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Extra Grip Suspension - know how for dynamic balance of vehicles upon extreme acceleration


A Bulgarian inventor working in the field of vehicle stability developed a new extra grip suspension for dynamic balance of vehicles upon extreme acceleration producing better tire grip during all acceleration kinds - from 7% to more than 35 % higher for all wheels, and reducing the rapid load vibrations at the tire contact patch. It is applicable to all vehicle types. Partnership through commercial agreement with technical assistance, license or technical cooperation agreement is sought.

Partner sought

Partners from the automotive industry are preferred - producers of vehicle suspension components like springs, air cylinders, antiroll bars, tampons and similar parts and devices of suspension or automotive manufacturers. R&D organizations or universities working in the automotive field are also appropriate. The partner is expected to: acquire the know-how accompanied by offering him the necessary technical support for its efficient use (in case of commercial agreement with technical assistance), implement the solution in his activity (produce and sells innovative suspension parts) and pay a license fee or royalty as a reward (in case of license agreement), continue the technological development based on his specific existing technological capacity (in case of technical cooperation). It is also possible to conclude other types of contracts like manufacturing agreement for transferring the know-how of “EGS” for vehicle dynamic balance, stability and safety depending on the interest of potential partner and negotiations’ outcome.


The insufficient stability of vehicles at extreme situations (sharp turns, sudden stopping or sharp acceleration) is a problem today because of the dynamic imbalance of the vehicle body (relatively loose of grip) due to relatively reduced pressure on them. The wheels skid or idle according to the situation, which makes the vehicle unstable and non-steerable. The approaches for solving of this problem up to now are the use of electronic stabilizations which automatically alter the braking force of some of the wheels or reduce the engine power to eliminate skating or idle and to adapt the wheel's rotation to the vehicle speed. Those work with some delay, the grip pressure on some wheels is not sufficient and the result is bad steering and insufficient safety. The solution developed by the Bulgarian inventor working in the field of vehicle stability is a mechanical upgrade to the suspension called Extra Grip Suspension (EGS). The inventor has deep theoretical and practical technical knowledge in engineering and a huge driving experience. EGS produces better tire grip during all kind of accelerations - from 7% to more than 35% higher for all wheels and reduces rapid load vibrations at the tire contact patch. EGS consists of widely used suspension parts to allow, after some modifications, new connections between them and a new function. It works without delay and produces maximal possible grip – much higher than in the case of suspensions ordinary used. It improves the stability, steering and safety of vehicles and the efficiency of all used electronically operated stabilization systems as well. EGS technical principle is applicable to all vehicle types by few different, but similar device versions in the following areas: • mass production in automotive industry (private, commercial and special vehicles), • tuning kits for some appropriate models, • racing cars and F-1, • all-terrain vehicles, • electrical vehicles, • motorcycles, • low cost vehicles, • truck trailers, etc. When it is combined with electronic management it works as a kind of enhanced vehicle dynamic control, enhanced dynamic stability control, enhanced electronic stability program, etc. EGS ensures: • energy efficiency – because it works without using energy from vehicle systems (engine or battery). It is very useful for electric vehicles and improves energy efficiency of whole vehicle as a system; • technical efficiency – as far as it consists of well-known details - widely used in suspensions today, but combined in a new way; • cost efficiency – because it is low weight and low cost device (from 1kg to about 12 kg depending on vehicle type) combined with maximal effect; • safety and insurance efficiency – as far as it pre-determines a higher traffic safety, less vehicle damages and less expenditure for insurance companies. Options of realization: • EGS can be designed according to the vehicle type and model purpose; • it could be easily adjustable (also automatically adjustable) according to the road surface - softer or harder; • electronic stability management of the respective type can be adapted (modified) if necessary for optimized action. The inventor is looking for international partners to conclude the following types of agreements in order to disseminate and/or improve the developed solution. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought under which acquisition (transfer) of the innovative suspension parts is envisaged, supported by technical consultancy by the creator for its efficient use. In the case of licensing implementation of the solution in the automotive industry is expected against payment of license fee or royalties. And under technical cooperation a further technological development is envisaged. It is also possible to conclude other types of contracts depending on the wish of the potential partner and the negotiations, e.g. manufacturing agreement for transferring of the know-how “EGS”.

Advantages and innovations

- When EGS is used, the higher acceleration leads to better vehicle balance. - Low weight and low cost combined with maximal efficiency. - The fastest action (the action begins from 0,00 sec and creates maximal possible grip power for 0,05 to 0,15 seconds). EGS also ensures improved dynamic performance: ↗ better acceleration - 25 – 31 %; ↗ higher speed at turns - 3 – 15 %; ↘ extremely shorter braking - 8 – 20 %; ↘ smaller circle radius (at full throttle) - 18 – 22 %.

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