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Production of boron, carbon and nitrogen compounds with unique properties for new materials


Bulgarian company is specialized in research and production of new materials and products implemented in modern technologies. The company offers a new technology for production of boron, carbon and nitrogen compounds with unique properties. The main advantages of the new technology are the use of improved 4 types of powder metallurgy. The sought cooperation types are research cooperation agreement and manufacturing agreement with scientific organisation or high-technological enterprise.

Partner sought

Research cooperation agreement with a scientific organisation for investigation of the new materials synthesised by the used chemical compounds. Manufacturing agreement with a high-technological enterprise for production and testing of the new materials and products. The Bulgarian company would like to be involved in an international consortium thus taking a part of the submission of an EU scientific project


Bulgarian company is working in the field of research and manufacturing of new materials and products using significantly improved chemical compounds. The main properties of six compounds have been studied in detail: boron carbide (B4C), titanium carbide (TiC), boron nitride (BN), aluminum nitride (AlN), titanium diboride (TiB2), molybdenum boride (Mo2B) - compounds with unique and cutting-edge physico-mechanical and chemical properties. For example, high hardness, abrasion, wear resistance and chemical resistance, as well as special / applicable electro physical properties. The influence of the methods, for obtaining technical boron carbide, titanium carbide, titanium diboride, molybdenum boride, boron nitride and aluminum nitride and influence on their qualitative characteristics / characteristics are also studied. Processes for obtaining products of the aforementioned compounds (technically and chemically) have been investigated and optimized. It was established, through the three-point approach of similarity and analysis, that only by the methods (4 types) of the powder metallurgy the final products with predefined characteristics can be obtained. In this case, end products must be cutting tools and steam jets with possible market realization. Special attention is paid to the properties of density, porosity, average particle size, etc. Optimal limits, of the base technology parameters of hot pressing pressures, were determined to obtain quality blanks from the above-mentioned compounds. Appropriate and applicable combinations have been investigated and validated: The influence of hot pressing processes on the sintering process of binary mixtures of (B4C - TiB2) + TiB2 + hBN (hexagonal boron nitride) on the characteristics of technical products. As a major result, a product with a fine-grained structure and correspondingly higher mechanical properties has been achieved. Three component mixtures of (B4C - TiB2) + hBN + AlN have been studied and as a result a new three component matrix was developed, suitable for the production of high quality technical articles (high density and specific electrical resistance). Two types of four-component mixtures were studied, with B4C or B4C-TiB2, respectively, being added to selected two types of ternary mixtures. The processes for the conversion of the various powder compounds and their composite mixtures into applicable massive products have been investigated. The sequential steps (preparation of mixtures, grinding and sorting, dosing, mixing and homogenization, molding and sintering of the powder material) are described. New technical means, necessary for experimental technological development during the second stage of the project, have been developed and tested, including the results achieved during the first stage. Certain defects in serial equipment have been identified and ways of minimizing them have been developed, with the composition of the original antireaction emulsion being claimed for patenting. Practical major results are the three technology maps, two for hot-coagulation sintering and one for charring in this process. The research and optimization has been done of the special graphite press for sintering by hot pressing of powder mixtures, as well as for precision press system, incl. and mode for its operation, incl. and three technical drawings. Other necessary technical means for basic technological operations have been developed, tested and used: turning and grinding of the face surfaces of the presses, longitudinal cutting, flat grinding, measurement of the specific electrical resistance, incl. description of the apparatus and the calculations.

Advantages and innovations

The innovation consists mainly in the use of significantly improved 4 types of powder metallurgy, making it possible to obtain end products with predefined / necessary functional performance. The optimal conditions for preparation are described in 3 groups, the most suitable are the highly dispersed powders.

Development stage

Under development/lab tested

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

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