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Polish IT developer of software based on Artificial Intelligence for medical diagnosis offers license agreements


A healthcare IT company founded in 2012 in Poland has developed innovative medical software based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies. The goal was to create intelligent decision support system for preliminary medical diagnostics for use by patients and healthcare professionals. The company is interested in entering foreign markets with their SaaS solution under license agreements and are also looking for investors (financial agreement) and joint venture partners.

Partner sought

The company is looking for potential licensees for their SaaS software solution. They offer product implementation to: - health insurance companies, - hospitals and clinics, - telemedicine providers, - software providers, - governments & NGOs. The software will be offered to potential partners as white-labelled enterprise platform or a medical API. The company is looking for new investors that will acquire its shares. The list of potential partners include: - Healthcare companies, - Healthcare investment funds, - Venture Capitals, - Business Angels with experience in medicine or healthcare IT. The best potential partner might additionally be able to provide help in networking, substantive support and have experience with SaaS models. Polish company is also interested in finding a technology partner for joint venture agreement which will enable to build a better, more advanced diagnostic tool. The company is also eager to engage in cooperation with research and academic partners working in the field and interested in the algorithm itself.


The company is a post-seed Wroclaw, Poland-based developer and retailer of a powerful AI-based symptom checker platform, which allows for accurate patient triage, symptom analysis and patient-specific clinical information exchange for preliminary diagnosis & ongoing diagnostic support. The company is run by a team of doctors, data scientists and engineers passionate about the potential of Artificial Intelligence in preliminary medical diagnosis. Among company’s founders there are: an experienced IT entrepreneur with strong technical background with key interests in digital health and mobile technologies, a board-certified internist and certified cardiac specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience, advisory to a number of healthcare projects and a leading expert in man-machine conversational interfaces with significant experience in healthcare. The company offers the diagnostic engine to healthcare and health-tech organizations. The solution is available B2B only in a form of two complementary SaaS products: a. white-labelled enterprise platform b. medical Application Programming Interface (API) - 'Stripe' for medical diagnosis (partner receives access to the medical database and efficiency algorithm, the rest is built by the partner himself). The company up to now has implemented its main product in a number of first contact centers for insurance companies in Europe e.g. in: - Portugal for domestic insurance leader, - Poland for domestic insurance leader, - selected European countries for global insurance leader.rance, Portugal, Russia and United States, however solutions created for/with clients are used globally in over 100 different countries. Polish company is planning to expand its geographical coverage and that is why it is offering the SaaS product implementation under license agreement The company is also searching for investors interested in supporting the project under financial agreement (acquisition of company shares) and a technology partner for joint venture agreement which will enable the partnership to build a better, more advanced diagnostic tool.

Advantages and innovations

The solution may easily be customized in terms of functionality, medical scope and language, making it an enterprise-level framework for insurance companies and health systems. The products are offered as a white-label or mobile application, alongside API integration and chat-bot techniques based on Natural Language Processing. Company’s diagnostic technology can easily be accessed through their API to analyse patient data and compute clinical recommendations including alerts on likely diagnoses and suggested symptoms for lab test order verification. Key advantages of the product: a. Customizable – the company possesses a complete authoring tool that allows to freely customize and expand the medical content to specialize the solution to Client’s needs. b. Intelligent – the adaptive probabilistic inference engine can change the diagnostic hypothesis if new evidence suggests a better fit (just like human clinicians do). c. Improving over time - the medical knowledge is constantly expanding thanks to machine learning capabilities and content provided by human experts. d. Fast and scalable - the system is fully scalable in terms of users and size of the medical knowledge base and offers unmatched query response time (real-time).

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