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COVID-19: Polish representative of the manufacturer is looking for distribution partners or sales agents for a professional protective mask which eliminates the risk of contact with viruses, bacterias and other microorganisms

The Polish company founded in 2017 deals with the transfer of services and technologies, distribution, introduction of new products and services to the market. The company offers services in the commercial sector to domestic and foreign companies. This... more


A new kind of weeding tool for the garden

Gardeners often find it very frustrating to be unable to remove new dandelions or any lawn weeds without making a big hole in the lawn. A UK inventor set out to test designs to remove weeds from lawns and flower beds without damaging the lawn... more

United Kingdom

Russian company specializes in the design and manufacture of special earthmoving equipment is looking for foreign partners through commercial agency agreement.

The Russian research and development company from the Tula region was founded in 1996. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of special earthmoving equipment. Employees of the company are experts and scientists of Tula central... more


A Romanian manufacturer and fashion design company of children and maternity clothing is looking for international partners under distribution services and commercial agency agreements

The Romanian company has been established in 2004 in the West Region of Romania as a family business. The enterprise specializes in designing and manufacturing newborn, babies, children, teenagers and future mother-maternity clothing designed... more


A Polish company specializing in design and sale of lunch accessories for children is looking for foreign distributors

Polish company, founded in 2018, is an owner of young brand of products aimed at the youngest and their caregivers to encourage children to eat healthy. The company has conducted research and analysed the needs of parents and their children... more


Polish regional producer of high-quality organic cakes and bakery is looking for distributors

The Polish company is retailer of highest quality natural products with established position on the market. The company is specialized in health food sector – it offers ecological products formed according to nature. The company's main products... more


Armenian producer of fruit jams and juices, as well as chocolate coated dried fruits, is looking for distributors

This Armenian company was established in 2009. The company is specialized in the sector of sugar-free fruit juices, compotes, jams, as well as chocolate-coated dried fruits. In particular, the company produces 3 types of natural fruit juices,... more


Italian company specialised in preserved tomatoes and canned food is looking for agents and distributors

The company, established in 1992, is now one of the most important preserved tomatoes enterprise in the South of Italy. The combination of a traditional production method with a careful selection of raw materials places the company at high... more


An integrated liquid cool battery pack enclosure

Environmental pollution concerns and high fuel costs are driving the automotive industry towards Electric Vehicles (EVs). While Lithium Ion (Li-ion) cells are a commonly adopted energy source for EVs, they require proper temperature control... more


The Ukrainian manufacturer of leather footwear is looking for distribution services agreement

Company established in 2006. Specialization is men footwear (classic, casual, summer sandals, etc.) As of 2019, the company launches a new brand of youth shoes. The company offers genuine leather and fabric with a unique design. In the production... more


The Ukrainian company produces handmade jewellery from bull horns is looking for commercial agents

The founder of this Ukrainian company is a jeweller with 35 years of experience creating handmade jewellery from the horn of an animal bull. The company monitors trends on foreign markets on an ongoing basis to ensure its strong position on... more


Slovak manufacturer of school bags offers sewing capacities and is looking for partners under manufacturing agreement

The Slovak company established in 1954 is dealing with sewing of different products. The company lays on 15000 m2 territory in the southern part of Slovakia. The building was newly renovated in 2002. Its location is excellent for transport,... more


A Romanian producer of vertical wind turbine seeks distributors

The Romanian company was founded in 2010. The company designed and built a new type of vertical wind turbine, adapted to the climatic conditions in Romania, which can be installed in both rural and urban areas and which is especially dedicated... more


Ukrainian company specialized in furniture manufacturing is looking for trade intermediaries or distributors

The Ukrainian producer, which has its own production facilities and has been a reliable supplier of office, upholstered and industrial furniture for many years round located in Kyiv and Kyiv region. The company is the largest manufacturer of... more


Bulgarian producer of electronic and electro-mechanical products, plastic details, metal boxes, cable looms, interior and street/park LED lamps is looking for distribution and production partners abroad

A company from North-western Bulgaria with more than 15 years of experience in the sector is specialized in production of electronic and electro-mechanical products, plastic details, metal boxes, cable looms, interior and street/park LED lamps... more


Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics and candles is looking for suppliers of sodium cocoyl isethionate

The company from the North East Poland, with 5 years experience in cosmetic sector, offers natural high quality cosmetics and candles. The range of products was gradually expanded and now contains: natural candles made with rapeseed wax and... more


Polish designer and producer of ecological and biodegradable flower compositions is searching for distributors

The company are the designer and producer of previously prepared floral sets. The product has a modular structure, creating various compositions adapted to the size of floral design. It is consistent with the latest trends in the sector, and... more


Ukrainian forwarding company, providing a full range of transport services through the ports of Ukraine, is looking for outsourcing agreements

The company is actively and successfully operating in the market of international container shipping and transportation services. It has considerable positive experience in the implementation of air and sea transport from various countries.It... more


A Ukrainian SME specialized in metal structures and metal parts manufacturing is looking for a manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

The Ukrainian SME established in 1939 specializes in metal processing. It possesses all necessary equipment and machinery, including bridge crane in the whole production hall, press brake for folding hot rolling sheet and cold rolling sheet,... more


H2020-DT-2018-1: Partners in the field of tissue manufacturing using bioprinting to apply to the call DIH-HERO.

A Spanish company has deep expertise in manufacturing scientific equipment and industrial process scaling. They have experience with equipment to manufacture advanced materials made of aligned and random ultrafine fibers. In those machines,... more


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