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System and application combining training target and favourite music

the set of sport trainings with the favourite music of the user: the system works to allow the user listen to music only when the training is done properly (the user has to deserve the listening to music!). The... more


Smart system for green areas maintenance

The maintenance of green areas, in the case of public/private gardens and in the sport sector as well, is often managed mostly according to the individual experience of operators in charge and not to predictive... more


Austrian company is looking for joining techniques to bond foam or natural rubber with wood.

effect of yoga and sport activities. In order to connect both materials, wood with the underlay mats, they are looking for partners that can offer a proper solution. The company is looking for an innovative... more


French research center offers a new new technology for measuring the materials strength

measure of deformations The targeted domains with this technology are: sport sciences and robotics, chiropody/orthopaedics, biomechanics ; and applications are for example:posture and locomotion analysis, prostheses... more


New active and healty ageing monitoring system for athlets

market search, there is no similar system on the market and the potential applications could be related to elderly healthcare, silver sport and active aging. SMEs already working in biomedical market with an interest... more


Nanoceramic coating for light alloys, superior to anodising and plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO)

machinery for weaving and packaging in parts such as shuttles, rollers, discs, guides. Also, marine and motor sport companies have started using it. There are technologies on the market for wear resistance and... more

United Kingdom

Photodynamic biomimetic nanotechnology for echological environmental protection and improvement from non-ionising electromagnetic fields

can be provided upon request. Commercial agreement with technical assistance with companies willing to introduce in their products the added value of the protection from electrosmog everywhere (home, school, work, sport,... more


Innovative three-dimensional (3D) system for assessment of climbers

systems, medical and sport applications and others. The institute has international experience with R&D institutions and companies and has implemented many project. Climbers, especially those involved in sports... more


Artificial Intelligence platform for marketing personalization based on context-aware recommender systems for eCommerce, retail and tourism

(sport, gastronomy, fashion, etc.), behaviour (digital native, when he/she is connected, etc.), consumer contents and typology, interaction with the environment and other users (social media), purchasing power... more


Activity monitoring algorithm using a smartphone and/or wristband is offered as a service or as a licence agreement

(licencing agreement). In particular following companies or research institutions active in wellness and health domains are sought: - companies that develop and produce wearable wireless wellbeing, sport and... more


Sports-scientific basic technology for multigenerational outdoor fitness parks

conditions. Also, indoor sport-therapeutic equipment often does not include playing elements as movement incentives and cannot be used without professional personal instructions. With the classic technical approaches... more


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