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Russian developer of an equipment for aerodynamic drying is looking for partners.


The enterprise developed a new drying technology for food spheres such as waste recycling, production of fertilizers, processing of herbs and others. The company is interested in new partners abroad and further interaction within a technical cooperation agreement.

Partner sought

Type: agricultural enterprises, farms for breeding animals, birds; Sphere: animal breeding Role: partner should receive the technology transfer and use it in the production process


The Russian enterprise from St.Petersburg is an engineering production company specialized in the creation of the equipment for aerodynamic drying, working also in low-temperature conditions. The applied technology has never been used before in such spheres of the food industry as waste recycling (manure, dung, beet cake, and beer fraction), production of fertilizers and processing of herbs, organic raw materials, organic production wastes for production forages for animals, etc. Manufacture's technology allows to produce: food and pharmaceutical powders, granules, tablets or extruded powders from vegetables, fruit, berries, greens, spices, officinal herbs, seaweed; meat and fish powders, granules, tablets; a stern and compound feeds for animals from herbs, forage crops, a beer pellet, sugar press, spirit bards, fishes and fish waste (in the form of powder, granules, or extruded forages);highly effective fertilizers from manure of cows, pigs, sheep, peat, sapropel, etc.; fuel pellet; collagen from KRS skins and fertilizers, barmy forages and a food protein based on its own technology and equipment. The company needs to develop the specifications and technical documentation on food products, provided by ready powder mixes with a long period of storage and by the minimum loss of nutrition value. Selective categories are ready flour mixes, bakery products, pasta, flour confectionery, confectionery, food concentrates and culinary products (cream soups, sauces, baked puddings and cutlets vegetable, sweet dishes – mousses, stuffing). The enterprise is ready for cooperation with the potential partners working in the sphere of agriculture within technical cooperation agreement. The company carries out the delivery of the equipment and transfer of technologies. Possibilities of participation in united local and global projects on production of fertilizers, barmy forages and food protein on special technology are encouraged by the company. The projects on utilization and organic waste recycling can be determined too.

Advantages and innovations

The technology is based on using of aerodynamic effects in case of which there is "an expression and a licking" of liquid from a subject of drying (degidrolization). Advantages: 1. Time of drying of raw materials to a resulting effect of fine powder humidity 6-10% is only 18 seconds. 2. Temperature condition is selected individually in each case .Work with low temperature doesn't exceed 40 - 90 degrees for drying machine (the impact on a product is no more than 8 sec.). 3. The productivity of a result good varies from 300 to 2000 kg/h (depends on humidity, density and structure of raw materials). 4. It dries and turns into fine powder raw materials with humidity up to 85% (it can work without preliminary extraction and drying) 5. Losses of useful substances are 5-7% and 10% in case of the different drying modes (it is comparable with the sublimation) as a consequence of using low-temperature conditions. 6. Not only color, smell and taste, the structural integrity of complex organic compounds chains such as proteins, vitamins, amino acids are preserved, but also the integrity of the structure of every cage is saved - the finished life of the cell, tested by a laboratory method. 7. Ultralow loss of useful substances is in case of long-term storage. 8. Powders are not spoiled with the correct storage without using any extra additives. 9. High energy efficiency also should be defined On 1 ton of remote moisture from a product of 65-70% humidity is spent less than 100 kW of the electric power.

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