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First 100 % plastic based solar thermal system


An Austrian SME developed a solar thermal system (collectors, pumps,...) made completely from polymer materials which is producible on a large scale. A unique product design made it possible to manufacture these products at up to 50 percent lower economical as well as environmental costs compared to customary solar system components. This allows solar heating to become more affordable, accessible and sustainable than ever before. License agreements with manufacturers and distributors are sought.

Partner sought

1) The Austrian company is looking for manufacturers worldwide who are interested in establishing a manufacturing plant in their region of interest. In this sense a license agreement is sought. 2) The Austrian company is looking for technical distribution partners. In this sense a license agreement is sought. The Austrian company considers regions with lower-income and rural areas (missing infrastructure, off-grid) to have the highest need for the proposed technology (e.g. South America, USA, India, Asia or South Africa). Nevertheless partners are welcome from all over the world. The Austrian company is accompanying potential manufacturing partners from putting the plant into operation the whole way up to the production of ready to use solar thermal systems. In cooperation with a leading supplier of specialized machinery, a turn key ready production plant can be provided. Further assistance can for example be started with an initial training and can be ending with the implementation of functional and quality inspections and tests.


An Austrian SME developed the first all-in-one solar thermal system made of 100 % polymers replacing high-cost individual components. The Austrian company itself is acting internationally with subsidiaries in China and India offering international partnering services, project management (e.g. QM or logistics), consulting & engineering services in the area of solar energy. The company is mainly cooperating with investors, R&D partner in Europe and Asia and with distributors. Energy in general is a central challenge and opportunity facing the world today. Solar thermal systems collect the solar energy for the production of heated water. State of the art solar thermal systems are consisting of different components (collectors, pipes, pumps, ...) containing different materials (e.g. metals as copper and aluminium) and fittings (most often made of brass). Therefor costs, transport logistics (risk of damages), installation (plug & function), reliability (thermal & climatic stress), service life and recyclability are often somewhat less than perfect. The novel technology reduces costs and complexity essentially via the provision of an all-in-one system (collectors, pipes, pumps, hot water tank) made of 100 % polymers replacing high-cost individual components. Since polymers can be processed flexibly and are very suitable for fabricating complex functional components, automating these processes is straightforward. Due to this the novel technology makes it possible to produce a ready to use solar water heating system that enables end-users to gain energy at very low costs (starting at 0.01 € / kWh). Consequently this technology enables specific people in regions with lower-income and people in rural areas (missing infrastructure, off-grid) to use solar thermal energy. The Austrian company developed a fully automated manufacturing plant (degree of automation according to customer requirements). This manufacturing plant is capable to convert polymer granulate into the described ready to use all-in-one solar systems (500.000 collectors / year). This plant is an R&D achievement that is not yet implemented on the market Certifications: Solar Keymark certified -> Audited according to EN 12975 and quality management EN ISO 9000 standard. Awards: - International Award 2018 (Assessment of innovations in the field of composite materials) - Austrian Federal Prize 2017 (Assessment of the level of innovation) - German Federal Prize 2015 (Assessment of the life cycle) - International Award 2016 (Assessment of innovative and sustainable products and concepts) - Upper Austrian Energy Award 2016 (Assessment of energy efficiency %26 conserving resources) Partner sought: 1) The Austrian company is looking for manufacturers worldwide who are interested in establishing a manufacturing plant in their region of interest. In this sense a license agreement is sought. 2) The Austrian company is looking for technical distribution partners. In this sense a license agreement is sought.

Advantages and innovations

Main advantages compared to state of the art solar thermal systems: 1) Production costs: - Up to 50% cheaper than conventional solar systems 2) Logistics: - Low weight (e.g. 8 kg for each solar collector) - Marginal risk of transport damages (made of 100 % flexible polymer materials) 3) Installation: - Straightforward "Plug & Function" installation (extensive prefabrication, optimized integration, no special fittings) 4) Reliability / Service life - Persistence even in thermic and climatic conditions (rain, hail, wind, dust, frost) -> reliable even in rural, off grid areas 5) Environmental impact: - 100 % Recyclable (no adhesive joints -> various components can be separated cleanly) - Small ecological footprint (no use of rare and troublesome materials) 6) Design - 100 % polymer allows to produce a solar system with an attractive design.

Development stage

Prototype available for demonstration

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