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Development of augmented reality solutions for educational robotic systems


A Spanish SME working in educational robots has developed an augmented reality based solution for carrying out digital learning activities, with the use of educational robots, to introduce new methodologies in teaching the official curricula, and to apply the latest developments in ICT and educational robotics technologies in order to improve the quality of education. Partners working in education are sought for technical cooperation and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Partner sought

In the case of a technical cooperation agreement: - Type of partner sought: academy, company, partners in R&D, other organisations related to education. - Specific area of activity of the partner: education, manufacturing, research and development. - Task to be performed: the Spanish company is looking for partners interested in joint further development, testing of the technologies/products and adaptation. Partner is expected to ensure technological capacities and further commerce capacities. In the case of a commercial agreement, the partner would be a user of the learning platform, under the supervision of the Spanish company that will offer the necessary assistance. The partner will be able to access and test the contents designed for the teaching of educational robotics with the aim of a future commercialization in its area of influence.


Reforms in educational methods is an essential requirement to ensure that pupils are enriched with the upgrading knowledge and skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields in order to produce competitive pupils in 21st century manpower. A curriculum amended with educational robotics (ER) enables the teacher to provide personalized tactic based on the learning ability of each student. This leads the students to nourish and motivate themselves in their passion or even uninterested fields further and develop the unique track to attain their dream through experimentations. In the case of Augmented Reality (AR), visualization of additional information about the mechanism or behaviour of imaginary things with the real objects at various contexts in curriculum improves the learning and understanding skills among the students. However, exploring the feasibility of unique and low-cost application that merges these two key technologies namely AR and ER to amend even in economically weak schools at cost-effective manner is not very frequent. The main objective of the Spanish company is to develop an AR based educational robotic solution that merges real educational robots with augmented tools for understanding various educational contexts through visualizing imaginary or complex things that can’t be visualized in the real world. The AR based educational robotic solution has been developed taking into account the significant features of an educational project for teaching the core subjects of the educational curriculum. The development of all the learning tasks and exercises have been carried out based on addressing the needs of the following factors: • Educational level: child education / primary / secondary / high school education teaching. • For each educational level, knowledge areas: for example, natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, language, etc. • For each knowledge area, skills and thematic blocks: for example the block of matter and energy; core competences, for example, mathematical competence and basic competences in technology. AR based Educational robotic solution has strongly evolved based on reviewing the student’s attributes, adapting the social tasks, driving and influencing skill, interactive and comprehensive attributes of students, promoting virtual learning in an digital and interactive environment for education in cycles of primary and secondary schools. The Spanish company is open to 2 types of collaboration: - Technical cooperation agreement: the partner sought could be academic, companies, partners in R&D, or other organisations working in education related activities, and they will collaborate in joint further development, testing and adaptation of the technologies/products. - Commercial agreement with technical assistance: the desired partner is a company or an academic institution that will act as a user of the learning platform with the monitoring and technical assistance by the Spanish company.

Advantages and innovations

The significant benefits of AR based educational robotic solution can be obtained at: Teachers: • Distinguishable and Adaptable - A tutor acquires the skills to identify customized and unique teaching strategy pertaining to the learning ability of each student and also to learning contents of curriculum: • Standardization. - Ensuring student’s progress and uniformity through standardized design that facilitates learning processes at all levels. Students: • Comprehensibility - Ability of a program to accomplish precise nuances that promotes the unique skills of each student. Thus leads to better articulateness among the students. • Impulsive - Students attains the motivation to nourish themselves in their passion and enables them to fertilize even in their uninterested field. • Explorative - It acts as a platform to investigate their aspiration and develop it and a unique track to attain their dream through successive trials. • Envision - Visualization of any context in educational curriculum is possible in a universal platform through merging supplementary information about mechanisms or processes of complex things with the objects in the real world. •Skills acquisition - Managerial skills, community engagement, disseminating across diverse technical fields and spotting the dreams for their successful in their off-school life.

Development stage

Under development/lab tested

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)


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