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Microfertilizer for soil microbiota stimulation with controlled release of microelements and mineral fertilizers


A university from Russia represents the manufacturing technology of fertilizers based on a biodegradable polymer matrix. The matrix is used as a carrier of microelements and/or mineral fertilizers released into the soil during a controlled period of time and also has a beneficial effect on an assimilation of carried elements by a cultivated plant. Producers of fertilizers and mineral supplements are sought under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

Manufacturers of fertilizers are sought for acquisition of the technology rights under the commercial agreement with technical assistance


The developer of technology is a research institute, which is part of a multidisciplinary university from Russia. As the time goes by, cultivated soils are depleted not only of mineral elements but also a number of microorganisms living in the soil. Therefore, the problem of maintaining soil microbiota is as important as maintaining the amount of mineral elements in the soil. Current methods of maintaining microbiota include the use of phyto activators and activators of microbiota containing bacteria. The disadvantage of this approach is that externally added bacteria do not settle down, and therefore it needs to be added every year. The developed matrix does not contain bacterial material; it promotes the growth of soil’s own microbiota, which persists for the following years. Thus, the developed fertilizer is especially effective in revitalizing of actively cultivated and depleted soils. For example, a lot of soils in the EU is being degraded by canola cultivation nowadays (particularly in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany), and, after 4 years of its cultivation, soils become almost completely depleted. The developed microfertilizer based on a multicomponent polymer complex has an activating effect on the growth of soil microorganisms’ number, which positively affects condition of agricultural lands in general. For example, fertilization leads to an increase in number of Azotobacter bacteria in the root area of cultivated plants. On the other hand, the problem of the lack of mineral elements is easily solved by the addition of mineral fertilizers. Part of the mineral fertilizers does not get absorbed by the plant since it gets washed out of the soil. The developed matrix allows using carried elements more evenly and rationally due to gradual decomposition of the matrix and release of the carried element. The matrix sticks to the root and does not get washed away. The technology of production has an opportunity of adding into the matrix different kinds of elements, including innovative ones. For example, there is the developed variant of fertilizer with colloidal selenium stabilized in a polymer matrix. During the field trials of this fertilizer, wheat yield was increased by 23% and potatoes by 25% compared to the control group processed by the conventional set of mineral fertilizers, phyto activators, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides (the developed fertilizer was used as an addition to all of the above). The technology has variations in the method of manufacturing, depending on intended carried elements and targeted release time of the elements. Also fertilizer can be presented both in liquid and in dry (granular) form. The liquid form is used for pre-sowing treatment of seeds and seedlings, as well as for processing on green mass. The granular form is used similarly to mineral fertilizers. Industrial partners are sought for a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The Russian company is ready to sell the technology’s rights and provide technical help in establishing of technology and adjusting it for requested carried elements.

Advantages and innovations

The fertilizer matrix creates favorable conditions for microbiota growth, which engage into symbiosis with plants. Stimulation of soil microbiota growth leads to the balanced and improved nutrition of the cultivated plant. In lab tests, an addition of fertilizer matrix to a sandy soil caused an increase in the number of microorganisms by 39.6% compared to the control sample. In field tests with wheat, use of developed empty matrix and use of developed fertilizer with stabilized selenium lead to increase in a number of microorganisms by 15% and 23% respectively. In the end, it leads to increased yield of crops: field tests on wheat showed 17% and 22% increase for the empty matrix and selenium stabilized in matrix respectively. The matrix has the positive influence on plants’ immune system, which results in increased resistance of plants to Phytophthora and to unfavorable weather conditions. Ability to technologically control the release time of carried elements (from days to months) gives an opportunity to optimize the nutrition of plants, maximize consumption and rationalize expenditure of carried elements.

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