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An hybrid geomagnetic indoor localization solution under license and commercial agreements with technical assistance


An Italian technology startup operating in the indoor localization and navigation technology provides a powerful hybrid geomagnetic indoor localization solution. This technology is efficient, inexpensive and reliable and it is able to overcome the tradeoff between precision and cost of infrastructure setup and maintenance, imposed by technologies currently available on the market. They are looking for cooperation under license and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

The technology is readily available under license agreeements to third party developers and integrators via SDK for all operating systems, to allow anyone to develop their own value-adding application in any field and use-case leveraging the powerful hybrid geomagnetic indoor localization technology. The company has already developed end-to-end products based on the technology. International partners such as museums, airports, retail, industry 4.0 can use the products under license agreements. Furthermore, the company is looking for international partner in sector such as healthcare, automotive, smart building and more interested in new application of the technology under commercial agreeements with technical assistance.


They are a spin-off company of an Italian university with a strategic development team composed by people with various specific skills: researcher's profiles, technical profiles with experience in sensor fusion and complex systems and specific profiles with expertise in finance and business administration. The team has been expanding, including more developers and researchers and experienced advisors and investors. The need that the company fulfills is the lack of an efficient, inexpensive and reliable indoor positioning and navigation solution; a solution able to overcome the tradeoff between precision and cost of infrastructure setup and maintenance, imposed by technologies currently available on the market. The global positioning system (GPS) brought a revolution in the outdoor localization with significant changhes related to the way in which the user explores the world and the companies operate. However, although GPS is essential in outdoor localization, it is not helpful in indoor applications. The technologies currently available on the market are expensive and it is necessary to install infrastuctures to work. In order to overcome this problem, the Italian company has developed a comprehensive solutions for the indoor needs. Thanks to the proprietary algorithms that leverage commercial hardware with advanced sensor fusion and the natural geomagnetic field the company is able to deliver the highest performances at the lowest infrastructure requirements. In details, the company has developed a set of proprietary technologies (five patents have been granted) that build the most advanced indoor localization and navigation technology platform, to locate people and objects inside any buildings – where the GPS is of no help – in any kind of environment and for any kind of value-added usage. This advanced indoor localization and navigation technology is built around inexpensive consumer electronic hardware, to provide the most value out of devices that are widely available. The solution in based on a wide range of sensor fusion technologies: inertial, geomagnetic, radio frequency algorithms. The epicenter of the innovation is the industry leading device orientation free inertial engine developed by the company. Based on sensor fusion of 9 axes commonly present in smartphones, it is able to accurately detect users steps and determine movement orientation independently from device orientation. Coupling their powerful inertial engine with geomagnetic fingerprinting their algorithms are able to localize any user in any environment without infrastructure installation and with 1 meter average precision. This is by far the most resilient, precise and inexpensive indoor localization algorithm today available on the market, delivering an experience at the same level (but far more precise) that GPS provides outdoor, without need of expensive infrastructure installation. It also works offline requiring minimal computational power. It can integrate any other available signal (WiFI signals and bluetooth beacons) to deliver the maximum system resiliency under any circumstance. Regarding the WIFI signal, it is not necessary to install custom routers, but it is possible to use routers already installed in the environment without any modification. Regarding the bluetooth beacons, the algorithms developed by the company are able to deliver much more accurate real-time localization and fluidity that is unattainable only with bluetooth low energy (BLE). The technology is readily available to third party developers and integrators via software development kit (SDK) for all operating systems under license agreements. License agreements will be signed with the international partner interested in the indoor localization solutions ready to be used in real world applications already developed thanks to the technology. New end-to-end products will be developed under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Advantages and innovations

- It is the most resilient, precise and inexpensive indoor localization algorithm today available on the market. It offers the highest performances on the market. - It allows indoor navigation directly on smartphones available on the market and it is able to replicate flawless turn-by-turn experience of outdoor GPS. - It has very low installation cost; working with smartphones sensors and geomagnetic field, it does not require large installations and maintenance. - It enables the user tracking. - Behavior analytics: comprehensive big-data gathering and presentation tools on intuitive web-based app to extract intelligence. - Working either cloud-based or totally off-line, it leaves the maximum flexibility for architecture implementation.

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