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Smart wearable devices for motion detection

The Research Institute has a long expertise in flexible electronics and physical sensors. Such technologies result key elements to design and fabricate smart wearable devices. The team is composed by physicists... more


Technology platform using powerful micro-scale biometric wearable hardware.

technologies can be tailored to branded user applications anywhere from ‘thing-to-cloud’. Their mission is to provide wearable sensing technology and white-label products to previously untapped sports, leisure,... more


Stress-detection algorithm for wearable devices is offered for licensing

algorithms for analysing wearable sensor data used mainly in the health domain but applicable to other domains as well. The team has been among finalists of the global competition for medical diagnostic devices.... more


Wearable electronic solution that monitors systolic and diastolic blood pressure is available for licensing

Currently, specialized devices exist that allow control of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Only recently, these devices started to acquire contactless interface that allows connection to various electronic equipment like PCs or smartphones.... more


Wearable assistive mobility exoskeletons that will be affordable in non-medical markets

and IEC 62A. Recently, companies have been formed in the UK and India to develop wearable mobility assistive exoskeletons for supporting elderly persons to perform normal daily living activities, thereby improving... more

United Kingdom

Activity monitoring algorithm using a smartphone and/or wristband is offered as a service or as a licence agreement

wearable wearable devices if both are present on the body. The activity monitoring consists of activity recognition and estimation of energy expenditure. It is done using machine-learning... more


A silent and compact micropump with ultra-smooth flow and rapid response for Medical, Life Science and Environmental applications; ranging from wearable medical devices, Point of care (POC) diagnostic systems and environmental sampling

small and portable – and increasingly wearable. With its combination of performance, silent operation and size, this disc pump is enabling manufacturers to respond to this trend with smaller, lighter, quieter... more

United Kingdom

[Eurostars2] Looking for partners for developing precursors for ALD (atomic layer deposition) process

their further research on mobility and wearable device applications to realize better performance than the former application. The institute aims to join Eureka or Eurostar project with the deadline of call... more

South Korea

Smartwatch application for telecare and fall detection of the elderly

). Authors of the algorithm are computer science experts employed at the Slovenian institution for research in sciences and technology. They are specialized in the development of proprietary methods and algorithms for analyzing wearable... more


UK electronics and embedded software design house specialising in connected devices offers feasibility, prototyping or design review services to product design companies

include all aspects of the electronics – logical and physical design, component sourcing and embedded software design. The company has developed areas of expertise that includes small-form products such as: • Electronics for in ear wearable more

United Kingdom

[Eureka network] A Korean electronical technology institute is looking for partners to develop acoustic levitator for powder ALD (atomic layer deposition) process

as follows: 1. Commercialization of new type of powder ALD equipment 2. High performance powder(particles) for automobile application and new type of wearable device applications more

South Korea

Innovative exoskeleton to boost workers' strength and performance without using electric power

its user from rotating their shoulder joints beyond the safe range of motion. It was developed in collaboration with a leading non-invasive orthopedic company and an Italian spin-off company specialized in wearable... more


Swiss SME offering soft artificial muscle transducer for robotics, automation, wellbeing and prothesis seeks commercial agreement

manufacturers. The SME is interested in applications to diversify into e.g. automation, robotics, augmented & virtual reality (AR&VR), gaming, wearable and medical industry. The company seeks original equipment... more


A silent and compact micropump that is highly controllable and offers ultra-smooth flow and a rapid response to set point changes, offers innovation in industrial, environmental, medical and transport sectors.

• Side stream humidity measurement • Environmental monitoring • VOC analysis • Leak detection • Water sampling • Portable and wearable monitors • Asbestos monitoring and detection • Monitoring in food processing • Laboratory more

United Kingdom

A Croatian company offers an energy efficient remote body temperature measuring device under license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance

, and companies connected with end users (parents) under license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance. The cooperation would be realised through manufacturing or supplying key components and joint presence on the market... more


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