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UK company offers virtual reality discovery engine

Virtual reality content on the web cannot be accessed by everyone with a different device often needed to experience the virtual reality... more

United Kingdom

Advanced wireless controller for virtual reality

A Spanish SME, active in the field of IT that creates and develops stunning hardware solutions for virtual reality has developed a wireless controller for virtual... more


Virtual reality based evaluation of mental disorders

Mental disorders and neurological conditions affect at least a 20% of the worldwide population during a lifetime. A new system for the evaluation of mental disorders, based on the use of virtual reality... more


Virtual Reality based technology for the blind and visually impaired people

A Spanish start-up, active in the area of virtual reality and smart wearables, has developed a novel virtual reality... more


H2020 ICT 55-2020: Partners with expertise in human machine interface, User interface (UI), User experience (UX) and virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) required.

the H2020 at the cut-off date of the 13th November 2019. Collaborations in both research and development are required in software development, human machine interface, User interface (UI) / User experience (UX) and virtual... more

United Kingdom

Greek company provides an innovative virtual reality platform for surgeon training

A Greek based SME which also operates in California, provides an innovative virtual reality (VR) platform for surgeon training. The company transforms medical education and training... more


A Turkish SME is offering their technology regarding virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D animation services with commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation agreement.

The SME based in Turkey is focusing on virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D animation since 2013. They completed numerous projects in the related... more


Virtual-reality-based technical solution for risk-free behavioral testing of humans in Elevated Plus Maze setups

company have jointly developed a new tool, which merges the traditional EPM concept with Virtual Reality (VR) to overcome these limitations and enable EPM tests in humans. Through... more


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