing devices mainly for Space applications. A magnetometer is an instrument that... more


Novel linear power control unit for use of photovoltaic for generation of hot water and space heating

An Austrian manufacturer developed novel systems for efficient use of heat gained by photovoltaic panels (PV) in residential- or apartment buildings. With this system, customers are enabled to generate hot water and to heat rooms in a very easy... more


High reliability sun sensors for space and terrestrial applications that can be cost effectively produced in larger quantities

A Dutch SME develops and produces sun sensors for space and terrestrial applications. A sun sensor is a rugged, highly reliable device designed to detect sunlight in a near hemispherical field of view (FOV).... more


FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) solutions for small satellites integrators

The company is based in France and develops embedded and communications innovative IP cores for space market. Its team has a strong research and industry background, with experience in the design and test of more


Test & validation equipment for aerospace sector

The Greek SME was founded in 1995. The company has a long history of providing development services and products in the space, defense and aeronautics sectors. The company works very closely with the European industry... more


Drivetrain integrated DC-DC converter for multiple voltage level vehicles

space requirements. The constant cost pressure in the automotive industry requires a system for charging both batteries with significantly reduced effort. A system that is currently being developed at a German... more


Ukrainian innovators of a noise-cancelling helmet are looking for joint venture, manufacturing and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Ukrainian company producer of the noise –canceling helmet was established in 2012 and proposed a modern and innovative solution that will make work at a noisy and filled office/home/public space much comfortable. Due... more


Anomaly Detection Solution based on Deep Learning

first if want to upgrade after deployment System and method for the embodiment of this technology applying the neural network based method and rule-based approach, for example, the deformation of the biometric action knowledge space... more

South Korea

Seeking researchers and companies to join aquaponic systems with vertical living wall systems to grow fish and vegetal products

footprint extends into the volumetric area of a space and is thus not confined to the horizontal two dimensional footprint of the space. Combining these technologies raises key issues... more

United Kingdom

Smart floor heating system for offices

different temperatures within one office space leads to thermal discomfort for many employees. Another problem in offices is the energy waste. In offices, a significant amount of energy is wasted by heating up... more


Italian software development company, focused on Earth observation, is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance

Since 2004 the Italian company is a software development company specializing in advanced mission analysis, planning and simulation tools for space applications, with particular focus in Earth Observation. The... more


Specialised scientific diagnostic system for assessing the effectiveness of operators in extreme conditions

The institute is the leading unit in Bulgaria in the R&D field of aerospace technologies, solar-terrestrial and space physics (solar wind, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, high and middle atmospheric physics,... more


Portuguese company offers a precise monitoring technology for aquaculture systems. Commercial agreements and technical cooperation agreements are sought.

-time; Define alerts, faults and insights; Review historical data of water quality; View dynamic maps of water data; Validation and calibration of both space data and forecast models against in-situ data; Automated... more


Electric-jet micro-Propulsion System for Nanosats

launching a large number of space objects more than 30 years. Propulsion system (PS) operating by modern fuels - inertial gases and halogens, which do not require storage under pressure, using a new technological... more


Technology for video monitoring of vast areas that can be used for fire detection.

. Nowadays there are several approaches to the problem: ground, aerial, and space observation. And only ground observation can provide continuous monitoring with minimal period. The approach offered by the company... more


The program complex intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical systems

The Russian company from the Bryansk region has been operating on the software market for simulating dynamics and kinematics of planar and space mechanical systems since 2001. The created software package is designed... more


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