Partnering opportunity

H2020-LC-SC3-EE-10- 2019 Mainstreaming of energy efficiency finance: a coordinator and banks, funds, financial advisors sought to join a proposal on enhancing capacity of banks to finance EE projects


A Bulgarian SME in the area of Energy Efficiency projects (EEPs) together with experienced partners from Norway, Poland and Portugal is looking for coordinator, banks, funds or financial advisers in EE to join the partnership. The project is based on already existing financial tool for evaluation of EEPs to be further customized and standardized for end-user. The project is aimed for the LC-SC3-EE-10-2018-2019 call: Mainstreaming energy efficiency finance of Horizon 2020 programme.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

For the coordinator: management capacity in Horizon 2020 projects especially in the EE domain is sought. Background in consultancy, analytical or engineering activities in EE is also necessary. For banks, funds, financial advisors: practical experience in evaluating EE projects with real-life cases or strong interest to develop such capacity are sought.

Partner sought

Partners sought are: - Coordinator for the project proposal with experience in Horizon 2020 projects especially for the domain of Energy Efficiency (EE). If the coordinator is an Energy Service Company (ESCO)/EE advisor, that would be an advantage. Universities, SMEs or associations are also welcome, if they perform consultations, analytical or engineering activities in the EE domain. The coordinator will be engaged in the overall management of the project as well as in the thematic workflow. - Banks, funds and financial advisors with experience/strong interest in evaluation and financing of EE investment projects, willing to test the methodology and the supportive tool and later the project ready software.


The project offers standardized, easy understandable, functional and user-friendly software, which financial institutions can use for evaluation and management of Energy Efficiency projects (EEP). It also provides options for combining public and private funds for projects, that are considered not completely viable in financial terms. Nowadays the main obstacle for the implementation of EEPs is financing. Banks are not actively participating in this business area due to certain difficulties in understanding of its complex environment. Technical calculations and terminology are complicated and too costly while evaluating risks, economic benefits, effects and profit sources for potential EEPs. The project will tackle this challenge by providing a standardized methodology to the financing sector for evaluation of EEPs together with a customized software platform tested and validated by end-users. The main aim of the project is to ensure faster, more effective and at lower transaction costs evaluation procedure for the banks. The Project activities include: - Scaling-up the scope and functionalities of the tool - Design of standardized methodology evaluation for EEPs for banks - Upgrade of the tool into a user-friendly software platform - Marketing, dissemination and roll-out of the final product. Expected impacts of the project would be: - Systematic, fast and easy evaluation of the EE projects for financing. - Lower transaction costs – less staff, less time, less technical outsourcing. - More EE projects financed by private financial institutions. - Pan-European use of the software platform and methodology. The project consortium features: - Concept developer of the tool’s structure and functionalities. - Advisors/consultants in EE financing to be engaged with analyses of business models for the EE sector. - Energy Service Companies (ESCO) as advisors for the tool functionalities and the platform by using EEPs real cases. - Software developer. - Dissemination partners for marketing the evaluation methodology, tool and platform across EU. All partners are experienced in financial management and advisory services for EE projects. Additional partners sought are: - Coordinator – with experience in EE projects within Horizon 2020. It could be a Energy Service Company (ESCO)/EE advisor, consultancy or engineering company, university or association that works in the domain. - Banks, funds and financial advisory partners with experience in EE that can test the project tool and platform with a portfolio of EEPs real cases. The project proposal is aimed for the LC-SC3-EE-10-2018-2019 call: Mainstreaming energy efficiency finance, which is a single-stage Coordination and Support Action. The proposal is a re-submission version of a previous application submitted within the LC-SC3-EE-9-2018-2019 call. Call deadline: 03 Sept 2019, EoI deadlines: 25 June 2019

Advantages and innovations

The project offers innovative approaches at EU scale: - Fast-track to full market potential for EE projects within EU member states – higher number of implemented projects, use of market-centered methods for evaluation, financing and implementation of the projects. - Enhanced development of the European financial infrastructures engaged with EE. In addition to banks the project approach also provides opportunities for participation of various mutual funds, including retirement and insurance ones. - New business niche for financial institutions. - Quality improvement of EE projects resulting in better savings per unit investments.

Development stage

Available for demonstration

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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