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Italian artisanal coffee roasting company seeks agents and distributors


Established in 1996, this Italian company is specialized in the production of coffee. What distinguishes it from other artisanal coffee roasting businesses is its rigorous production chain. They aim at preserving the aromas characterizing the different coffees by searching for the finest selections of coffee and following an accurate process. The aim is to look for commercial agency agreements and distribution service agreements for EMEA countries.

Partner sought

This company is looking for commercial agency agreements and distribution service agreements with distribution and the potential partners should be companies in the field of high quality retail, hotel-restaurant-café and the food service sector. The role of the partner is to develop the distribution network on foreign markets, and distribute or represent their brand of roasted coffee, in order to establish a long-term mutual co-operation, in particular in EMEA, a very attractive market for this company.


This Italian artisanal coffee roasting firm established in 1996 takes care of personally visiting different plantations, also searching for the best coffee distributors for hotels, cafes and restaurants wishing to offer their customers a product beyond the traditional offerings. This company produces for a niche market. This company manufactures a wide range of products supplied to both private and professional customers, directly selecting every year high quality raw materials coming from the most prestigious plantations of Central America, Africa, India, Indonesia and Brazil. Looking for the finest coffee selections, it focuses on preserving and enhancing all the flavors that characterize the different types of coffee, following a very accurate process of roasting which, thanks to their stability, enables to keep all organoleptic features intact over time. This company collects and selects by hand only raw coffee of the current year coming from small plantations that preserve the territory biodiversity. The company pays attention to certified products from the Rainforest Alliance, of which it shares the mission, that is to protect biodiversity in crops, as well as improving the quality of life of the families of farmers, constantly checking the management of its investments in the area, always directed to the community. It represents the organic, fair trade and quality guarantee. They roast coffee on a weekly basis according to the needs of customers, to offer always a fresh product. The company uses a middle-sized machine for coffee roasting, in order to better control the process. Roasting is the most delicate stage, it is the focus of the entire process during which, at low temperatures, every single second is essential. They do not roast coffee with a direct flame, but use hot air, in order to create a more uniform product with an intense taste. This company respects the natural times of coffee in the roasting and cooling processes, insuring a totally artisan production. During the process, beans are roasted and exposed to high temperatures in order to develop all their qualities and aromas. Coffee beans are then cooled with air, controlled, blended and packed, with the guarantee of the best results in terms of quality and aroma of the natural product. This company has available different types of coffee: single origin, cru and blends created from the union of different Arabicas, selected directly by the growers of the best crops, offering a unique flavor and a perfect balance between acid and bitter taste, an aromatic profile of great amplitude and a prolonged aftertaste after tasting. They are available to share their expertise by providing consultancy services and organizing workshops with technical tastings, addressed to professionals and enthusiasts, restaurateurs, barmen and dealers. These courses focus on the different extractions methods, preparation times and combinations, thus providing the instruments to be able to appreciate even the most hidden coffee features. They directly monitor and execute each step of the process, starting from the purchase of green beans up to the packaging. The many years of experience gained in Italian and international markets and collaborations with industry professionals have enabled to create a wide range of products both in grain, for professional use, and milled for domestic use. Every coffee has its own aroma, each person has its own taste. They are interested in disseminating the coffee culture and develop their distribution network on foreign markets, in particular in EMEA markets (France, Germany, Middle East - Arab Emirates, Qatar and Morocco), through a partner, able to start commercial agency agreements and distribution service agreements in order to establish a successful, long term mutual co-operation. The target area was chosen following a research showing that it is a very attractive market for this company.

Advantages and innovations

The high quality of the products of this company comes from searching, selecting and roasting only the best coffee beans, from the best plantations from all over the world, respecting the artisan traditions. The strong points of this company are the artisan character of its processes, and the knowledge and experience matured in more than 20 years of work, also recognized on international markets. They already distribute their products on the markets of Greece, Switzerland, France and Spain. The coffee beans, hand-selected and picked, come from a rigorous production chain represented by small plantations respecting the local biodiversity. The owner personally visits these plantations in order to select the best coffee beans and thus offer his customers a very high quality. Also, this company only selects Fairtrade plantations, which guarantee the best life and work conditions to the workers in developing countries, an ethical choice in line with their membership of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). This company offers a wide range of products, available for both private and professional use, not just the classic Arabica, but several different varieties of blends, coming from small, selected plantations. Thanks to the quality of the raw material and care in the processing, the coffee produced has an intensity that remains stable in time, keeping its organoleptic features intact. The coffee roasting process is implemented with a machine able to process up to 30 kilos of coffee, for up to 14 roastings per day. An important goal is transmitting the coffee culture. For this reason, they make their expertise available to provide consultancy services and organize workshops with technical tastings. These courses deal with the different extraction methods, preparation times and combinations, providing professionals and enthusiasts, bartenders, restaurateurs and dealers with the essential expertise to be able to appreciate every otherwise hidden coffee feature.

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