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An Italian company specialised in development and manufacturing of wireless technology IoT devices is seeking services agreements


The Italian company is a start-up that develops and produces innovative IoT wireless devices. In particular it offers environmental and meteorological sensors with LoRa and Sigfox technology (technologies optimised for the IoT in the agricultural sector) and Datalogger and Bluetooth activity for sports and professional use. The company is searching for services agreements in any foreign countries.

Partner sought

The company is looking for foreign companies for services agreements. Due to the transverse nature of the products/service, there is a wide range of possible cooperation. Partner should be SME or bigger companies with at least a turnover of 100.000 €. Partner can be from all country.


The company is located in the North-East of Italy. It was founded in 2015 by a founder with several experience in ICT network and cloud technologies. The offer is composed by two kind of products and a cloud service. The products are divided in two kind of categories: - 4GMP-S Sigfox viticolture sensor: it is a low cost and high precision Sigfox device designed for the detection of environmental parameters useful to the guided struggle of the main tree cultures: grapevine, apple tree and olive tree. It can detect and monitor the temperature, humidity, precipitation and foliar wetting and then, transmit the data every 15 minutes via the Sigfox network to a server in the cloud from where they are processed by the structures, any alarms are notified to the user by mail or directly by app. Historical datas remain available on the cloud server for direct use. In more detailed, the specifications are: • Temperature PT100 Relative humidity capacitive sensor • Measurements range -40 + 80 °C / 0-100%Rh resolution 0.01 °C / 0.1% • Precision: DIN 43760 1/3DIN (ì+-0.1°C / +-1% f.s. • High precision Rain Gauge Sensor class A according to UNI 11552:2012 • Collection area 400 cm2 • Sensibility 0.2 mm • Average accuracy +-2% • Leaf wetness sensor WMO • Power supply 3.6 V lithium battery 3 years duration or external 12 Vdc • Data transmission 15 minutes - GMH-S/GMPH-S Soil moisture and rain Gauge (GMPH-S) sigfox sensor: integrated system with Sigfox transmission for soil temperature and moisture monitoring. The GMPH-S version features a rain gauge also provides information about the falling rain. The information provided by GMH-S help managing irrigation by allowing a savings of water and energy, safeguard plant health and the crop quality by alerting in case of a water deficit or excess and generate frozen alert signals. It can be utilized for irrigating crops in field or off-ground management, residential green spaces, lawns, sports facilities or golf courses. In more detailed, the specifications are: • Sigfox Multisensor System for Measuring ground water condition. • Two soil moisture sensors capacitive or tensiometric type (Irrometer Watermark) on request. • Capacitive sensor measuring range 0/60% VWC (Volume occupied by water compared to total volume). • Voltage Sensor Irrometer range of measure 0/200 Centibar or kPa (parameter that measures the water available to the plant). • Ground temperature sensor (for compensating moisture content). • The GMPH-S version includes the rain gauge WMO with tilting pan. • Mouth 200 cm2. • Resolution 0.2 mm. • 3.6V Lithium Battery Power 3 years. • Data transmission every 15 minutes. About the service offered, it is 2-Cloud is the 2HT management portal of the sensor network. • It is able to present the data collected from the network in a simple and efficient way, in the case of devices that manage bi-directional communication is able to manage the upload messages. • It uses the Sigfox callbacks for bi-directional communication to the sensors network. • Historical data collected in a cloud data base. • Offers different ways of presenting through: Web services, API, Java Script Web widget, Android and iOS apps notifications via standard services. • It has a backend configuration interface by the end customer or service manager. The turnover increased of 90% from the last year. They also work on behalf third parties , with manufacture companies. The target market is: environment, agricolture, pets. Partner can be from all country.

Advantages and innovations

The founder has high experiences in ICT network and cloud technologies, he has already founded another company of development and manufacturing of wireless products in 2014(still active, and the founder is still collaborating with it). In 2017 R&D’s investments were for the 60% of the overall turnover. The company obtained some important certifications. The technolgy’s strenght is its transverse nature because it can be used for different sectors: environments, agricolture, pets and energy control. The company can be a partner for the development and supply of innovative technologies or products in the IoT and wireless industry, assisting customers from the idea to the complete product of hardware and connection to the cloud, up to the realization of Android and iOS apps. It is able to provide a complete service from the design to the certification of wireless products: sensors for indoor or outdoor use, with power from network or battery, also wearable and utilizing technologies of radio transmission in short or long distance such as Bluetooth, Lora or Sigfox, WiFi.

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