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Polish SME offers IT services for healthcare industry to potential partners with outsourcing, subcontracting and service agreements.

The company helps institutions and firms in solving their vital problems by creating effective, highly sophisticated and individually-tailored software systems. The primary business activity is focused on creation of custom made medical software... more


A Korean software company expert in IoT (Internet of Things) device and back-end services offers geo-locating solution in an indoor environment under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement

Since its establishment in 2013, the Korean software company has been specialized in the area of industrial IoT, healthcare IoT, and building IoT. It has more than 30 clients from Korea and overseas countries. The company holds the largest... more

South Korea

Innovative service for precision farming

The italian SME company's mission is the environmental research and the impact assessment of weather-climate on economic activities, above all in agriculture. The italian SME focuses its activities on the monitoring of local meteorological events... more


German company is looking for distributors and retailers in the drugstore, wellness, hotel and marketing sector for an innovative practical invention

A German company dealing with innovative products would like to find potential partners for the distribution of a new product. The innovation is a combination of a comb and a shoehorn. It´s 21 cm long and producible in different colours. To... more


Russian trade company specializes in wild herbs, grains, wood, and food products is looking for distributors

The Russian trade company from the Omsk region specializes in agro-food and grocery products. It was established in 2009. The company offers a whole range of products, including: baby food, oil products, food grains, sausages, confections, canned... more


Activation unit for increased performance of reaction electrodes, solid-state storage devices and membranes in metal-air batteries

Metal-air batteries are a new battery type with a theoretical storage capacity up to a hundred times higher compared to Li-ion batteries. A major practical obstacle is the currently achievable low number of charge-discharge cycles due to irreversible... more


A Korean manufacturer of eco-friendly electric boilers and industrial boilers is looking for a European business partner for license and joint venture agreements

As the air pollution is emerging as a serious social problem all over the world and use of fossil fuels tends to steadily decreases due to its carbon dioxide generation feature, the Korean company established in 2015 has developed various eco-friendly... more

South Korea

Italian manufacturer of laser therapy and cryo thermal therapy devices seeks distribution partners

The company has been on the market for 17 years and started its business as importer and distributor of devices for electrotherapy, postural analysis, physical therapy and rehabilitation, which are sold successfully all over Italy. Recently... more


Greek organization specialized in entrepreneurship-training, wants to develop and commercialize its educational material through joint venture and/or commercial agency agreement.

A Greek Organisation founded in 2005 is active in the promotion and enhancing of innovation and entrepreneurship through training. By recognizing entrepreneurship as a crucial factor for the development and cohesion of societies, it develops... more


A Swedish business with original signposting concept – offers a master franchise agreement

The Swedish company was founded in 1985 and was acquired in 2011 by the current owners. It has expanded rapidly since 2013 and today it's the largest sign manufacturer and vendor in Sweden with 33 offices. The company is looking for an entrepreneur/SME... more


UK fashion brand seeks a European based prototyping and manufacturing partnership for specialist orthotic footwear

This UK-based start-up company designs specialist footwear for people with flat or sensitive feet, and those suffering from early stage plantar fasciitis. Based in the North West of England, the company was started due to the founder suffering... more

United Kingdom

Microchannel integrated radio frequency MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems) biosensor

In this invention by a Turkish researcher, in last decades, the field of biological and chemical sensors has gone through a significant growth, mainly due to the advancements in microfabrication technologies. The developed biosensors are mainly... more


Dutch multinational producer of electronic devices seeks solutions for virtual tradeshows

The Dutch multinational is a producer of electronic consumer devices and is active in the medical sector with prevention, diagnose and cure solutions. The client is present at a lot of trade shows. A lot of money is spend on these fairs. The... more


Italian company specialized in digital factory and virtual manufacturing is looking for a services agreement

The company, based in the southern Italy since 2012, is the result of a merge operation of two business units of pre-existing engineering companies. The company’s activities are mainly focused on design, analysis and development of methods of... more


UK-based SME offers its engineering liaison services to companies supplying the automotive sector via services or commercial agency agreements

Major car manufacturers rely on other companies to supply them with various parts and accessories from interior trim to audio and sat-nav equipment. However, in the event of a fault either in the product or the manufacturing process some of... more

United Kingdom

A Polish research insitute specialised in robotics and automation offers beveling technology

A Polish research institute specialized in robotics and automation field offers beveling technology for industry. For gas beveling (chamfering) parts made of plates, the institute has proven position consisting of an industrial robot, the oxygen-acetylene... more


Lead communication and service pipe lining solution with a curing time of under 2 hours sought

There is a significant aspiration within the client to embark on a programme to become lead free, however, the current solutions for replacing or lining the assets are hindering this aspiration due to unit rate and/or curing time impact on the... more

United Kingdom

EUROSTARS Project coordinator looking for partner on the bakery or flour industry

Celiac disease and wheat sensitivity affect more than 12% of the population in western countries, and according to the most recent statistics, the incidence of these diseases is increasing. The main ingredients responsible for these pathologies... more


Web platform to manage tourist taxes and regulate the market of private rental accommodations ads. A services agreement or commercial agency agreement is sought.

The Italian company, founded in 2017, has oriented its business towards the development of software based on the manipulation of the big data, also thanks to its team of young programmers experts in advanced programming and big data analysis.... more


A Bulgarian manufacturer of metal construction for residential and light commercial buildings is offering a commercial agency agreement.

A Bulgarian manufacturer of metal construction for residential and light commercial buildings is offering a commercial agency agreement. Previously managing different companies in the same sector both owners of the company have a combined experience... more


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