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Recreational boat tracking and monitoring device, autonomous and accompanied with a cloud dashboard.


A Greek innovative start-up company specialized in the field of maritime software and hardware for fleet management purposes is offering an autonomous vessel tracking device specially designed for the yacht recreational sector. Partners of any size active in yacht and recreational marine industry are sought interested to conclude commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

-Type of collaboration: The Greek start-up company is willing to establish commercial agreement with technical assistance with partners of any size active in the field of yacht and recreational marine industry. -Tasks to be performed: to implement the offered technological device in order to effectively control and monitor their vessels or to cover special needs on smart yacht management.


A team of engineers of an ambitious Greek start-up company has been able to develop an autonomous global tracking and monitoring device accompanied with a cloud dashboard for the yacht recreational sector. The offered device constitutes actually the first energy-independent vessel tracking device designed and built in Greece. Generally, what it does is to locate a vessel via the Iridium satellite system and Global Positioning System (GPS), with almost complete coverage even in the most inaccessible places. The device is able to operate for 60 days without sunshine. It is fully waterproof and resistant to any weather conditions. More analytically, it operates in a hybrid way. Its tracking module is regularly triggered, obtaining position based on Global Positioning System (GPS), European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) network. Afterwards, it transmits the corresponding coordinates to the cloud infrastructure via satellite and GSM networks. The routes created from the transmitted positions are fully visualized on the user’s dashboard for a convenient and easy monitoring, consisting of position, course and speed information of the asset. Moreover, the offered device becomes enabled by a special software that has been fully developed by the same company. More specifically, the device is accompanied by a cloud dashboard providing the user with a series of functions. A full fleet monitoring dashboard provides a real-time tracking with reliable position reporting with the use of hybrid communication, combining satellite and GSM networks with seamless automatic switching from one to another. Map visualization provide plots of the assets that are fully visualized on maps, enabling an easy and efficient way of monitoring the fleet. Detailed tracking history offering a detailed review of historical tracking data for an asset of the fleet in a single click is also provided. Information about latitude/longitude coordinates, altitude, course, speed of the asset and battery, temperature and humidity are fully available. Furthermore, various alert notifications can give information even when the user is not logged in. By setting the emails and mobile numbers the user can get notifications via email and SMS in case of SOS situations or any warning. Also, in collaboration with popular nautical charts it provides the user with the access to the most accurate and thorough set of information created for marine and lakes. Additionally, all essential cartographic reference detail for cruising, sailing and fishing such as port plans, safety depth contours, marine services, tides & currents, navigation aids are available through the dashboard. Based on the above, the offered technology constitutes a complete solution for smart fleet management empowering yacht owners and fleet managers with full monitoring of their fleet's status remotely, accurately and in real time. The company is in need of finding additional partners from yacht and recreational marine industry willing to adopt or further develop the proposed device. The considered type of agreement is commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages and innovations

The offered technology is a complete solution for smart fleet management having a series of innovative characteristics as detailed here below. Through real-time tracking it improves organizational efficiency and assists in easily scheduling of service & maintenance between the rental intervals. Also, due to the variety of automated alerts and notifications that are delivered to user via email and SMS as well as a SOS button which is also embedded the offered device increases the level of safety. In addition, it minimizes any damage disputes as it provides a complete tracking history for every asset with valuable and accurate information. Furthermore, the device is flexibly priced based each time on every client’s needs. Bought once and then the subscription plans for tracking service apply only when the user enables them. Additionally, the device is very small in size compared to similar solutions, making its instalment and use very practical for anyone. What is more, it uses satellite network for transmitting its tracking data having 100% global coverage compared to similar devices which use GSM network whose coverage is quite limited in the sea, resulting in loss of signal to extended areas. Moreover, the proposed technology have won two innovation awards for winning a national competition and an international one.

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