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The company is an Italian young academic spinoff, founded in 2015 by a group of senior academic neuroscientists. It offers preclinical studies spanning from a wide range of behavioral tests to models of neurological injuries to cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic measures. The company seeks industrial, R&D centers for technical, research cooperation or services agreements.

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- Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies - Contract Research Organizations (CRO) - Research centers are the target partners for their techonogy deployment, either for production purpose, in the framework of provision of services, as well as technical/ research cooperation. The company is also open to cooperate in a research project and thus join directly or as external partners, with implementing tasks.


The Italian company is located in northen Italy (Piedmont region) and provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies and research centers with high quality research and on-time results that are tailored to client's needs to prove the efficacy of new drugs in vivo for the treatment of neurological or psychiatric disorders or biocompatibility of biomedical devices. The company has longstanding, extensive experiences in designing specialized in vivo studies and identifying new and robust models for the preclinical proof of concepts, adapting them to customer's project needs. Experimental services: In vivo studies: the company supplies a wide range of functional and psycho-emotional behavioral tests, neurological injury models, brain tumor models, surgical techniques with rodents as well as cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic measures. Behavioural Studies: psycho-emotional tests, cognitive tests, stereotypic behaviours, explorative behaviour, sociability, stress, daily activities, addiction. Neurological Function Studies: reflexes, motor coordination, sedation, ischemia, epilepsy, Huntington disease. Neonatal And Juvenile Studies: environmental effects, analysis of developmental milestones. Functional Studies: locomotor activity, spontaneous locomotor activity, feeding behaviour, sexual behaviour, heart rate and blood pressure, oxygen saturation, breath rate, pulse and breath distention. Surgical Techniques: Traumatic Brain Injury, acute and chronic glaucoma models, neuropathic pain, spinal cord lesions, central nervouse system and in utero grafting, microsurgery, in utero electroporation, toxic transient focal or global demyelination. Administration Routes: oral routes, parenteral routes, local routes (dermal, ocular, intranasal, intravaginal, buccal, intrarectal),adeno and retroviral injections. Drug Exposure Evaluation: bioavailability. Morphological and biomolecular analyses Histological Analyses: stereologic and morphometric analyses, microscopy. Cellular and biomolecular analysis: cell cultures, genotyping and protein gene expression. Experimental models: the company can provide wild type and genetically engineered mouse models for preclinical proof of concept studies that are requested by our clients. Genetically Modified Mouse Models: cerebral amyloidosis, familial Alzheimer's disease, cerebellar ataxia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, types A and B Niemann-Pick disease, anxiety, obesity, metabolic syndrome, transgenic mice for visualization of fluorescent neurons and glial cells, mutant lines for cell-type specific conditional and inducible knockout of target genes. Brain Tumor Models: in vivo models of glioblastoma (grafts of mouse or human glioblastoma cell lines), RI-based longitudinal analyses, histological investigations, end-point analyses. Behavioural tests facilityoffer mazes and infrared camera for behavioural analysis. A computerized video-tracking system (Ethovision XT video track system) is available. Neuroanatomy facility offers a confocal microscope, numerous research quality microscopes, an electron microscope and several computer imaging systems for morphometry, autoradiographic quantitative densitometry,and image processing. Neurohistology facilities offer sliding microtomes, rotary microtomes, vibratomes,and cryostats. Biosafety Level 2 facilities and cellular and molecular biology facilities. The company is looking for technology, research cooperation or services agreements. Partners sought (Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, Contract Research Organizations, Research centers) should be willing to apply these methods for proof-of-efficacy of new drugs or pilot in vivo studies (services agreement) , or interested in further developing a specific diagnostic tool as a test kit, for new fields of application, by means of technical or research cooperation agreements.

Advantages and innovations

The company offers preclinical studies in small animals spanning from a wide range of behavioral tests to models of neurological injuries to cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic measures. It combines the power of a preclinical start-up to draw on scientific faculty to solve the most complex problems. The staff experience will help pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies and research centers to establish the proof-of-efficacy of new drugs or pilot in vivo studies. The quality of the services offered is assured by the long term expertise of its staff active in an internationally recognized academic research. Team's know-how covers a wide variety of multidisciplinary research activities applied to neurosciences, including neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neuro-regenerative medicine, cellular and molecular biology. The headquarter and preclinical research unit are located at Neuroscience research center that gathers the complementary experiences of basic and clinical research groups sharing of knowledge, expertise, capabilities and facilities. Equipment, methods and techniques are constantly improved to meet the most innovative standards, thus providing the best up-to-date solutions to clients. The company's standards are based on honesty, confidentiality and integrity during the entire workflow, ensuring reliability and flexibility from the experimental design to the data collection and the final report.

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