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An Italian company, expert in application services employing the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


An Italian company, specialized in the development of services employing blockchain technology as an element of integration, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance with companies in Europe to spread their own solutions and skills based on the Blockchain (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Partner sought

The partners that this Italian company is searching are private individuals, SMEs or industrial entities (software companies, marketing partners or financial advisers) in the European market, with a strong internal know-how, market aggressiveness and innovation-oriented approach. This Italian company is interested to integrate the services/products of its partners with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains technologies solutions. The output of such cooperation will be the optimization of the product, extension of product applications to new software applications and different market sectors, as well as other international markets. The cooperation would be based on commercial agreements with technical assistance, and the potential partners should be preferably open to international cooperation and have an innovative attitude. The partners will have equal rights and duties.


Established in 2013 by a group of partners, specialized in the creation of software in the financial and documentary field, this Italian company reached in a few years an in-depth knowledge of the Blockchain technology thanks to the vast experience of its collaborators. The acquired knowhow, thanks to important partnerships and training courses, has enabled the company to specialize in highly customizable business services strongly oriented towards customers’ requests. This company aims to support companies facing specific or sectorial organizational and managerial problems on a daily basis, directing them towards shared choices, based on evidence and concrete results. This company has specialized in providing web and mobile services using the technologies and services offered by the blockchain, a decentralized database that acts as a distributed digital register. These blockchain registers file and store the data in blocks, in a chronological sequence and connected to each other through cryptographic tests, which guarantee greater data security in trustless contexts, making it difficult to remove or modify them. This makes blockchain an ideal technology for storing financial records or any other type of data requiring audit traceability, as all changes are permanently tracked and recorded on a distributed and public register. This company is working on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) as a blockchain and is applying it within several solutions such as: ● Blockchain notarization: enables to save in a public blockchain the information needed to ensure immutability verification of digital information (pdf, doc, images, video, etc.) saved in a content management. Notarization is necessary to prove documents existed prior to a certain point in time. This document could be any digital file you can imagine, in which you have an interest to notarize, for example a meaningful contract, a technical document or a patent. ● Management of decentralized licenses: The intrinsic criticality in the management of software licenses is being able to verify their validity and possibly extend their duration. The solution created is based on Smart Contract for the Ethereum network, with the aim of making libraries able to communicate with the blockchain. in order to make the control or modification of a software license simple and immediate. The technological approach adopted enables to obtain a decentralized, fail safe, open and safe system. This company is looking for private individuals, SMEs or industrial entities in the European market. The type of collaboration could be commercial agreements with technical assistance. This company will provide the solutions developed as well as its support in the development of customized blockchain-based solutions.

Advantages and innovations

This Italian company, recently established, has increased its know how thanks to important collaborations with companies developing software for banks. Based on customer requests, this company designs value-added solutions, identifying the most useful technology to achieve objectives, by creating open systems offering services for the users. Thanks to the solutions and consultancy offered by this company, their partners are able to integrate the blockchain technology within their application software and obtain important advantages in terms of: - no vendor lock-in; - high fault tolerance of the managed data; - data security thanks to their immutability; -transparency. In addition, through its services this company is able to offer the following added values to the market: - Support the companies in solving their own organizational and management problems by offering concrete solutions. -Create advanced and personalized services suitable for all. -Guarantee the confidentiality of data. -Design and develop in outsourcing components and / or solutions for complete applications. - Realize ad hoc training courses for the companies. Furthermore, by adopting the use of the DApp technology on the Ethereum network, it is possible to create integrated application solutions with decentralized components.

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