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Active hemoglobin with high ability to bind and transport oxygen

) which is further developing the hemoglobin complex. Both companies are specialized in the worldwide sourcing and development of biological raw materials. 1) State of the art: Hemoglobin is an iron-containing oxygen-transport... more


Low power, robust communications technology for smart metering, transport management etc.

implementations. The company is seeking hardware manufacturers and systems integrators for license agreements and technical co-operation. The segments include but are not limited to, electricity meters, street lighting, traffic/transport... more

United Kingdom

Electric bicycle trailers for green and efficient last mile transport in urban areas

few seconds. There is no need for fixed installations on the bike. Inside of buildings and in pedestrian zones, the trailer can also be used as an electrical handcart. A modular design allows to use the trailer with different transport-boxes.... more


Novel method to enable ambient temperature transport of stem cells, opening up new markets

in a different country. The logistics of these chains can be very complicated. Some cell types one must not freeze, for others, the protocols and requirements for transport are quite complex and expensive. A... more

United Kingdom

Alcohol testing service with biometric face recognition for manufacturing, transport, construction and other sectors

Lithuanian company, established in 2015, developed a unique centralized biometric sobriety testing system. The system is the result of cooperation with the scientists from the Lithuanian University. With the help of scientific knowledge and... more


Spanish company offers mobile survey technologies applied to roads for assessment of transport infrastructures.

size and sign offset to the carriageway edge. Finally, the services provided by this company apply the most advanced mobile mapping technology in order to provide 360ᵒ videos of any linear transport infrastructure... more


A Turkish company specialized in software developments offers its ticket sales and reservation software for public transport

, the company has been developed a ticket sales and reservation software that combines CRM, operation management, and sales channels at a single platform. The ticketing service provides transport operators with... more


Digital real-time management and optimisation solutions for public transport networks

developed a new generation of digital ITS (intelligent transport systems) that is 100% smartphone and cloud-based. By harvesting the power and agility of smartphone and digital technology, the company offers a... more


A Polish research institute offers an advanced and innovative device for environmental biological samples transport

concentrations at problem-solving of mineral resources exploitation industry, applied technologies and environment protection. Offered technology is intended for the transport of environmental biological samples,... more


Knowledge, expertise and facilities in transport and logistics offered as an end-user of technologies in related projects

implement the best innovations that allow offering their clients the best quality service at minimum costs. They incorporate daily new products and services for their customer base. The company acts in both fields, transport... more


Smart platform to calculate price and assemble customised pcbs (printed circuit boards) for industry, buildings, infrastructure, connected transport, enabling IoT, energy, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing

support for companies active in different industrial sectors (buildings %26 Infrastructure, connected transport, enabling Io, energy %26 utilities, healthcare, manufacturing) where the electronic components are... more


A UK company developing autonomous mobile robots for intra-logistics transport is seeking technology partners to develop key technological capabilities and validate its product over a larger pool of user-cases

localisation, low-cost safe drive systems) and validating the system over a larger pool of user-cases from a diverse range of commercial sectors (for example: healthcare, hospitality, etc.) that require material transport... more

United Kingdom

IoT (Internet of Things) platform to manage devices or machines and designed to fit in all the vertical scenarios like Smart Energy, Smart Grid, industry 4.0, Logistics & Transport, Retail, etc..

interfacing with the current customer business processes. All the features in this IoT platform have been designed to fit in all the vertical scenarios like Smart Energy, Smart Grid, industry 4.0, Logistics & Transport,... more


Axially and radially cooled brake disc with cover

. The application area of the invention is not limited to transport but also machine parts where it is efficient braking is necessary. The biggest potential of a new brake system in application on high-speed machines... more


Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement

transfer model. -. Data profiling and intermodal transport of freight and goods transport models: * Micro model pilot of urban delivery of goods. * Macro model pilot... more


Polish research institute of robotics and automation offers robotic palletizing technology for challenging conditions

versatility makes them an ideal tool for using in the process of loading, unloading and palletizing. A many sectors are open for using the new technologies in the process of transport e.g. food market, plants,... more


Drugs oral administration system

. The chemical composition based on modified chitosan is a nanostructured multi-layered matrix that implements transport and protective functions simultaneously. The composition in gel form inhibits destruction... more


Urban mobility sharing system based on a for that purpose designed electric vehicle

fossil-fuel vehicles by public transport and sharing systems, actively promoting an environmentally-friendly and sustainable form of transportation. Innovative solutions for the “first and last mile” problem within... more


Smart bench for ambulances

Currently, critical patients transport in the passenger compartment of ambulances is performed on a stretcher housed in a platform, located on the floor of the vehicle. These are longitudinal structures that facilitate... more


Artificial Intelligence enabled stock management solution

Lithuanian software development company with extensive experience working in transport, logistics and manufacturing industries have been developing technology solutions since 2004. Following latest technological... more


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