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Producers of high-quality food (stew) with innovative packaging in Ukraine are seeking distributors and wholesale buyers in foreign markets

The Ukrainian company is dedicated to the food industry, in particular to producing ready-to-consume long-term storable food (stew). The company deals with products suitable for tourists and the military. Company doesn't need to use any kinds... more


A Greek company that produces raw material for animal feed with polyphenols for an anti-biotic free diet, derived from olive mill waste, seeks investors for a financial agreement to expand its production

The increase in Greece’s olive oil production in recent years has produced a corresponding increase in the subsequent waste, with the Peloponnese having 700,000 tons a year, Crete producing 400,000 tons, and Thessaly olive mills needing to manage... more


Portable blood diagnostic medical device to be used in conjunction with a smartphone and App

This technology offer concerns a diagnostic system that allows to carry out examinations in a simple and reliable way at any time, even autonomously. A project team composed by professionals in different sectors designed and filed a patent application... more


Dutch multinational seeks new materials and applications for their inkjet technology in the frame of a technical cooperation agreement.

The Dutch company is a leading player in the global field of inkjet technologies. Their high-tech piezo-electric print heads are able to print on various kind of surfaces and substrates, ranging from classical paper to glass, ceramic (tiles)... more


Romanian company seeks distribution partners for solid, double or triple-layered parquet

Established in Transylvania in 2013, the Romanian company is active in the field wholesale of wood parquet, namely solid, double or triple-layered parquet. The SME is also involved in selling and installing interior design wooden products, such... more


Baby care supplier seeks start-ups developing a wearable human fertility tracking device

The company has been specialising in the field of day-to-day baby care for more than 40 years by developing, manufacturing and marketing childcare articles. For some product lines, they are market leader in the US, in specific EU member states... more


Technology to automatically detect vessels by their navigation lights sought by leading Dutch maritime electrical system integrator.

In the shipping industry there is a development to reduce the workload for the bridge crew, save labor costs and to provide assistance for safer navigation. Important enablers of this development are advanced systems for navigation support that... more


A Lithuanian snacks and crispy coated nuts producer is looking for trade intermediaries

Lithuania based producer was founded in 1997 and for more than 20 years provides customers with the highest quality nuts and snacks. Raw materials are of high quality and selected very attentively. The main activity of the company - production... more


[Eurostars2] A Korean company is looking for partners to develop a 3D-based conferencing system with real-time interpretation and translation technology.

Traditional video conferencing systems still present a number of limitations. For example, it still remains as two-dimensional meetings via flat screens, and there isn’t a significant difference from an audio conference when multiple people... more

South Korea

Japanese medical device developer is seeking distributors and commercial agents in the EU for their handheld magnetic probe used for breast cancer detection

Established in 2005, this Japanese SME has developed a handheld magnetic probe designed to detect magnetic fluids injected during sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB). The company specializes in research & development of medical devices and equipment... more


An Armenian producer of women shoes is looking for trade intermediary services or manufacturing agreement

This Armenian company is founded in 1990. The company produces exclusively handmade natural leather women shoes for all seasons. The company uses leather and fur as well as PVC (polyvinyl chlorid), rubber, and polyurethane imported mainly from... more


Greek IT company offers to (co-)develop financial technologies, civic technologies and open innovations for (with) public/private organizations and NGOs

A Greek IT company has developed and implemented numerous solutions in fintech (financial technology) and civictech (civic technology) for both the private and public sector. Fintech The company has developed a set of technological and supportive... more


Smart indoor location and guidance platform

Smart concepts are present nowadays in every single space of a city, town, village or even a building. Having the possibility to turn any space into a smart space (security, access, communication, position) opens a world of benefits and advantages... more


Romanian company specialized in the manufacture of textile articles is looking for EU partners to collaborate under distribution service or manufacturing agreements

The Romanian company started its activity in 2012, having as main activity the production of different textile articles. The company is active in the textile industry and offers its customers a wide range of products, from ribbons and tape... more


An Italian startup commercialising an innovative vegetal mayonnaise is looking for new clients

A small Italian company has developed a new recipe for a vegetable mayonnaise with the crucial collaboration of a renown vegan chef. The company is very attentive in the use of vegetal high-quality ingredients and favours the use of organic... more


German research institute active in R&D in photonics and laser technology offers services as subcontractor

An independent, German, non-profit research institute active in R&D in photonics and laser technology offers services in the field of research, development, consulting and training to companies. Their services range from small batch orders... more


Portuguese provider of smart furniture manufacturing management software is seeking to enter into a license agreement with partners that are looking for end-to-end production solutions

Manufacturing has no room for error or inefficiencies if it is to achieve optimum productivity and quality standards. The demands on manufacturers to achieve total quality management goals and optimise efficiency through a just in time manufacturing... more


Development and manufacturing of electrospun innovative devices

The French SME stands as an efficient industrial partner to scale-up laboratory developments in order to reach the market. The company can work on the design, the prototype development and the manufacturing in clean rooms. The company is already... more


A Dutch control solutions specialist offers wind turbine controller technology that improve wind turbines

The company with an extending experience with developing tailormade solutions for challenging control problems that increase the profits of plants or systems. The companies control solution or code for windturbines enhances performances is running... more


Online rehabilitation game that mimics physiotherapy moves for motor impaired patients

The UK university has developed a cost effective, easily accessible gaming solution that is beneficial in any situation where physiotherapy is used to improve kinematic ability of all motor-impaired patients. Examples would be older people with... more

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