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Thin sheets of CrMnNi austenitic stainless steel

(X3Cr17Mn8Ni4MoN steel) results in a highly cold-formable steel with increased strength. This metastable austenitic steel has a pronounced TRIP/TWIP... more


Qatar manufacturer of steel fabrication is looking for a technical partnership for manufacture of concrete hollow masonry block mold

This Qatar company is a growing name in all kinds of steel products. Their plant is located at Doha industrial area. They are specialized in mechanical works in both mild steel... more


Sustainable technology to degrease all kinds of surfaces

of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastics is possible by adsorption/physisorption of grease with a mineral powder. No liquids need to be deployed. The powder is re-used... more


Technology and equipment for production of soft magnetic materials based on iron powder

steel. In comparison to electromagnetic steel the soft magnetic materials have no eddy current losses at high frequencies due to electrical insulation of individual iron particles... more


Concrete road barrier preventing vehicle ramming attack available for licensing

. The material used was Ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) in order to create flexible barriers for increased protection. The research shows that similar products already exist – concrete or steel... more


Novel composite frame modular system for engineering applications in aerospace, automotive and other high-tech industries for a commercial agreement with technical assistance

The conventional manufacturing of carbon components is based on lamination technologies. The increasing use of carbon fibre composites is displacing aluminium or steel in many engineering areas (aerospace, automotive,... more


A Polish manufacturer of customized worm gearboxes (MR series) is looking for the commercial agreement with technical specification, manufacturing agreement or technical cooperation agreement

milling cutters dedicated to each size and each ratio of the gear. At the end, worm wheel is ground. Hub and the rim can be made of cast iron, steel and bronze as well. All depends on customer demands. Worm shafts... more


Optimizing thermal plants with level 2 automation solutions

university and a steel producing company, focuses on optimizing thermal processes, mainly in the metal industry. They work for various companies in the steel and non-ferrous metals... more


Cold end gas condenser design and manufacturing for combustion fumes heat recovery in waste-to-energy plants.

operation specifications in order to develop the final formulation of an advanced carbon steel tubes coating to be applied in fume heat recovery installations. After technical studies carried out in the laboratory,... more


Aluminium-silicon alloy for tribological applications

Bronze has best wear resistance against steel under load (when it is impossible to use plastics). Due to rising prices of copper the bronze is getting expensive. The industry requires a suitable replacement. Aluminium-silicon... more


Non-destructive measuring method and instrument to gain information about the mechanical characteristics directly on the metal component

20mm diameter surface and a metal thickness of 6 mm. Measurable metals: steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys. The measuring test can be customized... more


Innovative Solar Tracking Technology

successful mass market (technical cooperation or manufacturing agreement). Preferably, the partner should be from the automotive or steel production sector and have ambitions to become active/ or be already an... more


A Korean energy company (floating solar power system on water) is looking for technology-transfer and licensing partners

/sunshine hours). The new system applies a chemical plastic structure which is stronger but lighter than the traditional steel one. In addition, the upper buoyant part is upgraded to be smaller but more stable.... more

South Korea

A Polish company is looking for pile pressing equipment for environmentally sensitive areas.

for pilling sheet steel piles into environmentally sensitive areas, close to the other buildings. Therefore the technology used must allow for a quiet and vibration free working of a pile pressing equipment.... more


Material-in-tube Wires for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

. Nano and micron-sized powders can be added to the composite alloy, in turn creating unique alloy compositions. A wide range of tube materials can be utilised such as steel, stainless steel,... more

United Kingdom

Photonic Jet, a new laser technology for sub-µm processing of different materials

silicon, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, titanium, ITO is already done. Possible applications of Photonic Jet Technology are: - Sub-µm marking (dot, line) - Semiconductor processing - Bio-medical sample... more


Conveyor belts integrated into mixer trucks dedicated to deliver concrete, cement and gravel

steel and aluminium. They are directly integrated into the trucks, on a fixed position. As several trucks are used in Europe, the French company has developed conveyors for these different trucks, whatever... more


A Korean company is looking for partners to transfer its magnetic flux-controlling technology under License agreement

-controlling technology* The Korean company has total around 42 patents of this technology in Korea, US, Japan, China and EU. This technology has been applied to following areas: - Steel industry: technology transfer... more

South Korea

A Serbian company specialized in outdoor/indoor signage seeks partners for technical cooperation in the area of technology and know-how of LED 3D signs.

. They have a very diversified production program that can be classified into three key segments: • Architectural marking (labeling). • Industrial marking: production of marking tools (tools for labeling) from steel,... more


Sand filter (two-way) and a method for pool water filtration

difficult problems of preparing drinking water and water for swimming pools, many references in the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia. They come from the once-most recognized companies in the field, such as Steel-Ruše,... more


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