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Monitoring and control of off-grid power systems


German start-up specialized in monitoring and control technologies of off-grid power systems has developed a technology that allows remote operation and maintenance of these off-grid / or hybrid systems via a central controller and a white label front-end. They are interested in finding partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation agreements.

Partner sought

Type of partner sought: - private company, research institute, or public organisation interested in the off-grid sector Specific area of activity of the partner: - renewable energy systems (mainly hybrid systems, or off-grid systems) - data analytics companies / machine learning companies The start-up is looking for partners for the development of their technologies, such as data mining, data analytics, and front-end development. They are also looking for partners for the commercialization of the solutions They would like to find system integrators, system operators, and other manufacturers of off-grid technologies, like battery manufacturers, solar chargers, inverters, diesel generators who would be interested in integrating and commericalising the system under a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Moreover, they are interested in contacting programmers, software companies and ‚machine learning‘ experts (Data companies) who will help them to carry out ‘preventive maintenance’ tasks and algorithms with their data in the frame of a technical co-operation agreement.


The power sector has the biggest potential for replacing fossil fuels and cutting emissions thanks to renewable sources of energy. However, this will require strong investments into transition from the currently centralized electricity model to a decentralized model. Furthermore, large scale solutions have to be provided for the management and control of the millions of future Hybrid Power Systems (HPS) that will be required in the EU. Moreover, today‘s HPS are not ready for this step: due to the high versatility of HPS, which typically consist of dozens of different components from different manufacturers, there is currently no way of remotely controlling and connecting these components. In addition, continual technological innovations in HPS represent a significant challenge to operators, who need to adjust their maintenance and management procedures for every change, e.g. the recent transition from Lead-Acid Batteries (LAB) to more sustainable and efficient Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIB). The German start-up has now developed a solution for the needs of Europe’s future electricity grid: a Universal Monitoring and Control (UMC) solution for HPS consisting of a combination of a central hardware controller that allows the interconnectivity of all components in the off-grid system, a cloud server, and a software platform which is used for analytics and remote control by the HPS operators. In this way, UMC enables: - Remote control and monitoring of the complete HPS, including technological changes - Data analysis, automated self-correction and preventive maintenance - Up to 50% savings in operation and maintenance tasks and 40% of LIB life-span increase through BMS (Battery Management System) control The German SME is looking for companies, research institutes or public institutions with interest in the off-grid sector for technical agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance comprising a collaboration in the field of hardware integration into off-grid systems, joint development of data analytics functionalities and commercialization to cover a market together with the partner. Actually, the cooperation envisaged is pretty open, but a suitable partner could complement the SME (e.g. they are software experts, the partner could be hardware expert) and they could develop together a new solution in order to offer a specific solution in the market (e.g. an off-grid water purification plant.) If the partner is a software company, too (e.g. data analytics), the SME could use their expertise and help the partner to generate new algorithms focused on the off-grid sector and in turn they could integrate the partner’s algorithms in their products.

Advantages and innovations

Here is how it works: - The central controller collects raw data from all components and measuring points for management and supervision. For the LIB, they use a BMS control module which is able to communicate with the built-in BMS of the LIB and connects it to the rest of the HPS. - The data is unified and compressed, and then sent to the cloud server. It must be noted that the system is internet independent, i.e. it keeps functioning even if internet connection fails, and just synchronizes the information when the connection is back. This makes it suitable for both on- and off-grid applications. - The data is visualized in a customized web portal where the operator can: -Change the firmware version and edit system parameters (remote control and updates) - Diagnose problems and generate reports and alarms - Receive maintenance instructions via email/SMS - Customize the front end with their own logo, design and content (white label)

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