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Maritime fleet management system for joint venture.


Spanish technological SME working in partnership with German and Swiss companies has developed a maritime fleet intelligence platform that collects sensor data generated by ships at the sea and transmits them to a secure data storage several times a day. A web service enables a remote view of the current status of each ship. The targeted cooperation is a joint venture agreement which will help to introducing the platform on new markets.

Partner sought

Type of partner: a company offering services intended for building an environment related to the internet of things and data analysis in water-related infrastructures (maritime field), i.e. the partner’s clients may be: shipyards, shipbuilders, shipwrights, fleet managers, dockyards, etc. Role of the partner: the company intends to find a partner willing to invest in the commercialisation of the platform on their own market, adapting it to their client’s needs, under joint venture agreement.


Spanish sensor network technology specialised company offers a platform for nautical fleet digitisation that collects sensor data. The platform collects, stores and analyses the data generated during the navigation of the ships, through GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) or satellite communication, with the purpose of creating predictive models with machine learning technologies. For GPRS communications, a proprietary device is used for coastal navigation boats, mainly in the fishing sector, ports and professional charters. In satellite communications, the data collected from the ship's servers with modular data acquisition systems consisting of input modules and/or digital and/or analog output is used. The data generated during navigation are varied and complex and depends on the type of navigation. 1. In coastal navigation or GPRS Area, the data are those referring to navigation, machines, meteorology, or fuel consumption. 2. In high-altitude navigation, the data collected are those necessary to calculate the IMO's (international maritime organisation) energy efficiency indexes or EEOI (energy efficiency operational indicator) and the EU MRV's (monitoring, reporting, verification) monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions. The selected cooperation type is joint venture agreement, in order to further develop the platform integrating the needs of the specific market of the partner. The company is looking for a partner possessing the technological expertise and the ability to commercialise the product in their own market. Main technical features: 1. Connected real-time data & automation: * Information on routes, distances, speeds, rigging, climatology, wave height, fuel & supplies consumption, anchoring, operating hours, etc. * Interaction at emergencies, geo-fencing, energy consumption, battery charging, light control, refrigerators, heating, pumps, etc. * Automatic alerts if a critical situation is predicted or detected (e.g. water in the bilge of a parked ship or an upcoming storm). 2. Historical data with big data analysis. * Improvement of maintenance with predictive models based on torsion in shades, vibrations, motor oil, mechanical stress in hull and rigging, etc. Resulting in the enhanced life cycle of the ship and devices with shorter shipyard time. * Documentation of everything ever happened with the ship in a detailed report, useful when selling the boat or dealing with insurances. * Personalization of offers to clients, based on advanced customer relationship management with aggregated data of client skills, preferences and routes. * Reduced costs thanks to daily reports based on interpreted data allowing better insights of relevant business information, ship condition and detection of anomalies. 3. Applications. * Fleet. Personal database keeping track of the fleet. A huge amount of detailed data can be accessed for every ship of the fleet in an easy way. * Navigation. It allows fleet owners to check routes, measure distances and speed, also enable geo-fencing to send an alert if the unauthorized movement of a ship is detected. * Meteorology. Detailed information about the climatology and includes superior weather forecast. It also alerts about upcoming storms that could harm a parked ship. * Rigging and sails. Use of tension sensors in the mast and the sail to inform the owner if the forces applied by the skipper were within or above critical limits. * E-maintenance. Sensor data is showed which also helps to predict upcoming repairs.

Advantages and innovations

The main innovation that differentiates the product to others on the market is that one platform offers multiple solutions, both for coastal vessels (GPRS area) and large vessels (satellite area). The advantage is that the set of sensor data is analysed with big data technologies to reduce fleet operating costs by predictive maintenance, superior weather forecast and advanced utilisation estimation and is presented in easily accessible reports once a day. The combination of real-time sensor data enriched with external sources and big data analytics creates unique services to meet the demand of today's nautical requirements.

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