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Solar photovoltaic monitoring system coupled with dual fuse method


A Korean company specialized in solar photovoltaic system wishes to form a partnership under license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance to expand its overseas markets. The company has developed solar photovoltaic monitoring system equipped with dual fuse method. The monitoring system enables comprehensive management of solar photovoltaic system with high efficiency. Any organization in need of such such technology for solar photovoltaic system can be potential client.

Partner sought

- Type of partner sought: Companies, public institutions, and private institutions which deal with solar photovoltaic system - Specific area of activity of the partner: Any company and institution related to solar photovoltaic system and energy management - Task to be performed: Parnters involoved in the field of solar photovoltaic system or energy management are sought to license in its advanced technology on the exisitng system under license agreement. Moreover, the companpy is seeking for partners to promote its technology to enter the international market of energy management by taking partnership of commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Korean company established in 2003 has pursued green growth and conducted research and development in new and renewable energy. The company has offered total solution from design and installation to after service with new and renewable energy generator. Therefore, the company developed solar photovoltaic monitoring system coupled with dual fuse method. The company came up with the idea of the technology applicable with remote monitoring and measurement function to prevent decline of efficiency of generator due to problems found on the exisitng technology. For instance, it takes a long time to stop operation due to lack of self-diagnosis and setting of detour. Also, it is complicated to manage the equipment. To overcome those disadvantages, various data can be collected, analyzed, and transferred from advanced functions of their system. It is equipped with data acquiring and telecommunication functions of existing electricity sensing device, and it even allows users to react proactively and efficiently to electricity management and maintenance by improving operating method. Moreover, it has functions to switch to auxiliary fuse and to block abnormality by sensing overvoltage and overcurrent. It is also equipped with temperature sensor to block the channel with abnormal temperature, preventing outbreak of fire. The features of the technology are as follows: 1. The second track detour - When disorder occurs on main line, it performs self-diagnosis and operates detour calibration line. It minimizes generator shutdown time using self-diagnosis and detour setting. 2. Dual fuse method - When abnormal temperature of voltage and electric current is sensed, it turns on circuit interruption, preventing sequential accidents. 3. Effective after service - It requests after service through separate monitoring - When it concludes that the generator is broken down, it texts the manager for a quick reaction. 4. Total solution - Efficiency of maintenance is optimized with monitoring function of each channel of solar photovoltaic system. - It is operated with its own server with wire and wireless network, and it provides monitoring, managing, and total management solution. As mentioned above, the company’s technology provides new solution of solar photovoltaic management system and enables safe and stable operation of generator with high efficiency and low cost. In addition, the company acquired local EPC(excellent performance certification) with the technology and has rich experience of practical performance and projects in Korea. Under commercial agreement with technical assistance, the company is looking for partners to promote their technology to expand its overseas markets of renewable energy with more advanced functions, such as second tract detour and dual fuse method, etc which could lead more effective solar energy generation. Moreover, the company is planning on creating profits and global competitiveness in the industry by taking partnership of license agreement.

Advantages and innovations

The company’s technology has following advantages: - It overcomes the following problems produced with the existing technology through real time monitoring system and dual fuse method. 1) Huge loss of electricity during generator shutdown after fuse breakage; 2) Possibilities of breakout of fire and loss of human life due to electrical disorder; 3) Decreased electricity generating time and output of sunlight due to string disorder. - When the second track detour function is operated, the generator gets auto-repaired within 10 min, minimizing the loss of electricity. - When the fuse is broken, it exchanges the fuse by itself through self-diagnosis, so the repair time and the amount of labor are reduced. - As it uses wireless network as well, the amount of cable required is reduced, reducing costs and creating neat working environment.

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