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UK founder of a new logistic navigation system that ensures deliveries arrive at the correct door first time is seeking licence agreements


The UK company has developed a whole new navigation system that assists in the accuracy of parcel deliveries directly to the right front door location, first time, with more accuracy than any system currently available. The product ensures new housing estates can now get the full benefits of a first time accurate delivery service the moment building plans are approved, in comparison satellite navigation take up to 2 years to locate. The company are seeking Licence agreements for use.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The UK company is seeking companies with knowledge of the delivery and transportation sector. Ideally within the retail or logistic sector.

Partner sought

The UK company is seeking companies with knowledge of the delivery and transportation sector. Ideally retail or logistic companies seeking an improved navigation system to speed up delivery times of products, the UK company are offering licence agreements to use the product, which can be integrated with current systems. This product would be ideal for any large retailer who trades online and has their own fleet of delivery vehicles or logistics companies who run their own fleets of vehicles.


The UK company has developed a satellite navigation mapping tool that is available for use to international partners, under licence agreements, ideally suited to retail and logistic companies to improve their accuracy of deliveries. The company is now in a growth phase, they established the company in 2003 and have fully researched and spoken to over 400 delivery drivers from large retailers including Sainsbury's, Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis, all confirming time lost every day searching for addresses that Satellite Navigation systems simply could not find - a problem that's even worse after dark when more and more consumers are demanding their deliveries are made. Large retail chains such as Sainsbury's are now currently piloting to look at the reduction in "drive-miles" achieved and the reduction in "driver-fatigue" caused by the frustration of searching for delivery addresses, delivery driver retention is a major problem across the delivery sector. Retailers desperately need a more accurate navigation solution linked into their own in house systems - one that can check the customer's address at the very point the online order is being made and generate pin point accurate location and navigation to the driver. The product does this behind the scenes in milliseconds, and it's more accurate than any current Sat Nav system. Last year in North America alone there were over 1 billion redelivery attempts at an average cost of $15 each. The cost to businesses is enormous. The cost to the environment is immeasurable. The costs can now be eliminated with this exciting product. Partners would be able to integrate into current systems to enable them to provide a higher level of delivery service to their customers and improve the efficiency of their drivers by getting them to the right address first time. This would also have the benefit of reduced carbon emissions by reducing the amount of delivery miles driven.

Advantages and innovations

The UK company have developed, patent pending, a navigation based digital technology, that solves a very big and growing global problem, billions of pounds are being lost globally on delivery errors, the product can cut fuel costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve delivery times saving up to 30%, it also leaves the drivers less frustrated. The company are well underway in supporting the product delivery for retailers in the UK, research has shown that e-commerce in the UK is worth £10b, yet British retailers alone lost a staggering £771m last year on missed deliveries. The scope to solve so many other global logistic problems are enormous. The savings in fuel spent trying to find locations for delivery of goods is significant, so the effect on the growing global carbon footprint in logistics will be reduced. It was estimated that there were 49 billion “delivery miles” driven in 2016. The product can improve delivery accuracy and if it could save just 5% off this figure the fuel savings would be significant and the carbon footprint reduced. The "last mile" is the market opportunity where businesses involved with e-commerce have their focus - when deliveries go wrong. For delivery drivers it means no more wasting time searching for a hard-to-find address (and deliveries in darkness are no longer a problem). Health workers can get to patients faster. Municipal workers will always be able to find the location of essential repairs first time, the positive impact across various sectors in reducing delays in delivery times are endless The company has a Patent Pending technological solution that stands unique in the Geo location market, Geo location establishes address verification, providing pin point accuracy that has not been seen before. The company are ready to grow internationally and are seeking partners who may like to take advantage of this new technology and licence for use.

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