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Antitumor nanocomposite for direct delivery


A Ukrainian R&D center offers an effective antitumor ferromagnetic nanocomposite of direct delivery for usage in experimental oncology. Unlike standard chemotherapy, the nanocomposite is more active against tumors resistant to cytotoxic drugs and shows less toxicity toward normal cells. The research center is looking for industrial partners and universities for research cooperation.

Partner sought

Type of partner sought - industrial partner or universities.. Research cooperation agreements will be considered with partners who wish to conduct clinical trials jointly. Specific area of activity - Healthcare, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment.


The technology was developed in Ukrainian academic research center, which was established in 1960. Antitumor ferromagnetic nanocomposite is a conjugate of magnetic fluid nanoparticles and anticancer cytotoxic drug. It can be used to increase the efficiency of chemotherapy and overcoming drug resistance of malignant tumors. Developed nanocomposite is a means to deliver cytotoxic agent directly to the tumor tissue that provides its maximum income into cells and improves its therapeutic effect, especially in the treatment of tumors resistant to officinal cytostatic. The dosage of the half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50, i.e. dose required for the death of 50% of tumor cells) of the officinal cytostatic for human breast adenocarcinoma cell line MCF-7 is 3 μg / ml, while the IC50 dose of the nanocomposite is 2 μg / ml. Consequently, the nanocomposite has a greater cytotoxic activity, and to achieve a therapeutic result, similar to that performed by the officinal cytostatic, a smaller dose of nanocomposite is required. Along with this, it was discovered that manifestations of side effects of nanocomposite on the organism of animals (kidneys, liver, bone marrow) do not exceed the toxicity index of officinal cytostatic. In particular, there was a significant increase in the level of urea and creatinine in blood serum of animals and the absence of significant differences in overall blood parameters between control animals and animals receiving nanocomposite and officinal cytostatic. It is proved that the action of nanocomposite does not cause toxic effects on animal bone marrow cells. The results of the study of antitumor activity of antitumor nanocomposite on models of different forms of experimental tumors in vivo indicate a significantly higher efficacy compared to a similar effect of officinal cytostatic. Thus, intraabdominal administration of the nanocomposite led to an increase of the survival of mice with lymphoid leukemia and with ascites carcinoma by 19-27% compared to the administration of officinal cytostatic. Nanocomposite inhibits the growth of carcinoma of the mammary gland in rats by 98%, and uterus carcinoma in rats by 78%, which is 5-19% higher than with the use of officinal cytostatic only. With the use of nanocomposite against resistant to officinal cytotoxic strain of rat carcinoma of the uterus, growth of the tumor was inhibited by 40%, while when using the officinal cytostatic itself, inhibition of tumor growth does not occur. Thus, the use of antitumor nanocomposite can increase the activity of officinal cytostatic and overcome the resistance of tumors to therapy. Preclinical trials of antitumor nanocomposite are completed. Ukrainian R&D center is looking for industrial partner or research organization able and willing to jointly conduct clinical trials based on research cooperation agreement. Specific area of the partner activity - Healthcare, pharmaceutical products.

Advantages and innovations

Developed nanocomposite has significant pharmacological advantages over the free form of officinal cytostatic. It is able to be accumulated selectively in the tumor and to improve the antitumor effect with increased bio-safety level. Unlike standard chemotherapy, antitumor nanocomposite is more active against tumors resistant to cytotoxic drugs and shows less toxicity toward normal cells. Its usage helps to prevent toxic influence of cytostatic on the whole organism.

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