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A Chinese company providing alginate, functional sugar alcohol, cosmetics, ocean marine functional foods, ocean biomedical materials and marine biological fertilizers, is looking for sales agents in EU market


A Chinese company is a high-tech enterprise focused on production of marine bioactive substances products, including alginate, functional sugar alcohol, cosmetics, ocean marine functional foods, ocean biomedical materials and marine biological fertilizers. Within its business development plan, it is looking to expand its European market through commercial agency agreements with local agents.

Partner sought

The Chinese company is looking for agents for their alga-related products in the European market. Potential partners who have the sound sales channel of these sorts of products are the best.


The Chinese company was founded in 1968, and has since been active in deep development and application of alga bio-active substances. Its business was later expanded to modern maritime fundamental materials, modern maritime healthy end products and maritime health services. Its products include alginate, mannitol, sorbitol, fucoidan, seaweed polyphenols, seaweed biological enzyme, other professional raw materials used in food and beverage industries, as well as marine functional health care products, marine cosmetics, marine biological medical materials, marine biological fertilizers and so on. The company eyes on investment in technological research, and builds several research and production bases in northern and eastern China as well as in a south American country. Its products have already been exported to over 100 countries and regions, including the USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, Korea, etc. With its business development strategy, it is looking for cooperation with new European partners through signing of agency agreement. Profile of the company’s products: Alginate Natural food ingredients extracted from brown algae have many properties, such as thickening, suspension, emulsifying, water retention, gel, etc., which can be widely used in food, medicine, medical materials, cosmetics, textile printing and dyeing, edible packaging materials and other industries. Sugar alcohol Mannitol is widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry, etc. Sorbitol has the functions of low calorific value, low sugar, cooling effect and anti-caries teeth, and can be used as sweetener and moisturizer, which is widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine and other industries. Marine functional food Algae active substances such as alginate are not only food ingredients, but also functional food materials with the same origin of medicine and food. Marine functional food takes seaweed as raw material to produce marine hydrophilic colloid such as food grade sodium alginate, calcium alginate and propylene glycol alginate. Marine cosmetics Seaweed extract has good nursing effects, good biocompatibility and compatibility, and is widely used in anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet damage and other cosmetics. Marine biological fertilizers Seaweed is the nutrient carrier of plants from land to sea. Seaweed fertilizers are rich in algae active components such as polysaccharide, iodine, mannitol, alginol, seaweed polyphenol and trace elements. It not only has the value of environment and soil improvement, but also can enhance the ability of crop resistance and disease resistance, and improve crop yield and quality. Marine biological medical materials Marine alginate, chitosan and other biological materials have good biocompatibility, high hygroscopicity and biodegradability, and are high quality raw materials for the preparation of medical and health materials such as medical dressings, masks, surgical sutures, hygroscopic supplies for women and children, and incontinence supplies for adults.

Advantages and innovations

1. The company has poured considerable resources into research, and established a state-level key laboratory on seaweed and seaweed fertilizers. Its technology center has been recognized as a post-doctoral scientific research workstation. It has also undertaken national-level research projects., with several of its achievements winning state prizes. 2. Certifications: Dec. 1999: ISO9001 Dec. 2003: National drugs GMP certificate Feb. 2006: KOSHER July 2006: ISO22000 Aug. 2006: ISO14001 July 2007: HALAL Oct. 2011: IMO Sept. 2012: BRC July 2017: On-site audit by the FDA

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