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Day One: Group of UK AI businesses visit the US

Written by Katherine Gallacher on 7 March 2018

EEN lead a group of 16 UK artificial intelligence businesses to the US as part of the Innovate UK’s Global Business Accelerator Programme.

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Throughout the week, a group of delegates will be attending a series of events and meet ups with local enterprises and venture capitals fund in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. The aim of the visit is to assist delegates in developing partnerships and creating market insights among the programme’s stakeholders. This is also ahead of UK government launching £20m investment in artificial intelligence to create the next generation of services.


Day one saw the group visit several local enterprises including Google, Y Combinator and Crowdflower.


Kicking off at Google, the group were able to get a better understanding of the challenges AI companies face such as GDPR in the EU, the hype surrounding AI from multi-national customers and the pressure it puts on start-ups.


As the day progressed, the group heard from Jared Freidman and Daniel Gross, at Y Combinator, where they broadly discussed the different types of AI grants they offer to fund research projects. In addition, the final meeting with Crowdflower, talked about the strategy behind hiring and retaining, diversity and picking projects.


The delegation of the Innovate UK’s Global Accelerator Programme on AI to the USA includes action.ai, botsAndus, CamBioScience, Chattermill, Congnitiv+, Digital Fineprint, Fluidly, KOMPAS, LabGenius, ORPIVA, Prospective, Qumodo, SenSat, Vchain Technology, Vivacity labs and Volume.


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