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Collaborative platform for the integrated management of product information and food value chain interoperability


A Spanish technology center has developed a collaborative platform that allows improving efficiency up to 70% (versus common solutions), the production processes, in particular supplier homologation and technical product specification. The platform allows the digitalization and integration of all company´s processes following specific standards. The center offers licence agreements for the parameterization and implementation of the solution in food companies to improve information management.

Partner sought

Food anb beverage companies, interested in improving their information managemet systems, are sought to set a licence agreemet to implement the developed platform. To set the solution in the company, there should be an integration wiht company´s systems and a collaboration with providers and customers.


The Spanish technology center has more than 30 years of experience in the design of technological solutions for companies in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging sectors. It has more than 200 specialists with large experience in the orientation of customized solutions for each client. The creation of multidisciplinary teams allows the center to offer integral solutions to the entire value chain. Currently, food companies handle a high volume of information related to their internal processes. This information must generally be managed with the collaboration of other actors in the value chain, such as suppliers. Information management in agri-food products there are certain difficulties motivated by product data heterogeneity, criticality of the processes and information disaggregation in different internal sources. To these internal difficulties are added the barriers related to traceability and transparency control in complex value chains. All this leads to human errors, lack of control in critical tasks, the possibility of data inconsistencies and the repetition of tasks and inefficiencies; which leads to a reduction in efficiency and a high cost in human resources. The Spanish technology center has developed a collaborative platform that allows food companies to jointly manage information on raw materials, products and suppliers. It integrates information and knowledge systems based on collaborative networks, which allow the digitization of data derived from all production stages with the aim of managing the value chain in a more efficient and simple way. The plastform is based on a unique database, consistent and permanently updated with all the suppliers´ data, raw materials and finished products. It allows to guarantee a safety information management by means of the configuration of diferent profiles and roles, limiting the functionality of the users and restricting the available information. The web access from any device, and the ergonomics of the interface, allows the integration of all the actors that participate in the internal and external process flows of the company through an agile and intuitive environment. It provides a collaborative environment between the company and its suppliers for the exchange of information required for the validation of supplier´s certifications and verification of raw material specifications. In addition, an intelligent module assistes users in the suppliers´ verification and in the validation of the technical data sheets. Moreover, it facilitates quality control tasks through the integration of external agents in lots monitoring, analytical control and incident management. The platform simplifies and speeds up the analytical results validation allowing the laboratories to directly attach the results. In the framework of ISO standards it allows a strict control of detected incidents in the raw materials and the corrective actions proposed by the suppliers. The collaborative platform developed by the Spanish technological center could improve the efficiency of those processes related to provider´s homologation and technical raw materials specification, up to 70%. Unlike corrent avaliable solutions, the platform is designed according to the specific requirements of food and beverage companyies. Moreover, it is simple to use and integrates the entire value chain. The new development overcomes the current barriers of traceability and transparency control in complex value chains by means of the digitalization of information and its real time exchange along all food chain steps. The platform is in continuous process of adaptation and improvement. The technology centre is interested in licence agreements with technical suport to adapt the solution to specific company´s requirements. In this technical suport parametrization and integration with the management Systems used by the company are included.

Advantages and innovations

The developed platform could improve the efficiency of some production processes up to 70% versus common solutions that do not integrate the different stakeholders in the food chain. This improvement is due to the following aspects: • Process control through the system. • Control of pending requests and tasks. • Registration of tasks and notifications • Adapted to production flux. • Integration with company systems. • Managed by all involved agents. • Intuitive and fast management • Exportable information to excel, pdf, word ... There should be highlight the following innovative: • Developed for the food and beverage sectors: Workflows adapted to the real requirements of the sector, optimized functionality for efficient management, product information parameterized depending on industry requirements • Simplicity: Adapted for an intuitive tasks execution. Self-descriptive interface and easy to learn. Web accessible from any platform. • Integration with the entire value chain: Integrated with company's information systems. Standard data exchange with suppliers and customers. Collaboration of external agents (suppliers, customers ...) in the process flows. The mechanisms of electronic information exchange, that are automatic and in real time, permit to overcomes the barriers regarding the traceability and transparency control in complex value chains.

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