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Cost-efficient molecular point of care diagnostic platform for environmental/food safety testing and dental diagnostics


A German SME experienced in molecular diagnostics has developed a poprietary cartridge-based sample-to-answer point-of-care diagnostic platform. In contrast to conventional methods "laymen" can carry out laboratory analysis because after sample dispensing the process runs automated. The result is available in 30-60 minutes. Industrial partners from the field of analytics/ diagnostics of e.g. food and beverage, environment (e.g. Legionella in water) are sought for licensing/commercial agreement.

Partner sought

The German SME is looking for industrial partners from the field of e.g. analytics, diagnostics, food & beverage, water etc. for licensing-in or acquisition of the technology under a commercial agreement. With acquisition of the technology a complete transfer of the technology including all rights for certain fields of application is meant. This could be done in the form of an asset deal - comparable to their asset deal in the end of 2016 for selling the technology platform for clinical applications. They are also open to other forms of co-operation. The task to be performed from the partner sought is commercialization of the diagnostic POC platform in the fields of food & beverage, water (e.g. Legionella), environmental analytics and, as the case may be, dental diagnostics. The German SME supports with adaptation of the partner's field of application to the technology platform. The German company can provide manufacturing of the complete technology platform (consisting of instruments and plastic disposable cartridges) by using the services of a qualified and specialized OEM manufacturer.


Molecular diagnostics is important, among others, in the field of health, food safety and environment. In the clinical field it provides a reliable aid for deision-making in treatment of patients. The problem of conventional centralized diagnostics is that it takes several hours up to some days. That means that it is time consuming, more staff is needed which has to be instructed or trained and thus costs arise. A German SME active in the field of molecular diagnostics for about 17 years offers an innovative solution for rapid molecular diagnostics: It has developed a proprietary cartridge-based sample-to-answer point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform which is based on integrated DNA/RNA (ribonucleic acid) extraction and qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction). The benchmarking platform delivers rapid, easy-to-use and highly specific and sensitive pathogen and genetic marker diagnostics. Only semi-skilled staff is necessary to carry out a laboratory analysis. After the sample is dispensed the process runs automated and already shows results after 30-60 minutes. That means - in a clinical application field- already during the patient appointment. The point of care diagnostic platform can be applied in a broad range of clinical applications, for example dental testing and industrial applications, such as testing food safety, environmental issues, e.g. water. The worldwide rights for the non-clinical applications of the platform (environmental, water and food safety testing) as well as dental diagnostics are available for licensing projects or acquisition meaning a commercial agreement. Last mentioned would comprise a complete transfer of the technology including all rights, e.g. in form of an asset deal. The German SME is also open to other forms of co-operation. Industrial partners from the application areas mentioned before are sought for licensing/acquisition of the technology. The inventor would help to adjust the solution to the partner´s/acquirer's requirements. Manufacturing of the complete system (instrument plus disposable cartridges) can be provided through the services of a qualified and specialized OEM (= original equipment manufacturer).

Advantages and innovations

- in comparision to conventional methods which need several hours until days here results are available in 30-60 minutes - easy-to-use and - in contrast to other methods - only semi-skilled staff is necessary (human resource efficiency) - highly specific - sample-to-answer qPCR diagnostics - sensitive and quantitative pathogen and genetic marker diagnostics - highly cost-efficient - very flexible, can be applied in a broad range of applications - pathogen diagnostics, not dependent on viable cells (VBNC detection = viable but non-culturable)

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