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A Singapore company is looking to distribute 100% Pure Avocado cooking oil through distributor services agreement(s) in Europe.


A Singapore manufacturer of 100% pure avocado oil is looking for distributors in European countries to expand overseas through distribution services agreement(s). They are looking to expand to the following countries : the UK, France, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark but are also open to partners from other EU countries if there are interest or demand.

Partner sought

The Singapore company is interested to work with business partners to distribute their avocado products to the UK, France, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark market through distributor services agreement(s). They are also open to enquiries from other European countries outside the 6. The ideal candidate for distributor services agreement(s) should be companies / distributors specializing in halal and non-halal products, organic and vegan products, health supplement industry as well as hotels, restaurants and cafés .(HORECA)


The Singapore company was established in 2014 and manufactures a premium brand of 100% pure avocado oil, extracted from the very best Michoacan avocados from Mexico. Their products are available through major retail chains as well as popular online shopping sites in Singapore. Their products are as follows: 1) Neutral flavored avocado oil, which makes a healthy and flavorful option for culinary use due to its high smoke point (525F) and higher fatty acids levels than conventional cooking oil. It comes with high levels of protein, monounsaturated fats, potassium and vitamin content (A, E and D) and low in sodium. 2) Chili flavor infused avocado oil, which blends well with stir fried dishes and and pasta to enhance the spiciness of dishes or dressings. This flavored oil is also ideal for chicken, baked potatoes, and other vegetable dishes 3) Lime flavor infused avocado oil which lends a tropical zest to the oil. The citrus zing is ideal for use with chicken and seafood dishes. Along with chicken and seafood, this oil is also great for salad dressing especially during the summer season. 4) Other flavours include onion infused and garlic infused avocado oils Their oils comes in 250ml bottle forms except for the neutral flavored oil which comes in 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 liter capacities. The type of cooperation seek are distribution services agreement(s) to distribute their avocado cooking oil products to the European market notably that of the UK, France, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. The company aims to raise awareness of their products and brand, especially so as consumers are getting more health conscious. If there are interest from potential partners outside the 6 mentioned countries, they are also open to negotiations

Advantages and innovations

Some advantages and unique selling points of using avocado oil in place of conventional cooking oils. 1. Highest smoking point amongst all cooking oils at 525°F. This is the highest smoke point of all cooking oils which prevents the release of toxins and free radicals into the food. 2. Highest concentration of mono-saturated fats and considered as one of the world’s super-food with high levels of vitamins A, E and D. 3. A versatile oil for all aspects of cooking, which includes baking and garnishing of food and is a healthier substitute for butter, mayonnaise or cooking oil. 4. Lightly flavored with its neutral buttery taste that brings out the flavors of the food during cooking. 5. Avocados facilitate the absorption of carotenoids – especially beta-carotene and lycopene, which are essential for heart health. 6. The fat in avocados provides protection against heart diseases because oleic acid is the primary fat in avocados. 7. Avocados are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids normally found only in non-vegetarian diet like fish. They are also packed with alpha-linolenic acid. 8. A high folate intake is also associated with a lower risk of heart attacks and heart disease. This Singapore company was awarded several certifications such as the British Retailer Consortium food certification. In additional, the company has been awarded the following as a testament to the health benefits and versatility of their products: 1. Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) certification by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore for heathier choice of cooking oil. 2. Certified Halal by the Centro Cultural Islamico de Mexico (CCIM Halal) / The Islamic Cultural Centre of Mexico.

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