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Novel ion-selective sensor with WiFi-function for automatic online control of process water, where water hardness / water softening is crucial for system operability

after full depletion) a failure-free operation and, thus, an optimised operation of the respective softener process is guaranteed. The novel water hardness sensor system with WiFi-function provides real-time information... more


Smartphone IoT platform for quick prototyping and testing

application prototype; - there is a need to agile product development and rapid delivery. The application modules are compatible to many sensors and actuators which are available on the market. More than 100 different Bluetooth, ZigBee, more


Making sensors and devices IoT (Internet of Things) ready, in a way that is both user-friendly and manufacturer-friendly

but in practice, the user has to have another hub installed, or find an additional power source, or buy some subscription. The new platform makes use of what most homes (and workplaces) already have: smartphones and local WiFi.... more

United Kingdom

Portable, modular, compact and multifunction sensor platform for remote locations

data transfer (GSM, WiFi, SigFox, LoRA) as well as geolocalisation can be integrated through appropriate of-the-shelf or custom plug-in modules. Low power consumption together with battery operation and a local... more


Patented TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) technology for internet traffic optimization

adapts itself to different network conditions thanks to its self-tuning learning algorithm, but is especially suited whenever wireless links are present (WiFi, LTE, 3G, WiMax...), where it performs better than... more


UK SME offers a novel interactive augmented reality technology and holographic booth for license agreements

cables to a power source, wifi or LAN. Initial installation, training and maintenance is available. The SME have a technology offer for licensing agreements to facilitate the introduction of the technology and... more

United Kingdom

Gas detection system for the 4.0 industry based on infrared camera and sniffer.

: human interface (touchable screen) -Data acquisition from camera -The camera is customized depending on the gases to be detected. -Data communications (Bluetooth and Wifi) -Interchangeable lenses on demand... more


A Korean company offers real-time & boundless location (indoors, outdoors, ground and underground) tracking system for pets

location-based service solution using a beacon, WIFI and GPS, has developed a location tracking solution for pets. This solution is developed based on the company’s patented algorithm of global tracing system.... more

South Korea

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