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Highly sensitive and competitive microfluidic biosensor for medical diagnosis or pollutant detection


A multi-target microfluidic device for analysis of trace-level biological or chemical species is about to be transfered. As compared to current microfluidic devices, it strongly reduces the volume of samples and consumables, since it allows a multi-target detection using one single channel. A French Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is ready to negociate a licensing agreement or a technical cooperation agreement with manufacturers of biosensors for medical diagnosis or pollutant detection.

Partner sought

The requested partner may be a company operating in biological diagnostic for healthcare or environmental purposes. Expected outcomes are a either licensing agreement or a technical cooperation agreement, prior to an industrial development of an innovative product based on the proposed technology.


A very sensitive and competitive microfluidic device has been designed for analyzing biological samples at trace-level. Especially, it allows a multi-target detection using one single channel. It has been set up and patented by a French research team working on microfluidic technologies, which is represented by a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) for its industrial partnership. Market challenges : The current process for detecting biochemical targets within any biological or environmental sample is the following : detection of one biochemical compound recquires one channel connected to one sample. Personalized medicine as well as environmental monitoring need more and more simultaneous available data. Thus, there is a strong need for a detection device that would be able to perform multi-target detection of biochemical compounds. State of the art : Current microfluidic systems reduce the volume of consumables, waste and samples to be analyzed. In addition, these systems are well adapted to the detection and the quantification of one biological or chemical species in a sample. Up to now, there is no microfluidic device that can detect and quantify several targets in one step. Proposed solution : An innovative microfluidic device has been set up by a French research team. It is able to perform the quantitative detection of several targets in a unique liquid sample, even at trace level. The new device is based on a main microchannel which is able to detect different targets at the same time. The inner lining of the microchannel is grafted with different ligands located in different distinct areas. Since each ligand binds to a different target, all existing targets belonging to a fluid sample are simultaneously extracted and concentrated within the different grafted areas. Individual detection and quantitative analysis of each target can then be performed using secondary microchannels detection system. Technology transfer : The architecture of the microfluidic multi-target biosensor has been patented. Besides, a specific manufacturing method has been patented : it describes a specific process for an easy and cheap production. Finally, a suitable analyzing method using both the main and the secondary microfluidic channels has also been patented. Manufacturers of biological sensors for either medical or environmental analysis are requested for licensing or technical cooperation on a specific usecase. Keywords : microfluidic, microchannel, ligand, biochemical specy.

Advantages and innovations

The proposed microfluidic technology enables the extraction, concentration, and quantification of different biochemical species from a unique fluidic sample, in a single step. Advantages : - well adapted for the multi-target analysis of biological and environmental samples, - easy and cheap to manufacture. Detection and analysis usecases: - analysis of complex samples with small quantities of targets (including trace levels), - detection and analysis of dangerous samples (radioactive or highly toxic).

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