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Production technology of high-strength ductile forgings with reduced weight


A Czech University research center has developed an advanced technology of manufacturing forged parts. This technology allows the production of weight-reduced, high-strength ductile forgings with no need to use energy-consuming and financially-demanding forging devices. The research centre is seeking manufacturers of ductile forgings interested in license agreement, technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement.

Partner sought

Type of partner sought: Ductile forgings manufacturers The technology will be licensed to the partner. Introducing the technology into production will require technology adjustments which will be covered by a technical cooperation agreement. The technology can be extended to the producer’s needs under a research cooperation agreement.


Conventional manufacturing of die forgings is a time-consuming process and the resulting parts have weight limitations. The presented FF-AHSS (Fully Finished - Advanced High-Strength Steels) technology was designed and developed on the basis of long-term experience with the physical metallurgical processes which occur within the manufacturing of material in the forge shops. This method is applicable to the production of forged parts with reduced weight that are prepared by means of conventional quenching and tempering or isothermal bainitic processing. Description of the method: - Choice of the optimal alloying strategy – providing optimal temperatures and times of the phase transformations; - Employing the QP (Quench-Partitioning) heat treatment that exploits the internal heat energy of the material and uses common cooling agents; - Acquired microstructure consists of hard martensitic phase and austenite; - Such a microstructure provides an excellent combination of strength and deformation characteristics. - Proven results on forgings made of 42SiCr steel Working procedure: - Heating to forging temperature of 1250 ˚C and subsequent progressive forging - Sequence water quenching to required temperature is carried out immediately after forging - Processing time – 15 to 60 seconds (vs. N-hours of normalization annealing) + QT (Quenching and tempering) (42CrMo4) - Air cooling follows upon quenching Acquired mechanical properties: - UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) = 1350 - 1550 MPa vs. 1000 - 1300 MPa (42CrMo4) - YS (Yield Strength) = 1050 - 1250 vs. 750 -1000 Mpa (42CrMo4) - A20mm= 9 – 15 % vs. 9 % (42CrMo4) Cooperation with manufacturing companies is envisaged on a licence agreement basis. This also includes setting up the implemented technology and verification of the final properties of forgings under a technical cooperation agreement. Technical cooperation includes: - Measuring technological parameters of the production, numerical simulations, identification of key technology issues, designing and experimental testing of FF-AHSS (Forging Friendly Advanced High-Strength Steel) technology using high silicon steels, implementation of testing procedures – static tensile test, impact tests, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue tests, metallographic analysis. - Cooperation on solving the problems in the manufacturing and heat treating the high-strength forgings, determination of key parts of technological processes, optimization and design of new processing procedures of forgings with higher tensile strength, optimization and design of new kinds of silicon steels with regard to specific requirements. - Solutions in the field of heat treatment of standard grades forgings and non-conventional types of steel, consultation on the proposals of technological procedures. Subsequent cooperation during the technology expansion under a research cooperation agreement is also possible.

Advantages and innovations

The new FF-AHSS (Fully Finished - Advanced High-Strength Steels) technology for producing weight-reduced, high-strength ductile forgings brings the following benefits: - It enhances the efficiency of the process, significantly reduces production time and costs while strain and deformation characteristics remain unchanged; - It enables the use of high silicon steels, which are not financially-demanding and their production costs are comparable to those of common forging steels; - Simple quenching instead of isothermal bainitic processing; - Manufacturing of forged parts with no need to use additional refinement processes - reduction of production costs; - Reduced weight of forged parts; - Similar technology is not yet on the market

Development stage

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