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Robotic system for in-vitro fertilization

combine the precise positioning and microfluidics in their work. The have a secret no how and more than 5 patents. The new product is a robotic system for in-vitro... more


In vitro platform for cosmetic ingredients and novel formulations

ingredients in order to generate novel IP protected dermocosmetic products with synergistic activities.The platform is an in vitro multiparametric... more


In vitro immunomodulatory assays for probiotics, ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

, bioinformatics and background as participant in European projects. It offers its expertise in conducting in vitro immunomodulatory... more


Research group offers in-vitro tests for the detection of organotoxicity

from the Northeast of Germany has sucessfully developed in vitro-tests for an early detection of organ failure and assessment of prognosis in critically... more


In vitro safety and efficacy tests for the characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other compounds.

expertise in conducting in vitro safety (cytotoxicity, mutagenicity and genotoxicity) and efficacy (antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic, antitumoral,... more


Highly reliable molecular in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for screening, follow-up care and therapeutic decisions in cancer diagnostics, based on proprietary epigenetic biomarkers

Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women world-wide, with approx. 530,000 new cases and 275,000 deaths per year. In contrast to other cancers it mainly affects young... more


Pioneering Belgian company for in vitro testing of skin care and dermatological products is offering services or collaboration to develop new therapeutics for inflammatory skin disorders

The Belgian company is a research-based in vitro testing service provider making use of innovative skin models and methods to address efficacy and mechanisms of action of new products.... more


Innovative target therapy for melanoma treatment

-engineering natural products in a novel, organic small molecule. In vitro tests have demonstrated the drug efficacy in... more


A Swedish SME offers a unique computational methodology for virtual prediction of human clinical pharmacocinetics and metabolism

been internally and externally validated and shown to outperform conventional in vitro and animal models in accuracy and range. It is also applicable... more


Artificial tooth germ of human stem cells

germ should be able to induce tooth growth in vitro and in vivo. The development includes an application system for the correct upright positioning... more


A Ukrainian R&D institute offers a technology for the individual selection of antitumor drugs

. Ukrainian R&D Institute proposes an individualized selection of the most effective anticancer drugs (chemo-, endocrine-, targeted, immunotherapy) is carried out using preliminary testing of the drug with the patient's blood in... more


Improved skin model based on lanoline synthetic membranes

The assessment of percutaneous absorption of molecules is a key step in the evaluation of transdermal delivery of compounds. Several models, including in vitro... more


Therapeutic targets in chemokine receptors to select useful compounds for pathologies treatment that intervene in chemokine responses

sequence within the amino acid sequence of the CXCR4 is directly involved in receptor oligomerization, being thus a promising therapeutic target to intervene in chemokine-mediated... more


Development and manufacturing of electrospun innovative devices

implants, active medical devices, advanced transluminal technologies and in vitro diagnostic devices. The devices, developed and manufactured by the company, are in... more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a novel anti-cancer chemical compound

properties validated in vitro and in vivo. It is a class of chemical agents targeting tubulin polymerization with a high hydrophilic structure and... more


Unique Approach for the Study of Immune System Funcionality

Within immune system functionality studies, Enzyme-Linked Immunospot (ELISpot), detects the Effector T cells cytokines secretion with an in vitro system that closely resembles the... more


Expertise in muscle-wasting disorders and aging

harvesting, cell culture, immunofluorescence, flow cytometry…), muscle regeneration analysis in vivo and in vitro, and preclinical testing of biomolecules... more


UK-based SME offers biopolymer wound dressing to industrial partners under a license agreement

scale. This wound dressing technology has completed in vitro biocompatibility studies with good results. A clinical trial has been lined up to generate the data required for CE... more

United Kingdom

OPTOBIOTICS: Novel antibacterial proteins activated by blue light

domain LOV2 and the bacterial prion-like protein RepA-WH1. In the darkness and in vitro, LOV2-WH1 nucleates the irreversible assembly of amyloid fibres... more


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