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Patented technology for structural components combining pine wood and wood-based boards is offered by a company from Poland. Manufacturing agreement is considered.

A company from Poland is specialised in production of glued timber components for use in construction and furniture manufacturing. They are focused on ensuring stable sources of supply to partners from the construction and furniture industry. Various... more


A new packaging material (melamine-modified gelatine) for food and pharmaceutical industries

The food industry has employed various methods to preserve the quality of its products and extend their shelf life. Petroleum-based plastic packagings have been the principal tool of these efforts. They are versatile, durable and reliable as... more


A Polish manufacturer of equipment for processing nutritional raw materials offers distribution services agreements to distributors of food production equipment

Polish company manufactures production lines as well as machinery and equipment for use in the industry related to the processing of herbs, spices, tea, dried vegetables, dried fruit, bark, roots, tobacco, slaughterhouse waste, recyclable materials... more


German software developer offers highly scalable automation of Excel functions in the cloud

A German SME in the field of software development has developed a highly scalable automation of Excel functions in the cloud in the form of an editor. Excellent management reporting is one of the key success factors for sustainable and successful... more


A Korean SME is seeking agents or distribution partners in the EU for their ethanol hand sanitizer gel effective against high and low pathogenic viruses

Hygiene management is essential to protect against viruses. The Korean SME put patented substances in hand sanitizer with 62% of ethanol, which is common in the market. The company has also three patents, referring to the following contents: 1.... more

South Korea

Bulgarian manufacturer of finger-jointed panels and flooring – decking, made of solid wood, is looking for manufacturing agreement

The company is established in 2015 in Northern Bulgaria with a good geographical position and well-developed infrastructures. Since it`s opening, the company has not stopped modernizing and developing. The whole equipment – kiln dryers and woodworking... more


An Italian company involved with the production of gluten free pasta is looking for distributors

The company in southern Italy, based in Gragnano, heart of pasta production and universally recognized place as the European capital of dry pasta production, especially for the traditional methods that create unique products recognized on the... more


A Ukrainian producer of disposable tableware is looking for manufacturing and distribution services agreements

The company has been manufacturing disposable paper tableware since 2012. For 8 years of successful work, it brought the quality of the services and products to a high-quality level. More than 1000 coffee houses across Ukraine cooperate with... more


Ukrainian manufacturer of the grain cleaning equipment is looking for distribution partners

The established in 2009 company from Ukraine develops and manufactures new generation grain cleaning equipment. Aerodynamic grain separators are characterized by simplicity, reliability, durability and energy efficiency. Thanks to the exact... more


COVID-19 Ukrainian company is looking for Supplier Agreement of medical equipment

The company specialized in the distribution of medical equipment in Ukraine is looking for the providers of medical clothing. The company is a wholesaler of medical goods. The company is working with hospital, pharmacies across the country.... more


UK consultancy company with expertise in growing new and established businesses and their teams internationally is seeking to assist overseas businesses to locate in the UK

The company which was established in 2005 has worked with clients based in the UK and overseas. Its client portfolio spans organisations in the private and public sector and includes publicly funded bodies in the UK and overseas, multinational... more

United Kingdom

Problem-solving software development and know-how transfer

Industrial and service providing companies are often faced with the problem that it takes too long to release new IT features, that users aren't adopting products offered, and that finished software development does not meet their expectations An... more


A company from Ukraine is looking for distribution partners to spread and promote a natural cosmetic

The SME from Ukraine is specialised in the production of cosmetics. The company is located in Lviv - north-west part of the country. The owner of the company has been passionate about natural cosmetics, his passion has been turned into a business.... more


Powerful 3D microstructure simulation suite made for analysing metallic materials behaviour

A German spin-off company from a university has developed a software suite to simulate the microstructure of all kinds of metallic materials. Based on an innovative multi-phase-field approach, the simulation suite has now matured into the... more


System for improving the indoor environment of buildings by growing plants offered for licensing

Humans acquire houseplants both for their aesthetic function and for the beneficial effect on the indoor environment in rooms where they reduce CO2 concentration and increase air humidity. However, the benefits are redeemed by the need for... more


A Ukrainian producer of faux leather seeks out manufacturing agreement

The Ukrainian SME from the south region of Ukraine offers high-quality faux leather with a polyurethane coating used in furniture manufacturing, autotuning, medical mattresses, polygraphy, etc. The unique finish gives the material additional... more


A German SME is offering its business development services in the European and US healthcare market on the basis of an outsourcing agreement

Germany is a market that has great opportunities for healthcare companies. There are 82 million inhabitants living in a wealthy and aging society. The market in the hospital sector is comparably open and public health funds and private insurance... more


Covid-19 transparent, smooth PET, polyester, or similar material for a transparent visor for face and elastomeric hygienized band are sought under a supplier agreement

An Italian small company, established in 2008, is dealing in the design and building of sailing yachts up until 2012, with a focus on competitive sailboats and aiming to develop innovative materials, design, and construction methods. The company... more


Irish company specialising in peer learning through a customised platform is looking to expand its company globally through different types of partnership opportunities

Since its establishment in 2018 this Irish company has grown its business, which provides a comprehensive platform to connect professionals remotely to exchange knowledge and experience to accelerate their success. The company is requesting... more


Vaccine to treat and prevent prostate cancer

A Spanish R&D research institution has developed an immunotherapy approach for the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide among men and ranks third in terms of mortality. Within... more


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