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Innovative system to monitor, predict and control algae with the use of ultrasound in many large water surfaces such as lakes, ponds, and drinking water reservoirs.


A Dutch manufacturer has developed an innovative system to monitor, predict and control algae (including the toxic blue-green algae) with the use of ultrasound in many large water surfaces such as lakes, ponds and drinking water reservoirs. The manufacturer is offering a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance to companies active in the water sector.

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The Dutch SME is looking for partners that have experience and a network in a specific applications for e.g. lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, water treatment plants, irrigation reservoirs and ponds. Other requirements are the possession of technical capabilities and existing customer relationships in the market. The partner will be in charge of selling the systems in their market, the promotion of the systems and providing after-sales services such as technical support to local end-users under a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.


The technology, offered by the Dutch manufacturer, is unique in combining online water quality monitoring, web-based software and ultrasonic technology to provide an environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art treatment against algae which allows: a. the treatment of different types of algae b. to treat large water surfaces. a) In lakes and bigger ponds the presence of different algae species is in a state of constant change. Together with several universities and research institutes this company discovered that different parameters (e.g. phycocyanin, dissolved oxygen, temperature) combined can determine which type of ultrasonic treatment is the most effective in each specific situation. This information is set in a database which is incorporated in the system. The company developed different ultrasonic treatment programs to effectively control different types of algae. Each program contains different types of ultrasonic parameters, such as frequency, amplitude, waveform, and signal duration. By continuously monitoring different parameters it is possible to optimize the current treatment and prevent the growth of new algae. b) Present environmentally friendly methods to control algae (e.g. aeration and UV lighting) require a power supply from shore, either via electrical cables or air pipes. These methods reduce the coverage range and require costly installation. This Dutch company's technology is self-supporting of power by using solar energy which allows the treatment of lakes and bigger ponds. The algae control devices from the Dutch company are underwater systems that emit ultrasound waves in order to control common types of algae, including the toxic blue-green algae. This online water quality monitoring technology controls algae in 3 steps: 1. Monitor water quality In lakes and bigger ponds the presence of different algae species is in a state of constant change. Therefore it is important to monitor the presence of the current algae species in order to optimize the treatment. Different parameters are used to continuously measure the water quality. A standard sensor package includes the following parameters: chlorophyll α (green algae), phycocyanin (blue-green algae), pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature. 2. Predict algae blooms The collected data is delivered in real time via radio, GPRS, or 3G to an online server. Web-based software (MPC-View) allows users to visually follow the water quality and the progress of the ultrasonic treatment. The company's employees receive the same real-time water quality data to verify the current status of the lake, modify the ultrasonic program, and prevent new blooms. 3. Control algae Based on the received information, the ultrasonic program can be activated according to the water conditions and type of algae present. This way, it is possible to eliminate existing algae and prevent the growth of new algae. Most type of algae die from the ultrasonic sound pressure generated in the top layer of the water. This sound barrier prevents algae from rising up to the surface, keeping them exposed to sunlight, and the algae will die by a lack of light. The company is looking for technical skilled watersector partners with a specific client-base, amongst others, municipalities, drinking water treatment companies, owners of power plants and wastewater treatment companies, that face algae problems in their water reservoirs. A commercial agency agreement with technical assistance is offered to the right partner. The partner will be responsible for sales, promotion and provide technical assistance to customers.

Advantages and innovations

The technology is unique because it combines online water quality monitoring, web-based software and ultrasonic technology to provide an environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art treatment against algae. Advantages: - Environmentally friendly: safe for fish, plants, zooplankton, insects and requires low power consumption (5-20 Watt). Effective on larger water surfaces: 500 meter range. - Remote control monitoring to prevent frequent visits: GSM/GPRS allows the monitoring of the operating system. - Solar-powered system to treat larger lakes and bigger ponds: current systems require power from the shore, which reduces the ultrasound coverage range. - Integrated wiper for minimal maintenance: the wiper prevents damage to the transmitter head.

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