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Contract manufacturer sought for innovative probiotic food


A German SME invented a biogel for regulating/balancing the human intestinal flora. It is vegan, free of lactose and artifical preservatives/sweeteners. They look for industrial partners, e.g. food producers for a manufacturing agreement. Production and filling/packaging requirements are, e.g. production of two dry mixes, cooking, addition/homogenization of ingredient, filling machine, first and second packaging in sachets as well as storage.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The contract manufacturer should be able to produce as discribed in the following text: 1. First two dry mixtures are produced. The dry mixes contain sugar, inulin and other food additives, such as the hydrocolloid used. 2. A cooking kettle with agitator is filled with a defined amount of water, whereby the water temperature should be at least 65°C. Then the prepared dry mixture one is added. 3. When the temperature is 45°C, add dry mixture two and homogenize. 4. The temperature must be 37°C in the third mixing phase. The functional food ingredient is added and homogenized. The functional food is ready and must be packed below 37°C to keep the viscosity stable. After packaging, the storage temperature should be ≤4°C. A filling machine based on FFS (form fill seal) technology is required, i.e. the films are joined and laterally sealed. It is then filled from above and then sealed. Requirements for the filling process: The biogel has a varying viscosity at different temperatures. At 37°C the gel is still liquid, while the viscosity increases at lower temperatures (already at about 32°C), making it difficult to pack (e.g. in sachets). Requirements for primary packaging (sachets): - Exclusion of oxygen - light closure - No influence on pH value - Net content: 15g - 25g It is intended to sort the finished sachets into boxes of 7, 14 or 28 units (secondary packaging). The product must be stored in a cool place (≤4°C) after the manufacturing and packaging process. Careful supplier selection ensures that an important requirement of the end consumer, the complete control of the flow of goods from the raw material producer to the consumer, is met. The quality management system of the German start-up therefore must work closely with the quality assurance department of the contract manufacturer.

Partner sought

A partner from food industry is sought for a manufacturing agreement. Requirements for the contract manufacturer are: Step 1 - Mixing system for powder: Production of the two dry mixes. The dry mixes contain sugar, inulin and other food additives. Step 2 - Boiler with agitator: A cooking kettle with agitator is required, which maintains the respective target temperature and can homogenize the quantities/mass. The boiler must be heatable up to 90°C. Step 3 – Form Fill & Seal packaging machine A packaging machine is required which can fill the gel in sachet or stick pack packaging and seal it. Step 4 – Cooling System The product must be stored in a cool place (4 -8 °C) after the manufacturing and packaging process. The industrlal partner sought should realize these 4 steps in its facilities. The German company is pleased to send their process document with all further details.


Stress, mal nutrition, lack of exercises - there are many factors which contribute to an imbalance of the body. A German biotechnology start-up will launch an innovative dietary supplement at the beginning of 2019 and is looking for a suitable contract manufacturer. Their product is a biogel - a new formulation for probiotics and prebiotics to regulate and balance the human intestinal flora. It is a gel matrix that transports the beneficial health-promoting bacteria in living and active form into the human organism without the need for dairy products, tablets or powder. In contrast to conventional products it is vegan, free of lactose, free of any artificial preservatives and sweeteners. The company is in need of a partner to produce this gel. The production and filling/packaging requirements include production of two dry mixes, cooking, addition/homogenization of ingredient, filling with a machine based on FFS (=form, fill, seal) technology, first packaging in sachets below 37°C, second packaging (sorting) and storage ≤4°C. For details of the production processes and required temperatures, amounts etc. see "technical specification or expertise sought". The functional food ingredient (biomass) is produced in a fermenter or bioreactor. This happens in the German company 's own laboratory (production laboratory). An industrial partner e.g. producer of food supplements is sought for a contract manufacturing agreement.

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