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French company seeking biogas project developers requiring technical partnership for project development and turnkey construction


A leader on the French biogas market with experience in municipal, industrial and farm-scale biogas project development has developed two technologies - a wet process with specific technology for all kinds of solid organic wastes, and a hand dry batch process for stackable solid wastes. They are seeking partners in Asia, especially Japan and Korea, as well as in Africa for a commercial and technical cooperation agreement.

Partner sought

In Asia: - farming equipment distributors willing to diversify their activity to biogas business (for business contribution to Naskeo or acquiring license by Naskeo). - local biogas project developers looking for technical partner; - municipality or university with innovative projects requiring solid organic waste treatment or digestate treatment expertise. In Africa, large-scale agro-food industries: - slaughterhouses, - sisal farm, - fruits and vegetables transformation factory, - tea, cocoa and coffee conditioning plant, - sugar plant … Or Renewable Energy project developer willing to diversify their activities to biogas power.


This french company has now 13 years of expertise in biogas project development and EPC (Environmental Power Concepts) construction, with more than 30 references under operation in France and 1 under construction in Japan. Adaptable to all type of project, country, and feedstocks, they implemented studies and laboratories in Japan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, as well as a laboratory in Kenya. The team of 45 employees, including 80% engineers and 5% for international businesses gather wide panel of technical experts: - research on biology for anaerobic digestion - pilot and analysis laboratory for feedstock biogas potential assessment - feasibility study farm, agro-food industries, waste collectors, entrepreneurs, farming cooperatives, Independent Power Producer, renewable energy developers… - biogas project financing - detailed engineering on biogas plant and/or digestate treatment process - turnkey construction of biogas plant and/or digestate treatment process - maintenance of biogas plant - operation of biogas plant The expertise covers all type of anaerobic digestion technologies. Among them they provide EPC services for 2 technologies: - Wet process (CSTR - Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor), with concrete tank and steel tank, for solid and liquid feedstocks, - Dry process (continuous and batch) for solid stackable feedstocks. Thanks to these technologies, they design adaptable biogas plant to various feedstock: solid (dung with bedding) and liquid (slurry) manure; straw, husk, cane; solid and liquid agro food industrial wastes; sludge; organic household waste; canteen and restaurant waste; green waste; slaughterhouse. Moreover, the company developed a technology used to treat solid feedstock: Inerts are removed thanks to this process; long fibers, fibrous and very dry waste are moisturized, pre-hydrolysed and grinded in order to reduce viscosity and get a better biogas yield. They have also an experience with a large panel of technologies, regarding biogas-use. Indeed, the biogas appliance are: CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit for electricity grid injection and heat production, CHP unit for electricity for self-consumption combined with solar Photovoltaic, heat or steam, upgrading unit for biomethane injection on grid, upgrading for gas vehicles (CNG), as well as upgrading for biomethane bottling. Finally, they have an agronomic expertise and digestate treatment technology, in order to upgrade digestate and enhance its management The company is looking for opportunities in Asia and Africa to develop biogas project under Commercial agreement with technical assistance or Technical cooperation agreement: Currently developing in Korea / Japan, they are looking for local biogas project developers interested in technical partnership, innovative R&D program involving our know-how, biogas project owners looking for EPC solutions as well as farming equipment distributors willing to diversify to biogas business. Regarding Africa, they can provide support large-scale agro-food industries (slaughterhouses, sisal farm, fruits and vegetables transformation factory, tea, cocoa and coffee conditioning plant, sugar plant …) willing to treat their organic wastes and produce clean energy for self-production.

Advantages and innovations

The company owns a specific process (including innovative equipment) for solid manure or highly fibrous or polluted solid feedstocks. This process enables inerts (such as stones or sand) separation, moisturizing and grinding of feedstock, enabling smooth mixing and pumping, optimized biogas yield and operation cost saving (maintenance & electricity). The company will provide know-how transfer on project development. They propose innovative digestate treatment solution (decantor, evapo-concentrator, ammonia stripper, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis…) adapted to agronomical context and local environmental requirements. They have also an expertise in various biogas appliance as electricity and heat production, injection, upgrading, biomethane bottling, etc. The company has its own R&D activities in biogas and can provide packaged laboratory and expertise for biogas laboratory (enabling biological follow-up of running biogas plant & feedstock energy production assessment) = One-stop shop services on biogas from idea to operation of turnkey biogas plant They work with all anaerobic digestion technologies and adapts technology to any type of feedstock. It' now 12 years of expertise and 30 references including one under construction in Japan

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