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A Turkish company offering high-tech 2D and 3D geographic information system software development tools is looking for distribution services agreements


A Turkish software development company offers a software development tool for visualization of geographical information which is designed to be used for both embedded and real-time systems. The company is looking for distribution services agreements to expand their market.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Experience in security critical software is a must. Distribution partner is expected to market and sell product in their region.

Partner sought

The partner will be distributor in their country, which is expected to start marketing and advertisement campaigns, manage customer relations, and distribute the products. The firm is expected to be institutionalized and have strong distribution network related to the field of computer science or geography-related fields with a specific focus of geographic information systems. Safety critical software experience is expected as well.


The firm is operating in field of software development focused and experienced in security critical, real-time, embedded systems. The firm was founded in Ankara, Turkey in 2013 and area of expertise includes geographic information systems (GIS), simulations, command control systems and mission support systems. The company considers distribution services agreement, in which the distribution partner will be responsible for marketing and advertisement campaigns, manage customer relations, and distribute the products. The company’s new marketing policy includes initiating exporting activities. Therefore, the agreement is expected to contribute new policy of the firm. With the agreement, the firm is expected to be able to have sustainable international sales. In addition to that, international vision of the firm may be contributed. Business network of the firm is expected to be widened as well. The Geographic Information System tool is used for software development for visualization of geographical information extracted from the site. It can be run on systems with low performance as well as high-performance systems. Plug-in centered software architecture was used; therefore, actions such extracting, subtracting and property change do not require making chances in source code. Thanks to its applicable infrastructure, producing wider systems becomes easier. The features of the product include: -2D or 3D options -Suitable for systems with different performances -Possibility of wider system production via using new plug-ins. -Plug-in Centered software architecture -Raster Formats: Military Elevation Data (.dt0, .dt1, .dt2), TIFF/GeoTIFF (.tif), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), Erdas Imagine (.img), JPEG2000 (.jp2, .j2k), PNG, SRTM… -Vector Formats: Comma Seperated Value (.csv), ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON, GML, KML, MapInfo, SVG... -Database Formats: Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, SQLite/SpatialLite, MySQL, ODBC

Advantages and innovations

-Satisfies aviation standards such as DO-178B -Covers security critical software standards, therefore it is a high-performance tool -Can be integrated with and used on any platform -Different versions that are coded with different software languages. -Supports a wide range of peripheral units -Can be used with hardware with very low performance -It is upgradeable and modifiable thanks to its generic coding infrastructure -It can be used in embedded systems as well as computers and tablets, high level of user friendliness -Wide range of area of use, which can be used as: a. Moving map software, new map applications, mission planning software, obstacle detection software, pointing symbols and tactical drawings for vessels, aircrafts and land vehicles. b. Simulation visualizer for air combat manoeuvring instrumentation (ACMI) projects by using its GIS infrastructure. c. Can be used for visualization of depth by colors and symbols d. Development of ground control station software that can track marine vessels, aircrafts and land vehicles, image process and project maps via data transferred from cameras of the marine vessels, aircrafts and land vehicles as well as projection of multiple tools in one single interface.

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