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Simple and affordable space missions

Launching a satellite into space is highly complex, expensive and time-consuming. To make matters more complicated, satellite industry providers are generally divided between a subsystem manufacturer, a satellite... more

United Kingdom

Packaging of food – reducing empty space in food containers

Pre-packaged products, such as for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, plant protection and various chemical products, often involve a lot of empty space in the packaging. This blank space... more


The Polish SME is looking for research cooperation activities in the space area.

The company is a Polish enterprise from Lower Silesia, which has a 4 - years experience in: - design exclusive CubeSat turn-key solutions, - shared CubeSat missions, - advisory and project mentoring, - thermal - vacuum cycles. Using the technology... more


Engineering and production of mechanical ground support equipment and/or flight components for the space industry

contracting for amongst others the space industry. Regarding the space sector the SME is specialized in Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) and flight components. The SME... more


Specialised system for examination of the neuro-regulating changes in the human body on Earth and in space conditions

The research team is the leading one in Bulgaria in the R&D field of aerospace technologies, medico-biological studies related to space biotechnologies, heliobiology and telemedicine. The proposed system addresses... more


An italian designer has patented a multifunctional space-saving piece of furniture

and practicality. Often in the design of his works, he has addressed the issue of creating design objects suitable for small spaces, without sacrificing user needs and comfort. The technology offered relates a multifunctional space-saving... more


In-space power generation system based on floating electrodynamic tethers with low work function.

A Spanish university presents an in-space power generation system based on floating electrodynamic tethers to be use under the presence of ambient plasma and geomagnetic field, like Low Earth Orbit around the Earth.... more


Modular system for combined drug release control over time and space.

obtained by joining the concave bases of two modules makes it possible to construct a floating system able to stay in the stomach for long time where to release the drug. This configuration creates an empty space... more


High reliability sun sensors for space and terrestrial applications that can be cost effectively produced in larger quantities

A Dutch SME develops and produces sun sensors for space and terrestrial applications. A sun sensor is a rugged, highly reliable device designed to detect sunlight in a near hemispherical field of view (FOV).... more


The Ukrainian aircraft company seeks industrial partners and R&D institutions for transfer and implementation process of 3D printing of aviation and space aggregates.

The Ukrainian aviation company carries out the design, testing and production of aviation units. Additive manufacturing is now better known as 3D printing plays an important role in weight reduction, material strengthening and design optimization... more


French manufacturer of turn-key high-performance quantum instruments, photon detection, fast timing electronics is seeking technical and research cooperation in quantum optics, nanotechnology, biological sciences and aeronautics/space

characterisation, biological 3D imaging, optical coherence tomography). - nanotechnology, (particles analysis, quantum dots qualification) - electronics (semi-conductors, wafers quality control) - aeronautics and space... more


A UK start-up seeks partners in the field of electrical and ion impulse engines to collaborate in the development of a novel solution for earth and space applications.

Due to the growing demand on innovative and “green” propulsion systems to supply the transportation and space industries, the most innovative companies and organizations in the world are heavily investing in unmanned... more

United Kingdom

Estonian company offers cameras for monitoring vacuum chambers from the inside

The Estonian company has developed a portable camera that is meant for (thermal) vacuum chambers. It is based on a cubesat camera technology that is already proven in space by the same company. The company has... more


Smart indoor location and guidance platform

Smart concepts are present nowadays in every single space of a city, town, village or even a building. Having the possibility to turn any space into a smart space... more


A Polish company developing industrial grade software for distributed robotic observatories is looking for service agreements and R&D cooperation in the renewable energy market

company specializes in ground segment optical sensors: construction, integration, operation and maintenance in the domains of space safety, space debris, research and education.... more


Expertise offered on advanced thermal engineering systems and technologies

thermal control system for Thales Alenia Space; numerical and experimental support of “Cyclon-4” thermostating system for Alcantara space vehicle launching site; etc. Based on the... more


[Eurostars2] A Korean company is looking for partners to develop a 3D-based conferencing system with real-time interpretation and translation technology.

embedded function of voice chat and video conference for large volume are helpful, decorating avatars and its virtual space can add some fun factors into the system as well- the solution supports almost all kinds... more

South Korea

Advanced additive technologies and hybrid materials expertise

Ukrainian developer of new processes and hybrid materials on the basis of additive manufacturing technologies. The company has already successfully implemented some projects with Ukrainian aviation and space industrial... more


Drivetrain integrated DC-DC converter for multiple voltage level vehicles

space requirements. The constant cost pressure in the automotive industry requires a system for charging both batteries with significantly reduced effort. A system that is currently being developed at a German... more


System for improving the indoor environment of buildings by growing plants offered for licensing

for regular watering and other maintenance. Taking care of them, however, requires a lot of time and other costs. Disclosed system ensures automatic adjustment of plant living conditions in a close cultivation space.... more


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