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Gas detection system for the 4.0 industry based on infrared camera and sniffer.


Spanish tech-based company, has developed a gas detection system for the 4.0 industry that combines a low cost infrared camera (based on spectrally adapted and high sensitivity imaging technology) and a gas sniffer. It measures the concentration of gases and can easily detect and identify fugitive gas emissions in order to improve overall efficiency of the chemical, oil & gas, utilities, and many other industries and facilities. The company is looking for license agreements.

Partner sought

The company is looking for international partners providing safety and maintenance services to industries, especially those with good contacts within the oil & gas sector. The role of the partner sought is to market this solution within a designed area under a license agreement.


Industries from different sectors such as chemical, oil & gas, utilities and many others that operate or transport gases, risk of having leaks that could cause safety problems. Gases can be toxic or poisonous and can produce environmental problems because there are gases that produce higher greenhouse effect than CO2. In this context, the Spanish company has developed a gas detection system for the 4.0 industry. It combines an optical gas imaging system with a gas sniffer that locate and quantifies the gas emissions. Currently there are several instruments in the market for gas detection but none of them is capable of detecting in real time the distance of the individual concentration of each gas. Also none of them is capable of detecting SO2 gas (sulfur dioxide), which is considered one of the main causes of the acid rain. The optical gas imaging system consist of a camera that presents the following features: -Allows to performance LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) surveys and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Method 21 (Determination of Volatile Organic Compound Leaks) simultaneously. -Ready for Industry 4.0: It provides automatic on-field leak reporting. -Cell phone: human interface (touchable screen) -Data acquisition from camera -The camera is customized depending on the gases to be detected. -Data communications (Bluetooth and Wifi) -Interchangeable lenses on demand -Powered by cell phone via USB3.1 -Leak GPS positioning -Rugged system -Software android App -Hand-held use -Tripod/handle for static and in-motion inspection -Automatic on-field leak reporting -Metadata linked to the survey for easy leaks tracking -It is linked to the sniffer by Bluetooth The gas sniffer measures the concentration of gases and sends automatically data via Bluetooth. A user friendly application, installed on a mobile phone or tablet, provides expanded in-field capabilities: gathering measurements, GPS location, photos and audios to generate reports at the moment. The sniffer presents the following functionalities: -Sensing CH4, C3H8, CO2, C2H6 -Extremely accurate NDIR (Non dispersive Infrared Sensor) technology. -High repeatability. -Bluetooth communication. -App Android and Windows OS. -Leak GPS positioning. -Easy one person operation. -LEDs bar and acoustic signal to indicate the gas percentage detected. -Flexible gooseneck to reach out of sight areas. -Easy interchangeable sensors. -Ergonomic and well-balanced design. The solution is suitable for a wide range of industries with potential gas leaks (oil & gas, chemical, utilities,…) The technology development was funded by the European SME Instrument. The company is looking for international partners willing to cooperate under a license agreement.

Advantages and innovations

-Unlike other existing solutions in the market, this is the only one that detects SO2 gas (sulfur dioxide) -It detects in real time the distance of the individual concentration of each gas. -It improves energy and overall efficiency of industries with potential gas leaks. -Industry 4.0 solution: IoT solution that includes Bluetooth connections and data on cloud management -Low cost solution: Other solutions are cooled which increases the price remarkably. On the other the solution design has no need of being cooled so the price is much lower (less than half).

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