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Unconventional technology of tool steel thermomechanical treatment

contributes to the structure strengthening. In addition, the sub-micron carbides are 0.5 μm in size and they do not reduce the toughness of the steel. The resulting hardness of the material reaches approximately... more


UK-developed ultra-high hardness lightweight steel for armour is available for licence

civilian application, has developed a low cost ultra-high hardness steel that provides an alternative to current protective armour plate. During live fire trials it has demonstrated performance matching that of... more

United Kingdom

Process to reduce hydrogen content during manufacturing of metallic alloys to increase steel mechanical performance.

surfaces. This model permits to explain in which circumstances and to what extent a baking treatment currently used by steel manufacturers would be effective at reducing hydrogen from a component and when it... more


Innovative technology for the production of lined steel pipes suitable for oil extraction and transport

Considering the increase in demand for coated pipes for offshore applications, an Italian company, leader in the production of stainless steel products and components, decided to research and develop its own innovative... more


Horizontal wave power generator of a transmitting steel wire and a regenerative system in seashore.

that oscillates the wave surge converter. Then, it is converted into electricity through a rotational motion from a pendulum motion and one-way directional rotation by transmitting of steel wire power. Since the... more

South Korea

Shaft for small positioner made of advanced materials required

a developer and manufacturer of a shaft for a small positioner which will replace the currently used shaft that is made of stainless steel. The new shaft should have nearly the same features as the stainless more


A company from Poland is offering subcontracting in the field of electric motors manufacturing, cnc machining, injection moulding, as well as pressing and stamping. Services agreement or manufacturing agreement is considered.

production of simple or complex components, requiring high accuracy, smooth surfaces, and many operations. Metal parts can be manufactured on the basis of a supplied sample or according to the design documentation from brass, copper, bronze,... more


Horizontal bag-type anaerobic bioreactor offered for license agreement

It is an anaerobic fermentor for biogas production made from a gas-tight membrane bag used for gas holders. The bag is stretched on a steel front of a circular cross-section and enclosed in a ISO steel... more

Czech Republic

Horizontal bag-type anaerobic bioreactor offered for license agreement

It is an anaerobic fermentor for biogas production made from a gas-tight membrane bag used for gas holders. The bag is stretched on a steel front of a circular cross-section and enclosed in a ISO steel... more


Development of high pressure sensor core-cell mass production technology

, 6 inches of wafer produce 1,700 cells in comparison to a cap type (350 pieces. * SUS: Steel Use Stainless / stainless steel certified standard JIS G 4303 The company is open... more

South Korea

A Polish manufacturer of customized worm gearboxes (MR series) is looking for the commercial agreement with technical specification, manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement

milling cutters dedicated to each size and each ratio of the gear. At the end, worm wheel is ground. Hub and the rim can be made of cast iron, steel and bronze as well. All depends on customer demands. Worm shafts... more


Technology and equipment for production of soft magnetic materials based on iron powder

steel. In comparison to electromagnetic steel the soft magnetic materials have no eddy current losses at high frequencies due to electrical insulation of individual iron particles... more


Sports-scientific basic technology for multigenerational outdoor fitness parks

in skating, snake or wave boarding, surfing or skiing. The tilting mechanism essentially consists of a particularly robust rubber-plastic connection, which is inserted into a steel housing (square tube) and is... more


Aluminium-silicon alloy for tribological applications

Bronze has best wear resistance against steel under load (when it is impossible to use plastics). Due to rising prices of copper the bronze is getting expensive. The industry requires a suitable replacement. Aluminium-silicon... more


Cold end gas condenser design and manufacturing for combustion fumes heat recovery in waste-to-energy plants.

operation specifications in order to develop the final formulation of an advanced carbon steel tubes coating to be applied in fume heat recovery installations. After technical studies carried out in the laboratory,... more


Optical quality monitoring system for the production process of industrial chains - continuous telecentric imaging of each individual chain link ensuring product quality and technical safety

The invention refers to the quality control of the manufacturing process of industrial chains (e.g. round steel chains, conveyor chains, heat resistant / stainless steel chains, hoist/... more


Production technology of high-strength ductile forgings with reduced weight

excellent combination of strength and deformation characteristics. - Proven results on forgings made of 42SiCr steel Working procedure: - Heating to forging temperature of 1250 ˚C and subsequent progressive... more


A Czech company specialized in advanced engineering services and development of innovative products is looking for cooperation in automotive, railway or aerospace industry

future only. Company also utilizes network of partners for projects outside of R&D as well as for consequent prototype production (3D printing from steel or titanium etc.). The SME is interested in a commercial... more


A Portuguese research group is offering their mechanical tests (structural materials for civil engineering)

to perform relaxation tests on prestressed steel products. This Engineering research group is open to cooperate with partners from industry, universities or other R&D institutions, seeking for knowledge and expertise... more


Shear connection stiffness in timber-concrete floor structures

This new type of timber-concrete composite structure was developed by Czech university and is protected by patent application. Timber-concrete and steel-concrete composite structures are currently used in floor... more


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