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Water turbine for fluctuating loads is sought

A German waste management association wants to implement a small water turbine at a landfill site. The surface water drainage system of the landfill site has a drop height of approximately... more


Cost-effective remineralisation of purified sea water that reduces corrosive effects on water infrastructure

In places that lack low-cost and reliable access to fresh water sources, purification of water from seawater is required to produce potable water. Reverse... more


Novel ion-selective sensor with WiFi-function for automatic online control of process water, where water hardness / water softening is crucial for system operability

Safety, operability and durability of many industrial processes as well as hot, steam and cooling water cycle systems rely on a consistant water quality, in particular on predetermined... more


Energy harvesting gas and water microturbines for web applications

An Italian SME, founded in 2013 as a spin-off of a big institute of technology, has developed an innovative microturbine suited for continuous monitoring and remote regulation of pressure in gas and water distribution... more


Innovative device for activation of water used for plant spraying.

An electrical current running through salty water creates a mixture of chemicals that kills microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. The mixture is called ‘electrolysed water’,... more


High tech portable water purifier bottle

Daily consumption of water is vital for human life and well-being. The World Health Organization recommends drinking at least 2 litters of water per day, but this is often difficult... more


Patented water processing technology that substantially reduces water consumption in shower heads without adverse effects on the showering comfort

An Austrian company offers a novel water processing technology that reduces the water flow in showerheads by 36 % without causing adverse effects on the showering comfort. Using... more


Water-lifting device especially for the use in arid regions

Up to now, procuring water from great depths has required complex facilities, which consume a lot of energy, e.g. to build up the necessary pressure. Previous facilities - even those that lift water... more


Determination of disinfection by-products in drinking water.

endowment that allows approaching projects from research to stage prototype realization and technology transfer. Disinfection by-products (DBPs) result from chemical reactions between organic and inorganic matter in water... more


Innovative fully automated, chemical-free water monitoring and control solutions for industrial processes – optimization of water softeners, reverse osmosis, hot water and steam boilers by analysis of e.g. hardness, oxygen, pH, conductivity etc.

An innovative German technology company develops, manufactures and sells a range of specific analytical, monitoring and control systems for industrial process water based on their own know how. The products ensure... more


Fast method for determination of metal concentration in water.

endowment that allows approaching projects from research to stage prototype realization and technology transfer. The heavy metals contamination in water is one of the major pollution problems. The slow assimilation... more


Powerful composite sorbent for the removal of contaminants from water

Contamination of water is a global problem. Among the most frequently occurring contaminants in water are heavy metals such as arsenic, antimony, cadmium, mercury, chromium ions,... more


Customisable software solution for legionella/water hygiene compliance

It is still common practice in the legionella/water hygiene sector to try to maintain and prove compliance via the use of paper record keeping. This is not only inefficient and prone to gaps/input error but is... more

United Kingdom

Method for increasing the concentration of tritiated water

Tritium is usually present at a low level in the water and this typically renders the recovery of tritium uneconomical. However, tritium may not be disposed of directly into the environment and therefore disposal... more

United Kingdom

Integrated Water Resource Management: from software to policies

The software suite is a powerful holistic water management tool assisting water management stakeholders, industries and researchers in the establishment of pressure / impact relationships... more


System for filtration and desalination of water via ultrafiltration

A Spanish R&D institute has developed a water filtration system which offers several advantages over current technologies. The functions performed in such installation are: water... more


Device for removal of hydrogen sulphide and sulphide sulphur from the water

removal of contaminants is based on membrane process, where contaminants pass from water through pores of hollow fibers membrane, and then are released into the air and led outside of the device. Depending on... more


Monitoring of water release during vacuum treatment of high power capacitors

The Slovenian research institute provides the expertise in the monitoring of small and slow water releasing in evacuated capacitors during the scheduled thermal procedure. The kinetics of water... more


Solar energy system for producing hot water up to 140 ºC

A Spanish SME, working in the design and manufacture of installations for all types of fluids such as air, hot, coldand superheated water, steam, heating oil, compressed air, with applications in both the household... more


Russian developer of water treatment technologies is looking for manufacturing orders

The company of the Sverdlovsk region since 1991 specializes in research and production activities. The company has extensive experience in the field of audit and inspection of water management and the introduction... more


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