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French health company is looking for distributors or licensing for its chronic stress measurement solution


The French health and well-being company, specialised in physiology and the autonomic nervous System (ANS), has developed an innovative diagnostic equipment to measure chronic stress. The solution is patented, non-invasive and rapid, targeting Health professionals but also pharmacies and enterprises. The French company is looking for distributors or to licence the technology to manufacturers.

Partner sought

1)The Health and Well-being company is looking for distributors interested to sell chronic stress diagnostic equipment outside of France and Switzerland. The client expects the distributor to have a presence/knowledge either in health/stress or wellbeing in at least one of the following markets: hospitals and clinics, health/wellbeing professionals’ network, Pharmacists, Enterprises. The distributor should have knowledge to sell solutions, not only medical consumables. The French company can provide training and remote support. Level of discounts/sales commission varies depending on sales volumes. 2) The company also proposes to license their unique technology. The hardware is required to get the ECG signal from the person; The client buy the ECG sensor from a manufacturer – they have no specific value there. The software is owned by the French company: it is protected by patent and analyses the received ECG to deliver physiological markers related to chronic stress. The French Company seeks other manufacturers who propose sensors delivering high quality ECG or HRV or PPG signals. The French company expect the manufacturer to integrate their technology into their own solution and have a licensing agreement in place.


The French health and well-being company is specialising in physiology and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The client has developed a solution to evaluate the ANS balance, the risk of chronic stress of a person and his resistance to stress. The evaluation is robust, simple, non-invasive and rapid, it takes only 2 minutes. This is based on a measure of his electrocardiogram. The product benefits from unique patented algorithms developed by the French company: a scientific and precise evaluation of the activity of the Autonomic Nervous System’s ortho- and para- sympathetic branches. This is supported by scientific and clinical studies that validate the technology and approach. The product is composed of 2 main components: a tablet with the software installed, plus an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor with 2 clamps. The ECG sensor gets the ECG signal and sends it to the tablet via Bluetooth; the application on the tablet receives the signal, analyses it in real time and delivers chronic stress’ related markers based on the analysis. The dimension of the ECG sensor is 48 x 29 x12 mm; it comes from the manufacturer Bittium; the tablet used for the application is a Samsung Tab A with 10.1,” screen size. Everything is placed in a suitcase. It is very light and very easy to carry. Both sensor and tablet are battery operated and can be charged. The main value added of the French company is in the software that resides on the tablet; the software is based on our patent related to the monitoring in real time of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). There are 2 versions of the product: - A version targeted to health and wellbeing professionals. It is certified EC medical device and is used by professionals to evaluate a patient’s chronic stress. This version displays results in a fairly “technical” way and requires someone who have knowledge on ANS. - a self-test version of the product where a person can do a self-test and results are displayed in a manner that he can understand, without the support of a professional. 3 Targeted markets: - Health and wellbeing centers and professionals to evaluate a person’s chronic stress risk, to propose a protocol and to monitor the evaluation over time. - Pharmacies can propose the product in self-test (like if you measure our weight, your blood pressure, etc.); clients come at the pharmacy to evaluate their chronic stress level and their resistance to stress. They can discuss the results with the pharmacist who can propose solutions (food supplement, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, sleeping aids, paramedical products, etc.) - Enterprises to help employees manage their risk of chronic stress; this is a perfect companion for Enterprises launching programs to improve the well-being or the performance of employees The French company is looking for distributors or to licence the technology to manufacturers.

Advantages and innovations

1. Focus on a major health and wellbeing theme – chronic stress 2. Integrate the analysis of a person’s physiological balance and risk of chronic stress in a only 2 minutes test duration. 3. Innovative patent and IP supported by scientific studies 4. A solution with an excellent adoption track and great customers return. 5. Regular access to new physiological markers as the company continues to develop and improve IP 6. Simple to do business with

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