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Offering advanced Platinum thin-film temperature sensor elements for highly-accurate and reliable temperature measurement in automotive, energy, safety, building, life science and home applications.


An innovative German SME specialized in advanced ceramic sensor technologies offers a wide range of highly-accurate, highly-sensitive, selective and stable temperature sensor elements based on a ceramic Platinum thin-film Technology which can be used for automotive, energy, safety, building and home applications. Looking for industrial companies with interest in application and distribution of the very reliable temperature sensor elements for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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Seeking industrial companies of all sizes with interest in tailor-made applications and distribution of highly-accurate and reliable temperature sensor elements for commercial agreements with technical assistance in the following sectors: - industrial electronics - building automation - automotive electronics - process engineering - energy engineering - environmental technology - measurement devices and systems - safety engineering - medical / life science - home appliances, white goods The company is interested in integrating their novel converting and sensitive devices in customer’s applications. They are also offering individual support during the adaption phase. They are offering individual support to transfer the temperature sensor technology into customized solutions in above mentioned application fields. They are also open for new applications.


Today temperature sensor elements are essential components in lots of application fields such as automotive, medical engineering/life sciences, thermal processing, exhaust systems, home applications etc. As they mostly operate in temperature ranges from -200°C up to +1000°C the applied sensor elements need to be reliable and allow for highly accurate measurements and detections even under difficult temperature conditions. Since those sensors are often used in chip systems they also need to be very small. A German SME specialized in advanced ceramic sensor technologies developed a wide range of highly-sensitive, selective and stable temperature sensor systems based on a specific patented ceramic Platinum (Pt) thin-film technology. These are not only highly sensitive and insensitive to extreme temperatures but also show highest stability even in smallest dimensions. They are thus able to detect overheating very quickly and extremely reliably so that (auxiliary) systems can take preventative actions even faster. The family-owned company was founded in 1991 (about 120 employees) and is very experienced in Research and Technology (RTD) projects on both national and European level. Most of the RTD results were implemented into their own product portfolio. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of temperature sensor elements with following features: - Platinum (Pt) sensor elements available from Pt10 ... Pt10000 - realized in patented thin-film technology: ceramic carrier with a micro-structured platinum thin-film layer, covered with a passivation layer - various designs and dimensions: - chip sensor elements with connecting leads at one or axially at both narrow side/s, perpendicular on the chip surface or parallel across the chip surface - sensor elements in ceramic protective tubes with connecting leads - very small dimensions available: 0,5x5, 0,8x3, 0,8x5, 1x5, 1,25x1,6, 1,5x3,5, 1,5x5, 2x2,3 etc. - application temperatures: -200°C up to +1000°C - temperature coefficient TC/α (standard): 3,851·10-3 °C-1 - classes of accuracy according DIN EN 60751 - connecting leads according to application temperature and/or customer request. Application fields: Industrial electronics, building automation, automotive electronics, process engineering, energy engineering, environmental technology, measurement devices and systems, safety engineering, medical engineering/life sciences, home appliances/white goods. The company is looking for industrial companies with interest in customized applications and distributions of highly-accurate and reliable temperature sensor elements for commercial agreements with technical assistance in all above and new application fields. They are offering individual support to realize products and reliable solutions for requested specific sensitive measuring tasks. The SME is also looking for distribution partners, regional representatives, wholesalers and importers.

Advantages and innovations

- miniaturized sensor elements available - high level of stability even at very small dimensions - high vibration resistance - very short response times - high levels of long-term stability and reliability - wide range of operation temperature: -200°C up to +1000°C - also available as cryo sensor elements for -200°C up to +150°C

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