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Rust converter LR-3


Bulgarian research organizations have developed multi-component rust converter (LR-3) with active components as inorganic salts and organic compounds. LR-3 penetrates into the finest pores and converts the rust in high valence oxides and phosphates of iron covering the surface with protective film. The latter performs two functions - barrier-shielding and as a primer for sequential deposition of paint coatings. The organization looks for financial support to realize the production and marketing.

Partner sought

The authors of the rust converter (scientists from two Bulgarian institutes) are looking for financial support to realize the production and marketing of the rust converter aiming at its further realization.


The corrosion of steel is a global problem causing major economic, social and environmental damage - for example of pipelines, bridges, buildings, water supply systems and other public infrastructure. According to some international studies, nearly ninety percent of the costs related to this problem in the EU infrastructure sector, including the consequences for human safety and the environment, are result of the appearing corrosive processes. Therefore, the global dimension of corrosion-related material sustainability issues requires an adequate scientific approach and protection measures. Although the corrosion protection has been a subject of many research teams and laboratories worldwide, so far no reliable methodology has been created to prevent this dangerous phenomenon. Economically most advantageous is the use of metallic, organic, conversion, self-healing, composite coatings etc. the latter acting as a barrier to the penetration of the aggressive agents available – the so called “passive” protection. In the case of already existing rusted layer the latter can be additionally treated with rust converter/s which slow/s down the corrosion process rate into the depth and “seals up” the metal surface to a certain degree. Thereafter, the surface can be protected by using of other methods like painting etc. leading to better protective characteristics in different aggressive media. Many types of converters have been elaborated but however many of them were not applied for various reasons – environmental, economic, etc. The proposed rust converter, elaborated by two Bulgarian research organizations is a multi-component mixture in a liquid phase, the latter containing some organic and inorganic compounds and a small amount of water. The active rust converting agents are inorganic salts with adsorption-oxidizing activity and complexing agents. The presence of selected organic compounds greatly increases the wettability of the rusted surface which allows the penetration of the converter into the finest pores and micro-cracks of the rusty mass thus ensuring complete interaction with it, as well as complete rust-conversion process and excellent adhesion to the metal, respectively. For a short period of time (several hours), the rust existing on the surface of the ferrous metals and alloys is transformed (converted) in the form of higher oxides and phosphates of iron, the latter being insoluble and resistant covering the surface with a dark protective film with high adhesion properties. The resulting protective surface film can perform two basic functions - barrier-shielding against the corrosion aggressiveness and being in fact a reliable primer for sequential deposition of different polymeric or other decorative and protective coatings. The composition could be imposed as a relatively new generation in the group of converters and complies with the requirements for better corrosion resistance and protective ability. It can be used in the energetic, engineering, metallurgy, chemical and ore mining, for different constructions in the civil engineering, in the transport industry, agriculture, army and others. The team members are looking for a partner who could ensure sufficient financial support for market realization of the product.

Advantages and innovations

In general, the innovative aspects as well as the economic and technology advantages and benefits of the offered technology could be summarized as follows: Temperature resistance – up to + 150 oC; Cold resistance – up to - 40 oC; Corrosion resistance of the converted layer in 3% NaCl solution at 20 oC – not less than 10 days without any visual damage on the treated surface; Consumption rate - from 50 to 100 ml/m2 (depending on the amount of the rust appeared on the corroded metal surface); Method of application - with a soft cloth, brush or spray gun at a temperature of about 18 - 25 °C. The practical application is easy depending on the type and size of the protected constructions/details. The latter will ensure long durability of the system with subsequent economic, environmental and humanitarian advantages – for example prevention of accidents (destruction of bridges, buildings etc.) with possible human sacrifices.

Development stage

Prototype available for demonstration

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)


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