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Benchtop small sized systems for affordable in-vivo molecular imaging

A Greek SME with significant research and professional experience in the field of biomedical engineering and mainly in the emerging molecular imaging technology has developed two... more


Micro fluidic system for simulating in vivo-equivalent cell barriers

The German university is specialised in micro fluidic systems and carries out applied research in biological barrier systems. In vivo... more


An established Slovak research institute has developed a unique system for in vivo isolation of circulating tumour cells from peripheral blood and is looking for licensees or investors

the Slovak research institute in cooperation with Slovak university has developed a unique system for in vivo isolation of circulating tumour cells... more


Unique Approach for the Study of Immune System Funcionality

Within immune system functionality studies, Enzyme-Linked Immunospot (ELISpot), detects the Effector T cells cytokines secretion with an in vitro system that closely resembles the in... more


High-end systems for small-sized animal imaging.

. These services include characterization of biomolecules and nanoparticles, functionalization, radiolabelling, ex vivo biodistribution and in vivo... more


German university research institute is looking for developer of anti-inflammation compounds targeting connexin hemichannels to test their cell and ex vivo tissue model

resulting effect on the connexin channels. Moreover the system should also be used to introduce other cells in a co-culture system allowing the simulation of the in vivo... more


Aptamer targeting hormone refractory prostate cancer

. The inventors used an orthotopic xenograft mouse model to perform an in vivo selection in order to identify an aptamer that selectively binds to... more


Artificial tooth germ of human stem cells

germ should be able to induce tooth growth in vitro and in vivo. The development includes an application system for the correct upright positioning... more


Inventor of a novel semi-solid and liquid phytopreparations with the strong antibacterial effects is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement.

. The phytopreparations can be used in human and veterinary medicine. In vivo anti-inflammatory effect of the preparation was tested in... more


Improved skin model based on lanoline synthetic membranes

overcome ethical and economic issues related to in vivo human studies. However, the in vitro skin models are expensive, sensitive to storage and show... more


Therapeutic targets in chemokine receptors to select useful compounds for pathologies treatment that intervene in chemokine responses

sequence within the amino acid sequence of the CXCR4 is directly involved in receptor oligomerization, being thus a promising therapeutic target to intervene in chemokine-mediated... more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a novel anti-cancer chemical compound

properties validated in vitro and in vivo. It is a class of chemical agents targeting tubulin polymerization with a high hydrophilic structure and... more


Printed medical solution

. Experimental models (in vivo experiments), performed and coordinated by the startup’s experienced staff, are used for investigating the tissue repair and tissue regeneration properties... more


Expertise in muscle-wasting disorders and aging

harvesting, cell culture, immunofluorescence, flow cytometry…), muscle regeneration analysis in vivo and in vitro, and preclinical testing of biomolecules... more


Innovative biological biomaterial for surgical applications

. - Developing new products in collaboration with companies interested in regenerative medicine market. The company's business strategy consists in... more


Nanoparticles doped with copper for magnetic resonance imaging

demonstrated its in vivo use for the enhanced diagnosis of tumors in animal models. The research center is looking to establish a research cooperation... more


Croatian academic research group offers its database of antibodies

(mAb) development for cutting-edge applications, including proteome analysis. Its expertise lies in the field of in vivo immunology, regulation of... more


Novel engineered non-liposomal nanovesicles and their use in nucleic acid delivery

chemoresistant tumors, the in vivo administration is still a challenge in the field, due to the rapid clearance and degradation of small RNAs more


A French Technology Transfer Office offers a new compound for the treatment of diabetes

administration of non-toxic doses of this compound in preclinical models of diabetes is associated with reduced body weight and adiposity, improved glucose tolerance and enhanced glucose-stimulated insulin secretion... more


UK-based SME looking for industrial partners for development of novel polymer technology for regenerative medicine applications

at scale. This material has been used in in vivo studies to provide a tissue repair scaffold for cartilage regeneration in... more

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