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Integrated system of technical infrastructure management for water and sewerage companies


A Polish water and sewerage company developed a methodology and an integrated system of infrastructure management for water and sewerage companies. The system comprises of several modules and functionalities providing live supervision, safety of infrastructure and environment protection. It is protected by a utility model. The company is interested in sale or licensing of the property rights and implementation of the solution via commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Partner sought

The company is interested in making contact with public or private businesses active in water industry sector interested in the purchase of property rights and/ or implementation of the solution through licensing. Potential partners include IT companies working with water and sewerage companies, IT startups interested in this market, water and sewerage companies. IT companies working with water and sewerage companies may be interested in the product to add it to their portfolio either by purchasing property rights and building on the solution or by implementing it as is. Water and sewerage companies may be interested in the offer because they may compare solutions they use and maybe consider implementing the current approach.


Modern requirements for water and sewerage companies pose significant challenges when it comes to network management. Such requirements demand improvements and optimization of water and sewerage network operations as well as eco-friendliness. In order to obtain such qualitative/ economic effect and ensure operational reliability, Polish water and sewerage company developed a methodology of implementation and an integrated system of technical infrastructure management. The solution was developed jointly with Polish scientists and IT companies. It is a dynamic tool which can be expanded with new technical capabilities. The system is based on GIS (Geographical Information System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. The solution comprises of several modules and functionalities capable of live supervision, providing safety of the infrastructure and environment protection. The whole system is designed to be managed and controlled from a Central Dispatch Office. Essential tasks of this office include: supervision of day-to-day operations, distribution of current data on technological processes, reporting for management purposes, indicating risks/ dangers in the water and sewage network, supervision of emergency works, crisis management. The integration of tools in GIS and ERP systems also creates a professional IT- management platform for executives in the company. The system is already up and running. Potential partners can see how it performs live. The offer is dedicated to the following: - existing IT companies and IT startups (to expand their portfolio or develop a new product for their clients), - water and sewerage companies interested in implementing an integrated IT system for managing their water and sewerage networks in order to meet modern standards, reduce service costs, and boost efficiency of their infrastructure, - other entities, e.g. technology transfer centers, R&D companies and institutions pursuing the development of new software solutions, applying for grants associated with environment protection, water and sewerage management in particular, - public bodies interested in revising their water and sewerage policies in order to meet requirements associated with the application of smart water management, - entities pursuing sustainable development of cities, i.e. Smart Water City. Previous solutions on the market had one drawback- they offered one or limited number of functionalities and were produced by individual businesses. As a consequence the user was forced to cooperate with several suppliers and use multiple software environments to achieve what they wanted. The current solution integrates GIS-based and ERP systems into one package. Also, the system is modular, thus if a user requires limited functionalities, they do not need to implement the whole system. The company would like to talk to partners interested in the purchase of property rights and/ or implementation of the solution through licensing. The company is also considering commercial agreement with technical assistance as the cooperation type. The company would provide assistance in the implementation process and would provide training for the client's staff.

Advantages and innovations

The system includes tools facilitating the operation of an actual hydraulic model and live monitoring of the network based upon IP protected solutions. The system enables new standards of technical infrastructure management to be introduced. The system facilitates effective management of water and sewerage network an non-network infrastructure. It also reduces service costs and boosts effectiveness of the infrastructure. The solution is unique in the fact that it integrates all the fields below into one comprehensive tool. The fields include: - GIS (Geographical Information System) data base, - model of water system network, - model of sewerage system network, - crisis management systems, - live, online monitoring of water and sewerage infrastructure, - live, online monitoring of energy consumption of water and sewerage facilities, - complex diagnostics e.g. prediction and prevention of failures/ diagnosing weak spots in the network, - subsystem preventing water losses, - remote water meters' reading - Automated SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system, - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, - IT tools for customer management. To the company's knowledge, such a comprehensive system has not been implemented in water and sewerage companies yet.

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