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Decision support and risk analysis system to improve road safety


An Italian ICT company has developed a risk management system for the detection and reporting of defects in the road surface. It is an easily installed and low cost system. It is able to detect all the alterations of the road surface and to provide a real time risk map. They seek partners internationally with entities responsible for road maintenance, for cooperation under commercial agreements with technical assistance and research cooperation agreements.

Partner sought

Public bodies and private entities responsible for the maintenance of the road structure (municipalities, provinces, regions etc…) that are intend to implement the technology under commercial agreements with technical assistance, in order to improve the road structures management, increase safety and make interventions more efficient. The company also offers the technical assistance required to install the device and use the software. The company is also studying some algorithms relating to the neural networks technical field, that in the future will also enable to detect the adequacy of the installed road signs, in relation to the structural conditions of the containment systems inside the carriageway (as guardrail and median). In order to conduct this research activity, the company seeks partners (universities, companies, research and development centers) that have expertise in these fields and that are interested to carry out research activities, under research cooperation agreements.


This Italian ICT company offers innovative services to companies and public bodies. They collaborate with Italian and international companies. They have a team with expertise in research and scientific and technological development. The team has a long experience in developing projects developed for the management of complex problems, such as soft computing applications for the risk management in the healtchare sector, application for the general evaluation, multi-dimensional evaluation systems for people with disabilities etc… The company has developed a technology to address the problem of the road safety, one of the main objectives on the agenda of the European Commission. The road wear and tear is an important element to face in order to provide the road safety, and this requires a continuous monitoring by those who own the road structure in order to plan maintenance interventions and ensure requirements such as lift, roughness, regularity and drainage. The structural damage is another aspect to be monitored in order to guaranteee the safety of the road. Regular monitoring of asphalt pavement conditions increases the level of safety, reduces insurance costs for possible damage and makes maintenance more efficient thanks to a planning based on relative risks. The technology is a risk management system able to detect the potholes and all the alterations of the road structure and to map them within an information system. This allows you to detect the severity of the danger and to communicate it promptly to the persons responsible for safety, who can activate, when possible, the procedures for restoration and safety or correctly report the danger to users. To carry out the surveys, the technology uses a compact device equipped with a geo-referencing system. This detection device can be applied to any means of transport even in a stable manner and it uses the cutting edge systems based on microprogrammable control units, processing microsystems and dedicated sensors and detection components. A centralized cloud platform processes the collected data. The software for the decision support system (DSS), based on advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence and image segmentation, offers processing capacity in the presence of a large number of variables and allows fuzzy evaluations to be carried out. The DSS is based on a risk assessment framework developed and marketed by the same company. The result of the risk assessment is expressed by means of a graphical representation that defines the risk map and allows the achievement of a single final risk assessment starting from various initial evaluations. The company is looking for public bodies interested in the reduction of road structure management costs by implementing the system, under commercial agreements with technical assistance. In addition, the company seeks international partners in research cooperation agreements for further technology developments.

Advantages and innovations

Unlike the current detection devices that are very bulky and require the installation on dedicated vehicles such as vans, the technology proposed by the Italian company uses a compact and versatile device that can be installed on any type of means of transport, even stably. Moreover it has a low cost and for this it can be installed on many vehicles. This allows a capillary and constant mapping of the road network during the usual service activities (for example that of the bus lines) and without additional costs and, alternatively, for targeted/periodic inspections or for peripheral areas not covered by repetitive services. The device enables on-demand monitoring. The risk assessment platform is easy to use and can be easily installed. The technology allows to generate reports and a map of risks in real time ready for use by any competent office. The technologies currently available, however, allow a very limited use of the information collected and the processing of these is an absolute prerogative of the same company that produces the device. The technology allows to detect not only the potholes, but all the alterations of the road surface and to classify them according to the international regulations. The alterations are evaluated by the algorithms on which the software is based and mapped according to the degree of danger. The detection device uses cutting edge systems based on microprogrammable control units, processing microsystems and dedicated sensors and detection components. With low costs, the technology allows you to plan the maintenance of the road structure and thus improve the road safety.

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