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UK-based SME offers novel small molecule anti-fibrotic therapeutic

Certain diseases result in fibrosis of affected tissue. This 'scarring' causes reduced function compared to healthy tissue, which contributes to disease pathology. Wnt signalling is known to be important for tissue remodelling, such as that... more

United Kingdom

Quality assurance of therapeutic ultrasound devices

A research institute from northern Germany, active in metrology, has developed a traceable, spatial calibration technology which helps to determine calibration of therapeutic ultrasound devices factors more easily.... more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a new adujvant which improves therapeutic vaccination.

A French TTO acting on behalf major life science research labs in Paris Region, has designed and synthetized a new patented micro-particle which strongly improves the efficacy of a type of vaccines: ribonucleic acid (RNA) vaccines. The proof... more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a preventive and therapeutic treatment against food allergies

showed promising therapeutic results in a mouse model of ovalbumin induced allergy (egg allergy), providing a long-term effectiveness over a 10-month period study. This treatment also provides a good preventive... more


New combination of therapeutic agents for the treatment of lymphoid neoplasias

immediate therapeutic action. Lymphoid neoplasms are conventionally treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy of low specificity. The most common choice of treatment for mature B cell neoplasia is the multidrug... more


Nanocapsule compositions for the controlled released of agents of therapeutic interest

continuous release of the proteases encapsulated within at therapeutic doses during a sufficient period of time for the treatment of diseases which require a sustained protease administration during treatment... more


Novel therapeutic approach in a multiplicity of neurodegenerative and autoinflammatory pathologies

modulate the activation of the immune system have, therefore, a great potential in the identification of a therapeutic approach for a multiplicity of neurodegenerative and autoinflammatory pathologies. The inhibition... more


Therapeutic targets in chemokine receptors to select useful compounds for pathologies treatment that intervene in chemokine responses

The residues responsible for chemokine-mediated receptor oligomerization are a therapeutic target that can be exogenously modulated in order to treat cancer metastasis, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases or HIV-1... more


Highly reliable molecular in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for screening, follow-up care and therapeutic decisions in cancer diagnostics, based on proprietary epigenetic biomarkers

Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women world-wide, with approx. 530,000 new cases and 275,000 deaths per year. In contrast to other cancers it mainly affects young women with a maximum of incidence below 30 years of age. Current... more


New therapy for depression and other psychotic disorders by combination of selective inhibitor of Serotonin re-uptaking and Galanin N-Terminal Fragment (1–15)

An Andalusian University in the south of Spain has developed a combination kit of GAL (1-15) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt therof useful for augmenting and/or providing faster onset of the therapeutic effect... more


A Ukrainian R&D institute offers a technology for the individual selection of antitumor drugs

evaluation of the predicted therapeutic effect. At the same time, the effect of the medicinal agent on the dynamics of the thiol-disulfide ratio (TDR) in the blood as an integral indicator of the redox balance... more


A Finnish company is looking for licensees for a mobile health platform

and it has received very positive feedback from the patients, support groups and medical organizations. It makes a patient's life easier, improves a patient's motivation for treatment and intensifies the therapeutic... more


Molecular oncology diagnostic tool in targeted therapy

broad menu covering all the currently actionable molecular signatures. A constant update of new drugs/diagnostics development is a major focus of the approach proposed. It allows to immediately exploit the most advanced therapeutic... more


Actively targeted polymeric micelles for drug and gene delivery

compounds), to be used for therapeutic and non-therapeutic purposes. The center is looking to establish license, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreements with industrial... more


A novel and multifunctional biomarker for cancer

with cytotoxic compounds linked to anti-THSD7A antibodies to optimize site directed drug application and minimize therapeutic side effects. Due to the strong relation to several tumor entities, THSD7A can be... more


Method to produce enzymes

. The biomedical use of proteins (i.e., enzymes, growth factors, hormones) has been widely explored by the biotechnological industry including enzyme replacement therapy (ERT). One of the major bottlenecks regarding therapeutic... more


New biomarkers and technologies for circulating tumor cells (CTC) identification and isolation

: -License agreement: framework of authorizing the interested parts to use the technology. -Technical cooperation agreement: to collaborate with other research teams, companies or foundations to adapt the technologies to biological and more


Use of boron and its derivatives for the treatment of muscular dystrophies

been reported that boron is involved in mouse myogenic differentiation. Boron and its derivatives can be used as therapeutic systems for muscular dystrophies for which currently no successful treatment has been... more


Novel plate for bacterial flora sampling with the palm of the hand

an area of the plate. The research group is looking for the following collaboration: -License agreement: framework of authorizing the interested parties to use the technology. -Technical cooperation agreement: to collaborate with other research... more


Non-internalizing, linker-less galectin-3 binding protein targeting antibody-drug conjugate for treatment of cancer

non-internalizing Gal-3 BP targeting ADC endowed with a novel mechanism of action. This molecule has shown potent therapeutic activity against several types of cancer combined with a high stability, a good safety... more


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