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Polish SME specializing in optical systems and remote sensing in space industry is looking for new business opportunities with international partners under subcontracting agreement

The SME from South-West Poland is active in the areas of vision systems, remote sensing, image processing and 3D measurements. It was established in 2016 by young professionals working in optics, mechatronics and measurements. Among them were... more


An Italian company specialised in machines and technologies for marble and granite is searching for distributors and commercial agents.

The company is a small artisan company established in 1994. It is located in the north-east of Italy where, over the course of many years, it has developed the ancient tradition of marble extraction and processing, locally but also abroad. It... more


Technology for producing natural gas from underground gas hydrate deposits

A Ukrainian University of Dnipro city has many years of experience in training personnel, conducting scientific and applied research, solving practical problems for the mining industry, mechanical engineering and the efficient use of resources. The... more


Software development company located in Poland, specializing in various kinds of applications and games written on Unity engine is looking for a long term partners interested in signing an outsourcing agreement.

Polish company deals with comprehensive implementation of IT solutions for various recipients, including educational units, museums, educators and companies as well as individual clients. The implementation includes creating the concept, production... more


Polish producer of oilseed roasting production line is looking for distributors or commercial agents

A Polish engineering and production company has been on the market since 1993. It offers modern, high-performance machines for agriculture and food industry. Specialist production takes place in Poland. The company has launched an innovative... more


H2020 - FNR-11-2020: SMEs for scale up polymer production and business development experts sought.

Slovenian research institute is an experienced project partner and leader. The institute has participated in over 50 international projects in the last 10 years. A smaller research group within the institute is actively engaged into marine biotechnology... more


Macedonian producer of organic honey products and organic fertilizers is looking for distributors

The privately owned company was established in 2015, and has quickly become well known and recognizable on the domestic market, due to the high quality of its products. Company’s development plan aims to expand its markets abroad. The company... more

North Macedonia

Polish ceramics producer seeks distributors worldwide

The company from northern Poland is a producer of many types of high quality ceramics: Household ceramics - years of experience allowed the company to create lines of practical ceramics which include a broad range of dishes of various features,... more


Company from North Macedonia manufacturing machine parts, tools and services is looking for suppliers of raw materials

The company has been privately owned and present in the Macedonian market since 1997. The company operates as an industrial company dealing with the production of machine parts, tools and services and their core activity is production of pneumatic... more

North Macedonia

Enabling action-oriented ecosystems through secure interoperability

Now heralded as the new oil, data is everywhere: in legacy databases, streaming off new connected devices, built into means of monitoring all aspects of the world. Combining data from devices and other feeds will provide new insight and let... more

United Kingdom

Macedonian producer of 100% natural food supplements is looking for European distribution partners

The Macedonian company portfolio comprises currently 1 food dietary supplement and 2 agricultural supplements . All products are available in large pharmacies in Macedonia and Bulgaria. The food dietary supplement product is a highly biologically... more

North Macedonia

Company from North Macedonia producing mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages seeks distributors

The privately owned company from North Macedonia established since 1995 is very well known in the domestic market by the widely used natural mineral sparkling and still water. It springs from the ecologically clean environment, in an altitude... more

North Macedonia

Polish SME specializing in multi and hyperspectral vision systems for quality control in various industries is looking for new business opportunities with international partners under subcontracting agreement

The SME from South-West Poland specialize in vision systems, remote sensing, image processing and 3D measurements. The company was founded in 2016 by young professionals working in optics, mechatronics and measurements. The company commercializes... more


German producer of special fuel (alkylate petrol/ fuel for devices/ machines) offers manufacturing and distribution service agreement

The German family business is specialized in the production, bottling, packaging, storage and dispatching of special fuels according to its own recipes and also according to the wishes and needs of the customer. Different types of filling are... more


A UK University has developed a rapid phenotypic screen for anti-fibrotic activity

Fibrosis is the accumulation of extracellular matrix proteins due to chronic inflammation. It is the common underlying pathology in several chronic and progressive diseases, and accounts for 42% of all deaths worldwide. Common examples are... more

United Kingdom

Effective removal of gas bubbles and dissolved gases from blood

During the extracorporeal treatment of blood during surgery both gas bubbles and dissolved toxic gases frequently occur. These pose a life-threatening risk. A German university now offers a solution. Their invention describes a novel cardiotomy... more


Structured yarn coating for smart textiles

Electronic textiles currently still have a low degree of integration, i.e. commercial electronic components are usually attached to textile materials. A further disadvantage of yarn or filament based components is the increasing electrical resistance... more


MSCA-ITN-2020 - Training network on Spinal Muscular Atrophy - consortium looking for a partner with expertise in organoids

A German medical school preparing a proposal for the above mentioned ITN call is looking for an additional partner organization. The aim of the ITN is to elucidate the extent and clinical relevance of alterations in diverse peripheral organs... more


In vitro immunomodulatory assays for probiotics, ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Spanish biotechnological private non-profit research institute develops research in cellular and molecular biology and microbial biotechnology areas. The institute has expertise in cellular and molecular biology, omics tools, bioinformatics... more


Double-face textiles production with high efficiency

This development of a German university of applied sciences describes a process and a device for the production of double-face knitted fabrics using a double plating technique: Three threads are fed simultaneously to the knitting machine, with... more


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