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An intelligent metering device for predicting the output of photovoltaic systems


A Macedonian company offers an intelligent metering device for advanced forecasting and proactive management of the output of photovoltaic systems. The solution measures irradiation, temperature and humidity in more precise manner and uses specific algorithms and historical data for predictions’ modelling. Data are available on web and mobile in real time. Partnership for technical cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought.

Partner sought

The company has a functioning prototype of the device offered under the conditions of commercial agreement with technical assistance to potential partners interested in including it into their product & service portfolio. The partners will be expected to promote the solution on their respective markets whereas the Macedonian company will provide the necessary technical assistance. The company is also interested in further improving the design and technical aspects of the solution. In this context, partners with expertise in the field are sought for technical cooperation agreement. Targeted partners metering companies, electricity power suppliers, industrial IoT companies, solar energy monitoring companies, solar panel manufacturers and similar.


Worldwide growth of photovoltaics (PV) is a continuous exponential curve, evolving from a niche market of small scale applications to a mainstream electricity source. Nevertheless, frequently varying output of PV caused by clouds movement and weather condition make it an intermittent and unreliable source when connected to grid. Connecting intermittent sources to grid introduces challenges in various technical aspects such as power quality, protection, generation dispatch control and reliability. In this context, the use of advanced forecasting of variable generation has become an essential strategy, allowing users to proactively manage the system’s output and maintain grid’s stability. Every location has a different solar energy potential, depending on many factors such as climate effects, sunlight amount, objects obstructing the sunlight etc. Proper prediction of the expected output is therefore needed for ensuring optimal technical specifications of the PV system. Current prediction solutions use satellite data and simulation models that face variety of challenges when modelling complex horizons, particularly in urban areas. The proposed solution determines the potential output of PV systems in more efficient and cost-effective manner. The metering device is placed at the desired location, performing 24/7 sensor-aided readings that are transmitted to the server. Relevant factors are being measured including irradiation, temperature and humidity. Recorded data are analysed by specific algorithms that combined with historical data from other sources allows the solution to make predictions for optimization of the PV system. All data are accessible in real time via dedicated web and mobile application. The device consists of hardware and software parts. The hardware has (1) three sensors (silicon cell pyranometer, air temperature and humidity sensor), (2) data logger/transmitter, (3) battery and (4) small photovoltaic cells for self-powering. The top part of the device is an adjustable head on which the pyranometer is placed. The purpose of the head is to adjust the angle of the sensor in order to simulate the placement of real PV panels. The data logger/transmitter is a control board with built in WiFi/GSM functionalities. The software consists of an output prediction models and web-based interface. The installation of the device is simple involving positioning of the device at the analysed location and adjusting the top head to the predefined optimal angle. The device then collects and transmits data to the server where the analysis is performed. After the defined period (3 to 12 months, depending on the clients’ needs), a detailed feasibility report on the location’s energy potential is prepared. The Macedonian company has developed a fully functional prototype and currently needs additional expertise for improving the design of the device. In this regard, technical cooperation agreement is sought, enabling joint further development of the technical aspects of the solution and later exploitation of the improved device for the benefit of both parties. Alternatively, the solution is offered to partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance, facilitating the transfer of the technology with the assistance of the Macedonian company. The potential partners will be able to provide to their clients an innovative smart device for precise calculation of the expected energy output and return on investment, thus making educated decisions and minimising risks.

Advantages and innovations

• Higher precision and certainty in the results • Ability to simulate different scenarios (types of panels, sizes, technical specifications) • Optimization of the system’s specifications for the maximum benefit • Real-time data monitoring and automated result generation • Easy to use and understandable interface for not technically inclined users • Additional, expert interface with more detailed information for advanced users

Development stage

Prototype available for demonstration

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