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Serbian company offers energy audit services and solutions for energy efficiency improvement

The Serbian company, established in 2010 is offering its audit services primarily to potential clients from industry, civil construction sector, and financial sector dealing with energy efficiency credit lines. The subcontracting services... more


Medical tourism facilitator from Poland is looking for international partners for commercial agreement

Medical tourism company operating as a bridge between an international patient and the Polish clinic. Based on broad knowledge and recognition of the medical market as well as the experience in medical tourism, helps patients receive the highest... more


Polish photovoltaic modules producer is looking for distributors

A small Polish company, producer of PV modules and service provider with over 10 years of experience is looking for distributors. The company produces PV modules of superior quality. It is acknowledged by European Standards and related certificates.... more


German company of high-performance nonwovens for the protective apparel market and industrial applications offers subcontracting services

This German company is a solution provider for specialty and technical nonwovens and composites. The company looks back at a long history in the development of nonwoven product concepts and the manufacture of engineered fabrics. They target... more


Licensing of online speech therapy program integrated on cloud-based platform for personal and work computers, and handheld devices

The Estonian small size enterprise is active in the field of e-health, telemedicine, neuroscience and e-rehabilitation service. The offered technology tries to address the problem of defective life after neurological disorders such as stroke... more


An Armenian producer of natural soaps and other body, hair and skin care products, is looking for trade intermediary services

This Armenian company is a producer of organic, handmade cosmetics, made exclusively from natural ingredients – herbs, berries, fruits, etc. Particularly, the company produces natural soaps, shower cosmetics, hair cosmetics, and other hair,... more


German company develops engineered fabrics for the filtration industry

This German company designs and supplies bespoke engineered fabrics, specialty and technical nonwovens and composites. The company looks back at a long and successful history with more than 30 years of experience in the development and production... more


An Albanian software development company seeks for ICT partners abroad to offer IT outsourcing/near-shoring services, in order to conclude subcontracting and outsourcing agreement.

Founded in 2007, the Albanian company provides software development services to public and private sector such as a ­Government, Local Government, Financial Management, Public Administration, Healthcare, Education, Banking, Telecommunication,... more


Portuguese company of metal injection moulding is looking for investors to sign an acquisition agreement

The portuguese company of moulding has been present for almost 20 years in the international marketplace. As other Portuguese companies in the moulding industry, started to develop its business as an exporting company. The company has own... more


Portuguese creative and design thinking office offers its services and products via service and license agreements

Founded in 2010 - yet building on the years of experience and vast network of its founder, a German entrepreneur residing in Portugal who has devoted part of her life to academic teaching, research and coaching in Creative Processes - this design... more


Japanese metal-casting company seeking EU sales representatives in the field of robotics, construction machinery, moulding machinery and surface mounters

A Japanese metal-casting company is seeking sales representatives who have relationship EU-based manufacturers of robots, construction machineries, mould machines, and surface mounters. The company supplies high-performance production services... more


Slovenian manufacturer of metal structures and parts of structures is offering manufacturing agreements in the fields of machine building, automotive industry, motorbikes industry

Slovenian Company from Slovenska Bistrica started its activity in 2004. They are a family business which grew from the craft business, founded in 1999, whose main activity was treatment of metal as well. Until today the activity has strengthened,... more


Cyber warfare intelligence protecting sustainability of the enterprise networks and on-line services against developed and strong DDOS attacks on advanced persistent threat (APT) level.

A Turkish SME offers a cyber-warfare intelligence that protects sustainability of the enterprise networks and on-line services, even against developed and strong DDOS attacks on APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) level. The product has an ability... more


Turkish company producer of candy, chewing gum and toffee seeks commercial agents or distributors worldwide.

The Turkish company is one of the leaders of confectionery manufacturers in Turkey and their range of products includes more than 30 kinds of confectionery compound and chocolate coating. The company had a long tradition of confectionery (candy,... more


Femoral nail systems offered for distribution

A Turkish medical company specialised in fixation and implant systems is an exclusive distributor for femoral nail systems. Contrary to other nail systems, this system has talons on the proximal end to avoid incision on proximal area to avoid... more


Variable rate application on fertilizing and spraying

Fertilizer is the most important and costly raw material input of the agricultural production stage. Optimization of fertilizer use, besides the economic contribution on the agricultural production, affects the fertility level of soil, and pollution... more


Greek artisan food company is looking for delicatessen trade intermediaries abroad

The company started its activity in 2012 aiming to produce tasty handmade products such as pastes, pâtés and sauces with sweet red Florina pepper and 100% fruit spreads with concentrated grape juice and with no added sugar or pectin. The products... more


Polish company dealing with movies and documentaries production seeks joint venture opportunities and offers subcontracting.

This Polish company, mainly making movies and documentaries which are then distributed and broadcasted for European and mostly American markets is eager to find joint venture partners, perhaps investors interested in their ambitious new projects. The... more


Integrated BIM (Building Information Modeling) software for the design of electrical and heating systems for buildings.

The company is a Greek RTD intensive SME with expertise in software development for the building sector. Since 1988, it has developed software to design building's electrical, solar, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation , Air conditioning), water, sewage,... more


Greek company which offers assessment, auditing and inspection-certification services for systems and products is looking for partners under services agreement

A Greek based SME which is an independent accredited certification and inspection body is providing assessment, auditing and inspection services for systems and products according to specific international and european standards, schemes and... more


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